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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Shumla School

February, 2013

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 Volume 5, Number 1        

February 13, 2013  

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Job Opening: Staff Archeologist
Pecos Experience 2013
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Ambitious Goals in 2013 
As SHUMLA prepares for a new year of research and education programming, we want to make sure that our readers know what we have in store for 2013.
SHUMLA's research team has started its second year of investigations under the Border Canyonlands Archeological Project (BCAP).  Additionally, planning is under way for the first combined Texas State/SHUMLA field school to be conducted in Eagle Nest Canyon under the direction of Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd and Texas State archeology professor Dr. Steve Black.  The 2013 field school will build students' skills in both "dirt" archeology and rock art documentation.
In recent years, FMRA classes have explored sites such as Panther Cave and Painted Shelter.  
Dr. Boyd noted, "This field school will be a fantastic opportunity to provide students with a holistic overview of Lower Pecos archeology.  Eagle Nest Canyon contains sites of international importance, and SHUMLA is grateful for the generosity of the Skiles family in letting us work in their canyon."
SHUMLA's education team is gearing up for an incredibly busy spring that includes programs for public schools from Marathon to Eagle Pass, collaborations with new districts and an exciting Pecos Experience program. 
Students explore the land during a KEY program.
In February, our education team took mobile programs to the Marathon ISD and will host several schools from the Eagle Pass ISD.  Between March and May, staff will conduct programming from San Antonio to Eagle Pass, and planning is underway for a very busy fall.
Best of all, the first draft of Dr. Boyd's next book is nearing completion.  2013 promises to be an exciting year or new accomplishments and collaborations, so keep an eye open for the next eNews.

SHUMLA Opens Search for 
New Staff Archeologist 
Effective February 12, 2013, SHUMLA will consider applicants for the position of staff archeologist.  A position description is linked here and can also be accessed from the Connect section of SHUMLA's website
SHUMLA's research team is looking for someone open to fresh perspectives on rock art research.

"The innovations that SHUMLA's research team has pioneered in investigating both rock art and archeology in the Lower Pecos create a real opportunity for professional growth for the right candidate," noted Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd.  "The selected candidate will have an opportunity to work on a research team with an international reputation for quality, and will be instrumental in helping our education team to build archeological education programming."

Educating the public is a critical part of SHUMLA's mission, and members of our research team are committed to innovative
hands-on learning.

Resumes and cover letters should be sent to Human Resources Manager Brenda Norman at, or can be mailed to SHUMLA's offices before March 4, 2013.  Interviews will be conducted on an on-going basis, and SHUMLA may adjust the closing date based on the number of qualified applicants. 

Pecos Experience 2013

From March 18 to March 23, 2013, SHUMLA will hold our next Pecos Experience program.  Guest instructors Drs. Stacy Schaefer and Jim Bauml will join SHUMLA Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd and Board member Elton Prewitt in exploring the rock art and archeology of the Lower Pecos. Dr. Schaefer is the author of 
To Think with a Good Heart
a book that documents Schaefer's ethnographic field work among Huichol weavers. Dr. Bauml is a former botanist and plant taxonomist at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. 
Program attendees will have access to some of the most exciting archeological sites in the Lower Pecos, many of which are not publicly accessible.
"The 2013 program will take an exciting and fresh approach to the archeology of the Lower Pecos," stated Dr. Boyd.  "In previous programs, we've touched on ethnography, but the inclusion of Drs. Schaefer and Bauml really allows us to dig deeper into the expressive culture of Native American groups."
There's still time to register for the 2013 Pecos Experience.  For more information, email or call 432-292-4848.  

SHUMLA Wish List

SHUMLA's library continues to flourish with the support of our wonderful donor community!
As always, here is SHUMLA's wish list.  Your support and generosity are appreciated!


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