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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Clips
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

July, 2012



Texas lawmakers hear testimony on health care law

Austin American-Statesman

July 12, 2012


AUSTIN, Texas - Experts will explain to a House appropriations subcommittee how the federal health care law will affect Texas. ... The subcommittee will also consider how to improve the state's mental health services.



State agencies expected to work with feds in health exchanges

Austin American-Statesman

July 11, 2012


Gov. Rick Perry might have rejected the opportunity to run a state health insurance exchange outlined in the federal health care law, but that doesn't mean state agencies won't work closely with Washington regulators to offer Texans a way to buy insurance. Anne Dunkelberg ... said the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act outlines several areas in which the state and federal governments must collaborate on the exchanges, including on regulatory issues, information sharing and consumer assistance.



Texas slashes estimate of state's tab for federal health law

The Dallas Morning News

July 12, 2012


Texas taxpayers will absorb $15.6 billion of additional costs if President Barack Obama's health law is fully implemented in the Lone Star state through 2013, not the $27 billion that the state's Medicaid program managers estimated more than two years ago.



After Health Care Ruling, Texas Businesses Wait and See

The Texas Tribune

July 12, 2012


The U.S. House's vote on Wednesday to repeal federal health care reform was largely symbolic. But the political equation could change after November, and some Texas employers are holding off on preparing for the law. 



Texas lawmakers consider changes to prison care

San Francisco Chronicle

July 9, 2012


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Proposed cuts to the health care provided to Texas prisoners could make the system unconstitutionally inadequate, experts warned lawmakers Monday. The Legislature has reduced funding for prison health care, prompting providers to cut clinic hours, vaccinations and spending on medical equipment while not raising employee salaries to keep up with the private sector, experts told the Senate Finance committee. 



Depressed mice might help fight diabetes


July 9, 2012


SAN ANTONIO -- ... In a study using mice, U.S. researchers found a hormone with anti-diabetic properties also reduces depression-like symptoms. Senior author Xin-Yun Lu of the Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio said all types of current antidepressants, including tricyclics and selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, increase the risk for type 2 diabetes. 



ACC receives accreditation reaffirmation from association

Alvin Sun-Advertiser

July 11, 2012


After two years of internal study, reporting, and external review, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reaffirmed accreditation for Alvin Community College on June 21. ... Some of the programs at ACC that have accreditation through other agencies include: ... associate degree nursing, licensed vocational nursing ... and mental health/addiction counseling.





Medicaid patients turn to hospitals for emergencies, not routine care


July 12, 2012


Most people covered by U.S. government health insurance for the poor visit hospital emergency rooms for perceived emergencies, not for routine care, much like those with private insurance, according to a study released on Wednesday. Researchers said the study helps dispel the notion that poor patients are clogging hospitals for routine treatment - for a bad cold, for example - that others receive at lower cost in a clinic or at a doctor's office.



Ex-Marine who shot at Pentagon claims mental ills

Houston Chronicle

July 11, 2012


ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) - Lawyers for an ex-Marine from Virginia facing 25 years in prison for firing shots at the Pentagon, the Marine Corps museum in Quantico and other buildings say their client is mentally ill.





More than 16 million people with Medicare get free preventive services in 2012

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

July 10, 2012


The Affordable Care Act - the new health care law - helped over 16 million people with original Medicare get at least one preventive service at no cost to them during the first six months of 2012, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced today. This includes 1.35 million who have taken advantage of the Annual Wellness Visit provided by the Affordable Care Act. In 2011, 32.5 million people in Medicare received one or more preventive benefits free of charge. 



In The Wake Of The Supreme Court Decision, Many Stakeholders Still Support The Affordable Care Act

Health Affairs

July 2012


In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision largely upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, many stakeholders have renewed their commitment to health care reform. In fact, a new political economy of health care has emerged that is characterized by three dynamics. ... These new dynamics may make repeal of reform more daunting than expected. 



The Healthcare Reform Festival of Lies

US News & World Report

July 11, 2012


... But if it's possible to raise (or lower) the bar for dishonesty, recent claims about President Obama's healthcare reform law are doing it. People on both sides of this issue are obviously passionate about it, and those passions have been fanned to full combustion by the Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Facts, however, are going up in smoke. 



How The SCOTUS Medicaid Ruling Could Save Money

Kaiser Health News

July 11, 2012


The Supreme Court ruling on the health care law could have an unexpected effect -- saving the federal government money, say some budget experts. The exact amount of savings is still unknown, because it depends on how many states decide not to expand their Medicaid programs, now that the court has said that they have a choice in the matter. 



