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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Tis the Season at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

December, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News



Welcome to the IEAS Family
This past year we not only welcomed some new resident animals, we welcomed a new species to the IEAS family! The Sanctuary is now home to two white-nosed coatis. Coatis are part of the raccoon family, and we may be biased, but they sure are cute! The most outstanding physical feature of a coati is its long, pointed snout giving them an extremely heightened sense of smell. Coatis can curl their snouts in an amazing way above the water surface when drinking. 
Mork and Mindy came to IEAS in April from a couple in Glen Rose, Texas.  They were previously given to the couple by a friend of a relative who could no longer care for them.  After about ten months, the caring couple knew these two coatis needed and deserved a better life, so they were brought to IEAS.  Mork and Mindy are enjoying their new home at IEAS. They each have a favorite spot. Mork enjoys lounging in one of his trees while Mindy would rather relax on one of their perches playing with a toy. However, they will get together and cuddle in one of their hammocks for a good night’s sleep. We are so delighted to see Mork and Mindy enjoy the outdoors like they were meant to. You should come out for a tour to meet these two new guys. They are sure to sniff their way into your heart!

The Sanctuary also welcomed a 12 year old cougar. Sapphire or “Saphy” came from a facility in Ohio. The animal facility started with good intentions but was forced to shut down due to lack of funding. Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence when animal lovers set out to do the right thing but then become overwhelmed with the costs and resources needed to care for an exotic animal.  Saphy enjoys her new home. Her naturalistic habitat consists of trees, a cave, a house, perches, a hammock and plenty of enrichment items for her to enjoy! She was a little shy at first but has since opened up to her animal caretakers and even enjoys daily visits from them.

Going Virtual

 Most of you know that the Sanctuary offers conservation education tours that allow students to become completely immersed in new information with the added excitement of seeing the subject material right in front of them! There are few better ways to learn about exotic animals and conservation than observing them first hand!
However, this year we have developed a new way to reach people all across the U.S.! IEAS has gone VIRTUAL! The Sanctuary now offers virtual tours for students via Skype! It’s a great way for students around the country to meet the Sanctuary animals and learn about their natural histories and conservation efforts. The classroom will follow its tour guide through the Sanctuary, meeting tigers, lions, jaguars, grizzly bears, black bears, coatis, and much more! 
We are so happy to be taking advantage of the opportunities that technology is offering us. You should, too! We have already given a number of successful Skype tours to elementary and college classes. Call 940-433-5091 or e-mail us at for more information!

New Dedication
It is an honor to announce that Bear Orphanage will now be called Dorfman Bear Orphanage! Mr. Louis Dorfman, a long time friend, supporter and contributor has devoted himself to the welfare of the sanctuary and all the animals for the last 16 years. Not only has he supported the sanctuary but he has given his time as the Animal Behaviorist to help provide all the animals the best quality of life possible here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. Mr. Dorfman also serves as Chairman of the Board Directors. Without Mr. Dorfman’s generosity and support the Dorfman Bear Orphanage would have only been a dream. Now it is a natural habitat on ten acres and home to 11 orphaned bears that have a wonderful life thanks to a man that all animals call Friend!

This Year’s Generosity
During their internship, interns are able to learn how to care for all of the animals who live at IEAS. They not only learn how to care about their physical and emotional needs but also what it takes to care for them financially! Interns take part in all aspects of fundraising for the Sanctuary. They are able to guide our conservation education tours, from which all of the proceeds go directly to the animals. They also take part in our Grants and Proposal Writing class in order to learn how to approach foundations and companies for donations. 
Another part of our fundraising that the interns are able to participate in is to go out and solicit help from local companies. This year, our interns all headed out to several stores in surrounding areas to see if there might be any way for them to help the animals.   The interns have been very successful in all aspects of fundraising. We received donations from:

Old Will Knott Scales
Prefco Distribution
Knife Depot
Home Depot
Grainger Industrial Supply
Brian Estok of E-Z Products
Howard’s Fire Protection
Inspections, LLC
Flexovit Abrasives
Dunn’s Produce
Market Place
Rainbow Plant Sales
Northern Tools & Equipment
Monterey Lawn  
& Garden Products, Inc.

We are so grateful to all of the caring individuals who believe in our cause and strive to aid us in our mission to provide these magnificent animals with the best possible life that we can. 
Thank you so much!

Where are They Now

As you may know, part of IEAS’ mission is to educate the public about the value and worth of these amazing animals. We do this through conservation education tours as well as through our Intern ProgramIEAS has become one of the country’s leading facilities for internships working with exotic animals. The Education Program is designed to instill respect for nature and to raise awareness of the value and need to preserve these magnificent beings for generations to come. All of the interns that come to IEAS leave with fundamental knowledge and experience that complements their college education and takes them to the next level in their animal welfare career pursuits. Over 90% of our interns have moved on to other reputable facilities to provide quality care for animals. We have former interns pursuing their animal careers at a number of major zoos across the United States, and we also have interns working for animal welfare organizations such as governmental, state, and environmental agencies.
We now have a way for the public to see where our interns are currently working. Located in the Ed Browne Nutritional Center is a large map of the United States with dozens of colored pins! Each pin indicates the current location of one of IEAS' former interns. These interns completed their internship at IEAS, and then moved on to other reputable animal facilities and agencies all over the country!

