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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Adoption Coalition of Texas - Annual Fundraising Drive - We Need YourHelp!
Adoption Coalition of Texas

April, 2013



2013 Adoption Coalition of Texas

Annual Fund Raising Campaign


Michael & Susan Dell Foundation to provide $35,000 in matching contributions


Dear Friends,


The Adoption Coalition of Texas (ACT) had a great year in 2012. Our efforts, coupled with those of the state and our partner agencies, helped more than 6,000 Texas children find their “Forever Families.” More than 600 of those children were adopted right here in Central Texas.  ACT helped guide individuals and families through the adoption process and were rewarded with the joyous smiles of these newly created families. In December, we unveiled a newly designed website and were awarded a Google Grantthat helped to propel our web traffic to over 3,500 hits in just one month – a dramatic increase! 


To continue its outstanding momentum in 2013, ACT is seeking to raise $70,000 by June 30


2013 promises to be an even more productive year for ACT as we continue to improve our outreach. Since January 2005, the Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a vital program of the Adoption Coalition of Texas, has used breathtaking professional photographs in The Heart Gallery of Central Texas help us communicate the spirit and souls of waiting foster children to their potential families. To date, nearly 50 percent of the children featured in the Heart Gallery of Central Texas have been adopted, and hundreds more have found families and homes as a result of the public awareness created by this project. Currently, portraits from The Heart Gallery of Central Texas are on display at the Town Lake YMCA and the Austin Children’s Museum.  Just last week the gallery was featured as part of the Austin Stone Church’s Easter Service with an audience of more than 15,000 participants.


The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation will match all contributions of more than $100 up to $35,000


The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation focuses on urban poverty initiatives that directly and measurably transform the outcomes of impoverished urban children around the globe.  The Adoption Coalition of Texas has been partnering with the Dell Family foundation for more than seven years and together we have accomplished a great deal.  Through our combined efforts the number of children adopted annually throughout Texas has more than doubled over the last decade.  This year the foundation has given the Coalition an amazing opportunity.  The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has agreed to match all contributions over $100 up to $35,000.  If the Coalition’s takes full advantage of this match opportunity we will raise $70,000. 


The Adoption Coalition of Texas has helped double the number of adoptions throughout Texas since 2004


It is no secret that it is an especially challenging time financially for most nonprofits. We at ACT are no exception to this reality. We are however, continuing to make great strides towards our mission, even in these difficult times, and have been successfully increasing the numbers of children being adopted throughout Texas - especially older children, sibling groups, minority kids and those with special needs. We NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTION in order to continue our amazing momentum in 2013.  Please consider a donation today to help make the future brighter for the many abused and neglected children of Texas.







These are some ways your generous contribution helps us in our mission:


Each $1,000 contribution would allow the Adoption Coalition of Texas to hold an additional Recruitment Event to help bring new families into the adoption process.


$500 can provide funding for 10 additional Heart Gallery prints that provides the opportunity for additional Heart Galleries to be displayed throughout Central Texas.


Your $250 contribution can provide funds to help kick start new programs that ACT is preparing to implement in 2013.


Your contribution of $100 will provide the Coalition the ability to benefit waiting foster children with special items to assist with education or artistic endeavors. In 2012, through donations from donors like you, ACT was able to provide computers for teens in the foster care system. We continually receive requests for items that are needed and try to assist when we can.


$50 allows ACT to purchase one additional Heart Gallery Print to display in the Heart Gallery.


Thank you for your generosity. We are grateful for your contribution and continued support.


The Adoption Coalition works with its partners to find forever families for older children, sibling groups and children with special needs. Our mission is to create adoption opportunities and minimize the time any child is waiting for a family. We can accomplish this goal through community outreach and recruitment, training, matching, retention and continued support services. Every day, more than 600 foster children in Central Texas are waiting for their forever family. Our increased and ever expanding efforts will continue to help these children who need loving and supportive families and, most importantly, increase the opportunity to find their forever family and a permanent home. Our partner agencies include Arrow,Lutheran Social Services, Pathways, Settlement Home, STARRY, and DFPS.  


The Adoption Coalition of Texas is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Federal Tax ID # 26-0625649


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