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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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R R R R OAR R R R!! Finish Your Year With A Roar!
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

December, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


Happy December to you all! Have you started your holiday shopping? If you’re like most people, then you’ve probably been putting it off. With just a few weeks left, now is the time to get going, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you check people off of your list while helping the animals of IEAS!

IEAS Gifts

What better gift could there be than one from IEAS?!  For the animal lover in your life, it might be absolutely perfect! Looking for a big gift? How about Adopting an Animal for your loved one? It’s a great way to show them how much you care. PLUS, it gives them the opportunity to have monthly visits with their adopted animal at IEAS (from outside the habitat).

Adopting an Animal is a truly unique way to bond with an extraordinary exotic animal, but perhaps your looking for something on a smaller scale? Your perfect gift is an Animal Packet! These packets allow the receiver to have a one time visit with the animal of their choice at IEAS (again, from outside the habitat). It’s an amazing experience to share time and space with one of the animals that call IEAS home, and having the privilege to spend time with them is truly incredible.

We know that many of you don’t have the opportunity to come out and visit the animals, so making a donation in the name of that hard-to-shop-for loved one can be a touching gesture and is, of course, always greatly appreciated here at IEAS!

For more ways to help this Holiday Season, check out our How to Help page. There you will find information about our Wish List, our Sponsorship Program, and more! 

Remember, all donations (including those made to Adopt-an-Animal or purchase gift shop items) are tax deductible! 

Yellow Brick Mall

The Sanctuary is partnered with Yellow Brick Mall, an online source for simultaneous shopping and fundraising.When you shop through Yellow Brick Mall, the stores you purchase from will donate a percentage of what you spend to IEAS! The percent that each store donates is different, but any amount helps!

The best part is Yellow Brick Mall really does have all of the best stores, including Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, Petsmart, Old Navy, Walmart, Bass Pro, Disney Store, Coldwater Creek, GUESS, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and MORE! As an added bonus, you can purchase any holiday travel tickets or hotel bookings through Yellow Brick Mall, as Expedia, Priceline,, and Travelocity will all donate a percentage of what you spend!

Remember, all of this is at NO COST TO YOU! Click HERE to explore Yellow Brick Mall and start shopping (and fundraising for IEAS)! Just click the little, yellow "brick" in the middle of the page to get started. 


Grocery Stores

Of course, most of you won’t do any gift shopping at grocery stores, but many of you are probably buying LOTS of food and drinks for your holiday parties and get togethers! Albertson’s, Tom Thumb, and Kroger each have a giving program through which they will donate a percentage of what you spend in their stores to the charity of your choice.

Visit our How-to-Help page to find out how easy it is to help IEAS at one of these three stores!

Finish Your Year with a ROAR!



As another year comes to a close at IEAS, we want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday! Finish 2012 with a ROAR, and remember how grateful we are to have your support and generosity! It’s been a wonderful year, so THANK YOU!



Birthdays in December

Male Cougar
Born: December 16, 2003
Rescued: March 8, 2011


Duke is such a handsome cougar, with a personality to match! It does take some time to gain his trust, but once you do, you are sure to be greeted with chirps and purrs. Duke’s favorite thing is to receive treats, in the form of bones, turkey necks, or chicken, from his friends. He can see them coming a mile away and waits patiently at the fence for the yummy snacks!


Female Bengal Tiger
Born: December 21, 2004
Rescued: March 8, 2011

Princess has been a sweetheart since her first day here at IEAS. She was so happy to be in her new forever home, that she was spreading chuffs around as soon as possible. Princes is a very playful girl, who is always eager to take advantage of an opportunity to pounce on or chase her companion, Prince!


Simba III
Male Bengal Tiger
Born: December 23, 1995
Rescued: November 6, 1997

Simba III is a fan favorite – for good reason! He is a very friendly tiger who loves very few things more than meeting new people and chuffing at new faces! He is sure to come up for a visit when he sees or smells someone new. This handsome guy can win anybody over in a matter of minutes, that’s for sure!


Big John
Male Bengal Tiger
Born: December 25, 1992
Rescued: January 1, 1998


Big John is a very proud, very big tiger! After years of being a part of a traveling circus, John loves nothing more than relaxing, and we love nothing more than letting him do it! He deserves to be as comfortable and laid back as he can now that he is in his forever home, and he takes full advantage of the never-ending opportunity to do just that!


Female Bobcat
Born: December 31, 1995
Rescued: February 1, 1996


Cookie is a very unique bobcat, both in personality and in looks. She has lighter fur than most bobcats you’ll see making her absolutely beautiful, and her feisty personality makes her even more fun to be around! Cookie has a whole lot of spunk and loves to let it out with her best friend, Baby!


Male American Black Bear
Born: December 31, 2009
Rescued: June 8, 2010

Scooter has grown up too be quite the crowd pleaser at IEAS! This tiny bear cub turned into a big boy, and he just loves attention! His best friends, Scamp and Greta, are always with him, but Scooter is the leader of this bear pack. He is adventurous, playful, and quite a daredevil making him an absolute joy to watch!

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