House votes to repeal Obama healthcare law, again


July 11, 2012


The Republican-led House of Representatives, on a near party-line vote of 244-185, on Wednesday once again passed a bill to repeal President Barack Obama's overhaul of the healthcare system. Just like previous House efforts to end the two-year-old healthcare law, the bill is certain to be stopped by Obama's fellow Democrats who control the Senate.



Health insurers' suits show they're not keeping a lid on costs

Los Angeles Times

July 11, 2012


With federal healthcare reform still facing political head winds despite its validation by the Supreme Court, this probably isn't the best time for health insurers to admit their utter incompetence in handling their most important role under the reform, which is keeping a lid on healthcare costs.,0,1491023.column





Perry shirks his duty on Texans' health care

Austin American-Statesman

July 11, 2012


Gov. Rick Perry threw Texans under the bus Monday when he announced our state would not expand Medicaid, leaving $76 billion from the federal government on the table. He also refused to create a health care exchange, an online market allowing the uninsured to shop for coverage. 



Texas Democrats in Line Attacking Rick Perry on Healthcare

Burnt Orange Report

July 11, 2012


We all saw earlier this week that Rick Perry is just going to pretend that Healthcare Reform doesn't apply to him, in a way that will seriously cost Texans, too. Unsurprisingly, Texas Democrats have come out swinging. We saw Chairman Hinojosa take swings, and he actually has an entire party behind him.





Fibromyalgia Patients Self-Medicating With Cannabis May Have Poor Mental Health Outcomes

Medical News Today

July 11, 2012


... New research published in Arthritis Care & Research, indicates that patients who self-medicate with herbal cannabis have poorer mental health and although experts believe that cannabinoids may have some therapeutic effect, they do warn individuals against the use cannabinoids until any health issues and psychosocial effects are clarified. 



Many bipolar patients unaware of co-occurring medical conditions

MedWire News

July 12, 2012


Co-occurring medical conditions are common among patients with bipolar disorder (BD), but many may not be aware that they have such conditions, say researchers. 



Overweight, obesity prevalent in psychiatric inpatients

MedWire News

July 12, 2012


Most inpatients with psychiatric disorders are overweight or obese, say Australian researchers who urge closer monitoring of the physical health of patients with mental illnesses.,_obesity_prevalent_in_psychiatric_inpatients.html 



Why the Thrill Is Gone: Potential Target for Treating Major Symptom of Depression


July 11, 2012


Stanford University School of Medicine scientists have laid bare a novel molecular mechanism responsible for the most important symptom of major depression: anhedonia, the loss of the ability to experience pleasure. 



Using Biomarkers to Identify and Treat Schizophrenia


July 11, 2012


In the current online issue of PLoS ONE, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine say they have identified a set of laboratory-based biomarkers that can be useful for understanding brain-based abnormalities in schizophrenia. 



Redefining What It Means to Be Narcissistic in a Social Media World


July 11, 2012


...While previous studies such as Laura Buffardi and W. Keith Campbell's 2008 paper in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin showed a correlation between Facebook and narcissism, McKinney's new study, Narcissism or Openness?: College Students' Use of Facebook and Twitter found no relationship between Facebook usage sand narcissistic traits. 





Becoming the Influence: Helping Young Adults Overcome Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

National Alliance on Mental Illness

July 11, 2012


According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), approximately one in four college students experienced alcohol abuse or dependence in the past year. Moreover, a 2011 study at Northwestern University revealed that one out of every four or five students exhibited depression while visiting the school's health center. 



MHA of Greater Houston

eNewsletter - July 2012


In this issue:

  • Annual Meeting Highlights Board Members and Programs That Impact People with Mental Illnesses
  • Special Thanks to MHA Pro Bono Counseling Program Volunteers
  • Texas Suicide Prevention Symposium
  • Free Online Middle School Suicide Prevention Training Available August 2012
  • July is Minority Mental Health Month
  • MHA Thanks Its Partners in Mental Wellness
  • MHA Welcomes David Eagleman Ph.D. to Speak at Treasures of Texas Trailblazers Luncheon
  • Amendment to City Budget Passed
  • Healthcare Policy Briefing
  • MHA Houston Redesigns Website 



Centreville's Trudy Harsh uses Brain Foundation to house those with mental illness

The Washington Post

July 11, 2012


... A former realtor, she has purchased six townhouses around Fairfax County and placed four people with mental disabilities in each, refusing to wait for committees or governments to act. She has financing lined up for three more houses, meaning she and the group she founded in 2003, the Brain Foundation, will have single-handedly created permanent housing for 36 people, which is more than 20 percent of the entire state's current need. 





SAMHSA awards up to $3.5 million in System of Care Expansion Planning Grants for Children and their Families

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

July 10, 2012


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is awarding up to $3.5 million for the Expansion of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families program. The purpose of these grants is to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for improving and expanding services provided by systems of care for children and youth with serious mental health conditions and their families. 


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