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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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LOL: Love of Language CONTEST
Writer's Garret

May, 2012

LOL -- "LOVE OF LANGUAGE" CONTEST (for Spring Membership Drive Running May 1 - June
Mama might have told you, "Don't play with your food," but what about "playing with
your words"?
We are running a contest through April 30 (yup, SHORT) asking for a 1.) "Best Slogan"
for driving our Spring membership drive; 2.) "Best Quote" about The Writer's Garret
AND 3.) Best reason to join/ support/ connect with The Writer's Garret. (These may
be based in your experience or imagination... LOL.)
Here's the slogan to beat: "Join The Garret for a good LOL: Love of Language." We
KNOW you word / literature lovers out there can do better than that!
All submissions should be made to []
by 11:59 PM April 31, 2012.

Information about the Membership Drive
(officially launching May 1)
We are inviting ALL members to build The Garret by filling our community with YOUR
friends, relatives, co-workers, and cohorts. In an attempt to get everyone "on the
same page," we will be changing our membership renewals to once a year, beginning
January 1st, 2014. This means that if you renew now, you will receive nearly 8 months
FREE added on to your one-year membership--basically 20 months instead of 12.
Additionally, until June 1, any member bringing in 4 NEW members will get up to 
a $50 discount on any Garret class, workshop, event, program, or subscription. Bring
in 7, and it's up to $100 off!
These are good with other discounts. The catch is that your referral MUST credit
you when joining. (We can't be taking anyone's word for it, or trying to apply 
credit retroactively.  We just don't have the staff for that kind of administration.
So thanks for understanding.) Click here []
if you want to get started in your renewal, good until January 1, 2014!


The Writer's Garret is made possible by the support of many

individuals, corporations, foundations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and
governmental agencies.

This season of educational programs and events
have been made possible by the following:

National  Endowment for the Arts; Lucky Dog Books; City of Dallas Office of Cultural
Affairs; George and Fay Young  Foundation; Harold Simmons Foundation; Texas Commission
on the Arts; M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation;  Target; R.L. & Phyllis Glazer Fund;
Heritage Auctions (; AWAC; Dallas AfterSchool  Network; Big Thought; Gardere
Wynne Sewell, LLP; The Cattarulla Fund of The Dallas Foundation;  Calvert K. Collins
Family Foundation; donors to the Jack Myers and Jacob  Myers Funds; and our members,
Board of Trustees, and Board of Sponsors.

(If we have inadvertently left anyone off this list,

please let us know asap. We WANT to thank you!)


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