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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Very Exciting News This Month!
IEAS - International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

May, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

We certainly can’t! The summer is trying to sneak up on us, but we’ve been busy getting ready for it. The last weekend in April, we held our 2nd Annual “Quench Our Thirst” Water Weekend, and it was a great success! During the three days of the event, Sanctuary visitors were able to substitute the normal suggested donation of $20 for an adult and $10 for a child with a case of bottled water from each member of their group! This year, the Water Weekend welcomed almost 100 people and we are so grateful for their visits!

These generous donations of bottles of water will help us quench the thirst of our summer tour-goers this year and also raise funds for the animals! The Texas heat certainly poses a challenge to Sanctuary visitors in the summer time and having plenty of water on hand helps to make everyone’s visit a great one! Well, that and the amazing animals that they all come to see!


Did you hear?! The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is broadening its horizons and is now home to more than just big cats and bears. On April 27th, the Sanctuary became home to Morkand Mindy, two White-Nosed Coatimundis! This is such exciting news for us and we couldn't be happier to welcome these two small, furry creatures to their new forever home. These two came from the home of a very caring couple who, after having the coatis for just nine months, realized that they needed and deserved a home where they could be outdoors and enjoy the environment they were meant to.
The two coatis have been settling in amazingly well, taking no time at all before exploring and sniffing around their new habitat. We have provided them with plenty of perches, toys, grass, and so much more and they seem to be grateful for it! Mindy has been using her amazing coati nose to sniff around and learn all about her new home. Mork took advantage of the new opportunity to be up high, running right up to the perches. He found one of the fire hose hammocks and the two have been spending time cuddling in it! 

We hope that you all will come out and visit these adorable and fortunate animals. We are so glad to have them here because we know, with support from people like you, we will be able to make the rest of their lives as wonderful as they can be!

In addition to preparing water for people, we've been making sure pools are ready for the cats and bears here at IEAS. For the past few months, we've been revamping all of the pools at the Sanctuary, re-mortaring and repairing any problems that arose over the winter. The pools are looking better than ever and the animals seem to know it! They've been taking advantage of their new and improved pools, playing and relaxing in them to cool off! It has been great practice for us and a wonderful learning experience for the interns, who have been able to take part in the repairs!  

The result has been some very happy residents! All of the animals whose pools we have redone have been eager to make a splash! Khera, Kimberly, Karen, Prince, Princess, and Makeen, among others, all went straight to their new pools to investigate the changes! It looks like they are ready to start cooling off in the warm weather! It is always a sure fire sign that spring is here when we start seeing tigers and their toys taking dips in the cool, running water of their pools! It's also quite the show stopper on tours!

Donations Galore!

We were so fortunate last month as to receive the donation of a CAR from one very wonderful supporter! Daniel Staples donated his Ford Probe to IEAS. This vehicle will assist the interns who come IEAS to gain valuable experience in caring for exotic animals. The majority of our interns fly in from out of state and this vehicle will be ­­used for both their daily chores and community outreach! Thanks again, Mr. Staples for your incredible kindness and generosity!

Also donated in the past month was a high quality Chef’s Choice Trizor Professional knife from Knife Depot! This knife will help ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency in the preparation of special diets for the feline residents of IEAS! Thanks Knife Depot! 

We also had surprise donation from KONG this month! A wonderful supporter of IEAS, Vicki Almy, kindly told KONG about the Sanctuary and it's rescued residents, Duke, Duchess, Prince, and Princess, among the others. KONG generously decided to donate eight KONG toys to the animals of IEAS! They are going to love them! Thanks Ms. Almy and KONG!

 Special Days to Celebrate!

Male Bobcat
Born: May 5, 1994
Arrived: May 1, 1996

Most of the time, Newt is a very reserved bobcat, spending his days lounging up on his favorite high perch. However, once in a while, Newt decides that it’s time to be rambunctious! Usually, this is right after we pick up his habitat. Newt loves the smell of our disinfectant and will rub and run all over his habitat playing when he can smell it!




Male Bobcat
Born: May 5, 1988
Arrived: August 1, 1991

Tassers is the oldest resident of the Sanctuary, but along with this title, he has the crown for being the sweetest! He is an extremely affectionate bobcat and loves to come over for a visit with a friend. He is always purring in the presence of his most trusted companions and we enjoy his company as much as he enjoys ours!




Female Amur Leopard
Born: May 12, 1997
Arrived: January 25, 1998

Mia will win your heart in an instant, that’s for sure! Her beauty and personality are incredible and she is always ready to greet a friendly visit with warm purrs and playful rolls all over the ground. Mia loves to climb, and our favorite thing is to see Mia bouncing and flipping between trees to reach her favorite perch. Beautiful AND agile? What a combo!




Female Bengal Tiger
Born: May 19, 1998
Arrived: August 15, 2011

Sajani took almost no time at all to win a place in our hearts when she first arrived at the Sanctuary and we are so happy to celebrate her first birthday at IEAS! She turns 14 this year, but still acts like a cub! She loves to play with her toys, but has the most fun in her pool or pouncing on an unsuspecting Danvir! 

Female Bengal Tiger
Born: May 20, 2001
Arrived: October 9, 2008

Zippy is a very instinctual cat and loves an opportunity to startle and unsuspecting passerby. Zippy’s favorite time of day is the cool evenings, when she spends her time lounging on her waterfall. It almost looks like she is a queen relaxing on her throne. She certainly seems to think that’s what it is!

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