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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Action Alert! SB 376: Targeted School Breakfast Program
Children at Risk

April, 2013


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Senate Bill 376 is a targeted expansion of the current school breakfast program to serve students at the poorest campuses. 

Currently, SB 376 is awaiting a vote in the Texas Senate Education Committee. The clock is ticking at the Capitol and the bill deserves a vote by the full Committee as soon as possible.

If you support breakfast for our youngest and poorest students, please contact Chairman Dan Patrick and ask him to vote favorably for SB 376.

The Honorable Dan Patrick
P.O. Box 12068
Capitol Station
Austin, Texas 78711
(512) 463-0107
(512) 463-8810 (Fax)

Hunger--or food insecurity--impacts more than one in four children in Texas. Picture a classroom of 28 bright young faces ready to learn; on average, more than seven of these children have difficulties focusing and learning in school because they are hungry.

Food insecurity is a continuously growing problem and dramatically affects our children's well-being. The school breakfast program is an opportunity for children to begin their day with a nutritional breakfast; however, it is underutilized in Texas.

  • Roughly 3 million public school students are economically disadvantaged and qualify for federally-funded free or reduced price school meals; however, less than 60% of students eating free or reduced price lunch participate in the school breakfast program in Texas.
  • Texas ranks 8th in food hardships in the nation.

SB 376 is cost-neutral for schools, and there are numerous benefits associated with the school breakfast program.

  • Research shows that school breakfast reduces hunger among low-income children and leads to improved health and nutrition;
  • Increases attentiveness and academic performance; and
  • Reduces school nurse visits and classroom discipline problems.
  • Targeted expansion of the existing school breakfast program also provides opportunities for innovative public-private partnerships and supports the agriculture and dairy industries.

Thank you for standing up for our children!





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