 Habitat Makeovers

Spring & summer are wonderful seasons to get things done here at IEAS, and this past year has been proof of that. From rebuilding pools to building new houses, the Sanctuary staff and interns have been staying busy with projects with each project having a common goal—making the lives of the animal residents even better. Interns got their hands dirty mortaring and even building pools and waterfalls. One particular pool was for Danvir and Sajani. We took an existing standing pool and built a waterfall for them so they could enjoy lounging in their pool having the water flow down around them. They didn’t waste any time taking advantage of this new modification. They spent most of the summer in their new pool, especially Danvir. 
This year we also built three new houses for three tiger residents: Khera, Danvir/Sajani, and Caesar. These houses were due for upgrades. These new houses provide the animals with more room to lounge and also include added safety features such as a steel pin to reinforce the door. The houses are now constructed in order to extend its longevity. Not only did these projects help improve the lives are our residents, but it allowed the interns to participate in our Environmental Enrichment Program learning more about what it takes to provide a proper and fulfilling habitat for these amazing animals.  

An Important Part of Our Team
Over the years, IEAS has been so fortunate as to have a number of truly wonderful, dedicated volunteers, whose frequent visits and countless hours spent working have been undoubtedly beneficial to the Sanctuary residents. They’ve spent time doing any number of things, such as gardening to ensure a positive appearance and first impression for visitors, or helping with tours to assist in introducing the IEAS residents to visitors and educate the public about the needs of them and their wild cousins. These experienced volunteers have been big part of IEAS over the years, and we love that their dedication has never faltered! To add to this amazing generosity, we’ve been lucky enough to bring in several new volunteers this year, and the result has been a wonderful crop of individuals who have committed a great deal of time to the animals. They have already proven themselves to be dedicated, trustworthy, and a wonderful part of the IEAS team! We, and the animals here at the Sanctuary, are so lucky to have their kindness and devotion! Thank you to all of the IEAS volunteers - both old and new!

Season’s Greetings from the Director
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season from everyone here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. Being a time for giving and being thankful, we thank each of you that supported the Sanctuary over the years. We hope that all of you have had the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary, check out our website or follow us on Facebook this year. It has been an emotional year at the Sanctuary as we’ve had to say goodbye to some of our animal friends. Although we’ve made some new friends and welcomed them to the Sanctuary family, they will never replace our memories of the others. Having been here for 16 years, I know we must endure the passing of these wonderful animals, but it’s still hard to say goodbye especially during the Holiday Season. One creates special feelings when you have shared the Holidays feeding these animal friends every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning for the last 16 years. 
On behalf of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary and the animals, I respectfully request that you consider adding the Sanctuary to your Holiday list. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will be used wisely for the animals. Our Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity for your Christmas gift to assist in this meaningful endeavor of helping these magnificent, innocent beings. We hope, with your gift, the animals here at the Sanctuary have a wonderful Christmas. We applaud your support that has provided the animals here a quality life.   We hope to be able to count on your gift for the animals. I thank you for your help in achieving our goal of providing the best possible quality of life in captivity for our animal residents and others to come and for sharing the enormous responsibility of ensuring the survival of these wonderful beings for generations to come. 
Remember there are numerous was one can give a gift to the animals: donations, in-kind donations, stock donations, added to wills, Kroger, Tom Thumb, and Albertson cards. If you have that special animal, adoption is always a truly wonderful gift or check out “How to Help” on our web site Remember all donations are tax deductable, and if you need a donation letter for your 2012 donations please contact me at 940-433-5091. Please think of the animals this Holiday Season and the coming year! I hope to see each of you in 2013 during your visit to the sanctuary. 
Have a safe and happy holiday season from your friends here at the
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary!

Easy Ways to Help the Animals of IEAS
IEAS understands the pressure put upon donors and caring supporters during this crucial time frame. We would like to provide you with several options to assist in itemizing tax write-offs to not only benefit you but also help support the quality of living for our resident animals. Here are some other ways you can donate: 
Rewards Cards: The bobcats, caracal and servals of IEAS are extremely grateful to the loyal shoppers of Tom Thumb, Kroger and Albertsons! The annual cost of feeding our ten bobcats, one caracal and three servals has been fully provided by Tom Thumb, Kroger and Albertsons shoppers!
The Kroger Share Card for IEAS is readily available through the Customer Service Desk. Present this “Scanning” Card to the cashier and a percentage of your total cost is donated to the animals. By linking your Tom Thumb Reward Card to the IEAS Account 2074 through the Customer Service Desk, the animals are also rewarded a percentage from the total cost of your purchase. IEAS has also joined with Albertsons. By using your card while shopping at Albertsons, they will automatically send us a percent of your grocery purchase. It costs you nothing and the animals are the beneficiaries of your helping hand.
Please contact IEAS at (940) 433-5091 or email us at for more information on your Share Card, Rewards Card and Albertsons Card. Remember, even when you spend money on groceries, you have the ability to help support the animals of IEAS at no extra cost!!

Capital One
Are you a Capital One cardholder? Capital One has developed the No Hassle Giving Site to provide Capital One cardholders with a convenient way to donate to their favorite charities. Just go to our website,, to find out more about it! Go to the Donate Now section and type in International Exotic Animal Sanctuary into the Find a Charity field. You can easily donate to the Sanctuary using your credit card, or you can even donate your rewards!
GoodSearchNow with just the click of your mouse, you can raise one cent for the animals of IEAS. GoodSearch is a search engine which helps to raise money for charities. Simply go to whenever you are searching the internet. Under the "Who do you GoodSearch for?" tab, type in International Exotic Animal Sanctuary and then click on the Verify button. Just think...if 1000 people made just 2 searches per day, that would raise $7,300 a year for the Sanctuary! That's amazing! So start clicking!

Tour Season Never Ends

It may be getting cold this winter, but don't let that keep you from an amazing experience!  We may not enjoy the cold that much, but these animals LOVE it!  They are more active and more plaful during the cooler days.  We have tours everyday at 11am and on Saturday at 11am and 3pm.  Sign up today or call our office to set one up.  Please remember that children must be 7 year or older to tour IEAS.

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