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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Our New Year's Resolution keep up the good works at the International Exotic Feline Sanctuary!
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

January, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News



Our New Year’s Resolution:
Keep it up!
We’ve had an incredible year here at IEAS,
and it’s no exaggeration to say that we
have YOU, our supporters, to thank for it!

This past year, we’ve welcomed three new animals home, including Mork, Mindy, and Sapphire. All three of these special animals won their way into our hearts in no time at all, and we’re sure they’ve done the same to you! It took some time for them each to settle in, but with some happily provided TLC and the help of our Emotional Enrichment Program, these three have found themselves safe, comfortable, happy, and settled into their forever home!


Why else was this past year so great? Check it out....
The internet and social media have become the most efficient and effective ways to ensure that you stay updated and remain the integral part of the IEAS family that you are, and we are overjoyed to see that so many of you have embraced those daily pictures, monthly newsletters, and virtual updates about your favorite furry friends. The feedback that we’ve gotten from our fans has been amazing, and the resulting effects on the Sanctuary have been just as awesome!
Over the past year, we have watched the number of Facebook “likes” the IEAS animals have received almost TRIPLE! At the end of 2011, 983 people were fans of the Sanctuary residents on Facebook. Now? 2,837 and climbing! Every single day, we see this number go up. People share the page with their friends, hear about it from a coworker, or search for it after a Sanctuary tour, and with just a click, they are part of the IEAS team! It’s such an incredible way to get the word out about Sanctuary animals. They are, after all, the reason we all love IEAS so much! Click HERE to like us on Facebook and keep our numbers rising!
While more people were visiting IEAS virtually, we’ve also been fortunate enough as to see an increase in tour visitors! The number of tour goers for 2012 was a 20.7% increase over that of 2011. Can you believe it?! Tours are one of the biggest sources of income for IEAS, so an increase in these numbers means an increase in monetary support for the animals who depend on us!
With so much great progress over the past twelve months, we were also excited to find that there has been an increase in interest for our Intern Program! We’ve had a record number of intern applicants this past year, with over 100 applications for each session, even the Winter Session, which usually draws fewer applicants than the other three seasons. This is a great sign of success for our Intern Program, and we’re thrilled that it is becoming such a wonderful stepping stone for aspiring zookeepers and others hoping to work in the animal care field.

To put it simply, we're ecstatic with how this past year has raised so much support and brought along so much well-deserved attention for the animals we love so much. What's even more exciting is the prospect of continuing along this path and making 2013 even BETTER! We are all a part of changing the lives of the animals finding themselves in need of a second chance, a new life, and a home. We are proud to provide as many animals as we can with the safety, comfort, and love they deserve, and we are so grateful that you make it all possible.

Thanks for an amazing year!
We hope you'll continue to be a part of the IEAS family in 2013! 
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Kick off the New Year
with Birthday Celebrations! 

Female American Black Bear
Born: January 6, 2008
Rescued: February 25, 2009

Lucy is a real “people bear.” She loves visits with her human friends, and has even taken a liking to walking the entire perimeter of Bear Orphanage with tour groups. Though she is a fan of her two legged pals, her closest companion is Lucky, a male American black bear who is always by her side!
Wendy, George, Papa Bear, and Willie
European Grizzly Bears
Born: January 6, 2006
Rescued: July 11, 2007

These four bears are as rambunctious as they come, taking any and every opportunity to play or wrestle! They are some of the most lovable siblings you’ll see. On the rare occasion that they do decide to settle down and take a nap, they will always snuggle together!
Female White-nosed Coatimundi
Born: January 8, 2007
Rescued: April 27, 2012

To say that Mindy is curious is an understatement, and this little girl loves getting attention as much as she loves giving it. She will investigate any new smell she can, rubbing her little paws in it, then rubbing the smell onto her tail!

Male Caracal
Born: January 18, 2004
Rescued: August 29, 2008

Billy is a caracal who really has some spunk! He’s got a feisty personality and will always check out someone who is passing by his habitat. It takes time to wiggle your way into Billy’s heart, but once you do, his tiny chirps and purrs make it worth the effort!
Dakar and Meyote
American Black Bears
Born: January 21, 2007
Rescued: August 27, 2007

Dakar and Meyote are as close as siblings can be. Brother and sister and best friends, this pair is inseparable. With January birthdays, they usually celebrate by snuggling together in a warm den, but when the weather warms up, they prefer to spend their time relaxing in the pond or a water filled tub!
Luna and Raja
African Servals
Born: January 21, 2002
Rescued: June 28, 2007

These two African servals are full of personality. They are very proud and very close as siblings! There is very little that these two love more than lying together in the sun on their favorite perch or, better yet, long, lush grass! Recently, they’ve been enjoying visits from their new Adoptive Parents!
Female African Lion
Born: January 22, 1993
Rescued: November 1, 1994

Shauna is usually the first cat to put a smile on our faces every day, popping out from behind her house in her own version of hide and seek! She is ultra playful and very lovable, from her sweet moaning and groaning to her friendly rubs against the fence. There is no doubt that Shauna will win your heart in just moments!

Female American Black Bear
Born: January 25, 2010
Rescued: August 31, 2010

Greta is a very unique bear. While she’s the smallest of the three bears in her habitat, she likes to show us that she’s just as tough as the boys! She can run and play just as well as her roommates, Scooter and Scamp. After she’s done proving herself, you’ll most often find Greta relaxing in the breeze, up high in a tree! 


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