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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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June, 2012

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 Volume 4, Number 4        

May 29th, 2012  

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Mobile Programming
Summer Interns
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SHUMLA Staff Prepares for 
Field Methods in Rock Art 

SHUMLA's research crew is hard at work getting ready for June's Field Methods in Rock Art (FMRA) program.
This summer nine students from locations ranging from Texas to Turkmenistan will meet at SHUMLA's campus to begin the process of documenting rock art at threatened sites such as Painted Shelter.    
FMRA students will encounter interesting challenges at Painted Shelter. 
This year's intensive, four-week FMRA class boasts a truly diverse membership: professional archeologists, undergraduate and graduate students and a Fulbright Scholar. FMRA will begin on Monday, June 4th at the SHUMLA campus.

SHUMLA Hits the Road 
in Fall 2012
This fall, SHUMLA's education team will begin to deliver an exciting new initiative: mobile programming.  SHUMLA's mobile programs are hands-on discovery learning experiences featuring SHUMLA staff on location at schools and other learning venues. 
SHUMLA programming is now mobile!  Contact staff about bringing SHUMLA to your school.
As SHUMLA staff prepares to launch this program, meeting the learning needs of communities is a priority.  The Ray C. Fish Foundation has pledged to underwrite the cost of programming for five schools with financial need on the border, and staff hopes that SHUMLA's supporters will contribute to the expansion of the project.  "We're always looking for new opportunities to expand our services, and donors are a huge part of that," noted Assistant Deputy Executive Director Jeanette Pauer.
Contact staff with questions or programming ideas at 

SHUMLA Welcomes 2012 Summer Interns 

On Monday, May 21st, SHUMLA staff welcomed two new interns: Catalina Montemayor and Sean Zimmerman.  
Catalina will be a senior at the University of Texas, Austin, in the fall, and majors in international business.  This summer she will be working closely with education and administrative staff, especially in the areas of development and fundraising.  Last year, Catalina worked at SHUMLA as a research volunteer, and she is excited about the opportunity to return to the Lower Pecos for her internship.
Interns Sean Zimmerman and Catalina Montemayor are joining the SHUMLA team this summer.
Originally from Houston, Sean is an archeology major from Texas State University in San Marcos.  This summer Sean will work alongside SHUMLA's research team on projects such as Field Methods in Rock Art and the Lower Pecos Rock Art Recording and Preservation Project.  Sean has previous experience in the Lower Pecos as a participant in Texas State field schools operated by SHUMLA Research Board member Dr. Steve Black.  

SHUMLA Wish List 

SHUMLA's donors have been making great contributions through the Wish List, and staff extends its thanks for all of the great additions to the library.  Follow the link below to see the new additions to the SHUMLA Wish List.


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