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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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3 GO Centers need your advice / help
Alice White

July, 2012

1.     Contact Jaime.Villarta@DFPS.State.TX.US if you can provide ideas; personal &/or household items for his client.  Details:  Adult Protective Services is asking for any resource ideas for 31-year-old man, who recently became paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident in March. This gentleman discharged to his estranged father's house in Denver City where he was physically assaulted, & then ended up getting put in an apartment (w/help from LifeRun) in Lubbock. The man is in need of awasher/dryer for his apartment. He also needs a large frying pan with a lidtwin-sized sheets; comforter, pillow cases, anyhygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, canned goods, baked goods.  If anyone knows of a Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist who might be willing to donate some time, this client could really, really use it. The man is just waiting on his Medicaid to be updated in the system so that he can receive services in the home, but it now apparently takes quite a while to get this done. He has been out of the facility for almost a month now. He has a broken rib (detached from the back), & trying to transfer safely is challenging -- due to how much pain he is in. Senior House Calls did prescribe what they could, but again, he can't even get an appointment scheduled  with a pain management doctor until that Medicaid system is updated. (I've already called them to ask for expedited handling.)  …  heart-breaking situation … zero family support … confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life, living in so much pain ALL THE TIME. Adult ProtectiveService is doing what we can.  He is also involved with DARS, LifeRun, Sr. House Calls, but the wheels just move so slowly, & while they do, he sits in his apartment, getting more & more depressed. … This client is one of those who would never ask for help, and he is just so grateful for any small gesture (even if someone wanted to make homemade chocolate chip cookies). He is one of the nicest, most respectful people I have ever met. And any other suggestions would also be appreciated on what/how we can make a difference in this person's life, because it is rare to work with someone who is so new at learning to live their life differently with physical limitations  Hestill has his sense of humor though, & he does try to make the best of his circumstances. He rarely complains, even with all his has to deal with.


2.     Contact or 214-265-4073 to volunteer:  Make a difference in your community! AARP is looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of Texans 50+ & others in their community. Outreach & Advocacy volunteers are trained to provide needed information & work on issues that have an impact on the daily lives of our members.


3.     Contact & Chrystal@ERFW.Net to volunteer for &/or participate in Upward Bound Parents’ Program fund-raising golf tournament.


GO Center #752.  Kinship Development with Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, www.DFPS.State.TX.US &Vecelia.Mann@DFPS.State.TX.US or 806-472-5090.  To report abuse or neglect:  1-800-252-5400.  Protecting children, the elderly & people with disabilities form abuse, neglect & exploitation.  Lubbock collaboration with grandparents’ groups such as ROCK/Raising Our Children’s Kids & other GO Centers with grandparent-related outreach:  Methodist Children’s HomeSimple Acts MinistryFirst United Methodist ChurchAsbury United Methodist Church & Family Guidance & Outreach Center of Lubbock.


GO Center #744.  AARP & Carmel Perez Snyder ( or 214-265-4073.  Health, finances, connecting, giving & enjoying.  “What we do, we do for all.”  Ethel Percy Andrus, Foundation.  Foundation grants for community support.  Connecting senior citizens with community-friendly volunteer projects.  Helping to prevent senior hunger through collaborations with local & regional food banks.


GO Center #474.  Upward Bound & or 806-742-3616, x. 287.  40+ year legacy of dynamic, academic, educational enrichment, mentoring, support & encouragement for first-generation, low-income college students & their families -- via US Dept. of Education’s TRiO Program.  Enrichment experiences include:  career counseling, diverse cultural excursions, money / financial aid for college, college-preparatory classes, tutoring, college tours, academic advising, stipends @$10 per session, volunteer & leadership opportunities.  Helping develop creative thinking, effective expression & positive attitudes towards learning that enhance students’ potential for success in college.
During the academic school year, Upward Bound sessions are held every Sat., 8a-12:30p.  Summer Component: includes 5 weeks in a TTU residence hall.  Also, Upward Bound Parent Council & Chrystal@ERFW.Net


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