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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Make Your Summer WILD with IEAS!
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

July, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News



Welcome to Your New Forever Home!

Surprise! Las month, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary got a call about a special cougar. A large number of animals had recently been rescued from an exotic animal facility in Ohio. The facility had opened with good intentions, but was forced to close due to lack of funding, leaving the resident animals with no place to call home. These animals, which included tigers, lions, mountain lions, and a number of other species, were all in dire need of a new place to live out their lives, and IEAS was happy to help. On Friday, June 1, Sapphire arrived at the Sanctuary!

This special cougar has started her new life in a spacious outdoor habitat, complete with ramps, perches, a cave, a house, and plenty of toys to keep her happy, comfortable and safe. Sapphire is settling in very well. She has picked her favorite spots in her habitat already and seems to even be beginning to warm up to her caretakers, after an initially shy reaction to them. She has come over several time for visits with staff, which is wonderful after just a few days! Her appetite is in full swing, and she seems to like the company of her neighbor,Shauna, a lioness. Be sure to stay updated on Sapphire and her new life at IEAS!


 New Interns Have Arrived!

Just a few days ago, IEAS said goodbye to the Spring Interns and welcomed eight new faces to the Sanctuary! Cassie, Jessica, Alex, Jonathan, Heidi, Jay, Emily, and Cassandra are the Summer Interns of 2012, and we are excited to have them here! As usual, we hope they are ready and eager to learn what it takes to care for exotic animals like the ones living here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary!

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into caring for the residents of IEAS? Well, in short, a whole lot! Caring for so many animals at a place like this means keeping this machine well oiled and running smoothly. Maintenance and upkeep of Sanctuary grounds are crucial to keeping IEAS the safe and quality environment that it is for its animal residents. New interns at IEAS will have the opportunity to learn the ropes for the many facets of maintenance including grounds, habitats, and sanitation.

You can find out more about what we do every day here at IEAS by checking out a Glimpse at IEAS for lots of pictures and videos of our daily routines!

 Summer Adoptions!

This is the season for relaxation, and we can’t think of any better way to relax than to spend time with an animal YOU adopted at IEAS! We’ve had a large number of new adoptive parents in the past few months and summer time is always a popular season for visits. 

It's hard to imagine how rewarding an experience shared with a lion, tiger, coati, or other animal can be, but we can tell you that it is as wonderful as you think it would be! Come out and experience it first hand! Haven't adopted yet? Click here to find out more! 


 Birthdays to Celebrate!


Male Cougar
Born: July 15, 2011
Rescued: October 18, 2011

Thor is such a handsome little cougar, and he has really been coming into his own since his arrival. He is bold, playful, and instinctual, and he is always ready and willing to entertain any who happen past his habitat! We are so happy to have given Thor his forever home!


Male Siberian Tiger
Born: July 24, 1995
Rescued: December 1, 1995

Noel is one of the most regal residents of IEAS. When he is feeling playful, Noel focuses his attention on his tire. Most often, he spends his days cuddling with the tire in his house. It's the perfect nap companion for him and we love to see him enjoying the enrichment we provide!


Male Bobcat
Born: July 25, 1993
Rescued: November 17, 1997

Taz is a very shy bobcat, but when he decides it's time for some attention, he is eager and playful! His most trusted friends will always get a friendly rub on the fence from Taz, and often times, he even loves to lay down and nap with a caregiver nearby!  




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