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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Philanthropy in Central Texas is on the Rise Chronicle of Philanthropy Releases Study Ranking Austin 32nd in Charitable Giving
I Live Here I Give Here

August, 2012

The Chronicle of Philanthropy released a study revealing that the Austin/San Marcos SMSA (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area) moved from 44th to 32nd of the 50 largest SMSAs in the US with regard to percentage of disposable income dedicated to charitable giving.

In 2003, The Chronicle of Philanthropy conducted a study using 1997 federal tax returns that looked at dollars reported as charitable deductions as a percentage of discretionary income (money left after paying for housing, food, taxes, transportation). The Austin/San Marcos SMSA then ranked 44th out of the largest 50 SMSAs in the USA. Today's report is based on similar research, using 2008 federal tax returns and shows charitable giving in the Central Texas SMSA ranks the Austin area 32nd, in comparison to the rest of the nation. The 2003 Chronicle of Philanthropy report was the impetus for the launch of I Live Here, I Give Here(R), a movement to elevate the level of personal philanthropy across Central Texas.

"This news from The Chronicle of Philanthropy is exceptionally gratifying," said Patsy Woods Martin, CEO and Founder of I Live Here, I Give Here(R). "Since September 2007, our programs have been designed to help educate Austinites about the needs in our community and ultimately motivate each person we touch to discover the causes they care about, become a part of the solution and create a lifetime habit of charitable giving. As the result of studies conducted by the RGK Center for Philanthropy at the University of Texas, we know Central Texans know I Live Here, I Give Here(R) and we know those who are touched by our work increase their giving. This Chronicle of Philanthropy study provides I Live Here, I Give Here(R) the first community-wide evidence that charitable giving across Central Texas is moving in the right direction and that we are having a scaled impact."

I Live Here, I Give Here(R) will celebrate this 12-point jump and its 5th anniversary on Sunday, September 23 at The Driskill Hotel from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. The BIG Give is Austin's annual celebration of giving and receiving well, where we will recognize Rusty Morrison - The 2012 Big Giver, a donor to Boys and Girls Club. At the BIG Give, I Live Here, I Give Here(R) will also recognize two nonprofits for excellence in donor relations with The Whole Foods Market BIG Prize of $10,000 and The Mercedes-Benz of Austin Little Prize of $5,000.

About I Live Here, I Give Here(R)

I Live Here, I Give Here(R) is a community-focused campaign to educate and inspire people to give more and more people to give. Many of our programs such as, See Jane Give, Give Back Jack, Austin Involved and Amplify Austin--Crank Up the Giving, are designed to encourage participants to find the issue they care most about and take action to become part of the solution. We change attitudes; we change behaviors; we change lives. .


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