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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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New Ways to Help IEAS!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

September, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


A Chance to Win $250,000!

We have an AMAZING opportunity to win $250,000 as we are taking part in the Chase Community Giving Program! All we need from you is a VOTE. $250,000 can go a LONG way. Winning this contest would help cover almost HALF of our yearly expenses! You can imagine how helpful this would be!

 Each of you has the potential to vote for IEAS 3 times. Here’s how:

Voting Method Chase customers can vote 2 times from here (for 2 different charities – one of them IEAS!)

Voting Method Go to the Chase Community Giving App to get 2 votes (for 2 different charities – one for IEAS!)

Bonus Votes: By voting on Facebook, you can get a BONUS vote for any charity (even one you’ve already voted for). You can get this bonus vote by allowing “access” and sharing any content from the Chase Community Giving App on your own Facebook page. You can also get a bonus vote if one of your friends links back to the Chase Community Giving App from your shared link!

Voting begins September 6 and ends September 19! We will send out reminders via e-mail and our Facebook, but get ready to VOTE! Tell your family, tell your friends! One click can make a HUGE difference!




Looking for another way to help? We’ve got just the thing!

We are continuing the process of replacing the old houses around the Sanctuary with new and improved ones! Up next is Caesar, a male Siberian tiger! Caesar’s current house is almost 15 years old and has been through a lot of general wear and tear. Caesar’s new house will have added safety features such as a steel pin that reinforces the door (in addition to the normal pin and lock) and a window on the door that allows keepers to look inside and locate the animal. It will also be larger to give Caesar more space to stretch out and relax! Below are pictures that depict what Caesar's house looks like now, and what it WILL look like when we are done!

A new house like this costs approximately $2,500, so we are looking to YOU for help! Any amount, large or small, is helpful and very much appreciated. It all adds up!

Click HERE to make YOUR donation to Caesar’s new house!

September Birthdays!

Female Cougar
Born: September 8, 2004
Rescued: March 8, 2011




Duchess is a very instinctual girl and within her first few days, we knew it would be hard to gain her trust. However, since then, she has shown a great deal of trust and comfort around her new family! Particularly in the evenings, Duchess loves to follow those passing by her habitat and even enjoys a visit from her favorite friends!

Male Cheetah
Born: September 21, 2003
Rescued: February 23, 2004




Mau is a very proud cheetah, with one of the most regal dispositions of any IEAS resident. Mau loves to sit on top of his hill, looking over his kingdom. When the cooler temperatures come in the evenings, Mau is up and about, surveying the area or relaxing under his favorite trees!


Male Bengal Tiger
Born: September 23, 2004
Rescued: March 8, 2011




Prince is as noble as his name would imply. His favorite thing to do is relax in his pool, enjoying the water running around him, but a close second is the opportunities he gets to sneak up on his companion, Princess. He has such a blast when the two are chasing each other around their habitat!


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