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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Red & Charlene McCombs sigh Giving Pledge
Giving Pledge

May, 2012

Today twelve more of America’s wealthiest families committed to giving the 
majority of their wealth to philanthropy by taking the Giving Pledge, bringing the total number of pledge 
signatories to 81. Initiated by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates in June 2010, the Giving Pledge 
is a long-term charitable initiative that aims to inspire conversations about philanthropy and increase 
charitable giving in the United States.
New pledge signatories announced today include Bill and Karen Ackman, Steve Bing, Arthur M. Blank, 
Edgar M. Bronfman, Glenn and Eva Dubin, Red and Charline McCombs, Michael Moritz and Harriet 
Heyman, Elon Musk, John and Ginger Sall, Henry and Susan Samueli, John A. and Susan Sobrato, John 
Michael Sobrato, and Ted and Vada Stanley.
“It’s terrific to be adding these 12 families to the Giving Pledge,” said Warren Buffett, pledge co-founder 
and chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. “They come from different backgrounds, but share a 
common desire to see positive change in our world. We’ve said from the beginning that this is a longterm effort, but I’m particularly pleased to see continued momentum in encouraging greater and more 
thoughtful philanthropy.”
The United States has a strong tradition of philanthropy. Americans of all ages and income levels have 
continued to give generously over the last couple of years, despite tough economic times. According to 
the Giving USA Foundation’s 2011 annual report on giving, philanthropy by individuals rose an estimated 
2.7 percent to an estimated $211.77 billion over the last year.
“Philanthropy is my way of giving thanks for the opportunities I have had and my personal attempt to 
perpetuate the American dream,” says new pledger Glenn Dubin. “I started my career with nothing but 
opportunity. Thirty years later, I’m in a position where I can give back to society to try to improve lives 
and ensure that others have the same opportunities that I did. Here, we have a cycle of giving that helps 
to position the less advantaged to earn their own success – and then hopefully give back as well.”
“My earliest memories include my father’s exhortations about how important it is to give back,” says 
new pledger Bill Ackman. “These early teachings were ingrained in me, and a portion of the first dollars I 
earned, I gave away. Over the years, the emotional and psychological returns I have earned from 
charitable giving have been enormous. The more I do for others, the happier I am.”
The Giving Pledge does not involve direct appeals, pooling money or requirements to support a 
particular cause or organization. The goal is to encourage an open conversation, learn from each other, 
get smarter about giving and ultimately to change the norms around wealth and giving.
About the Giving Pledge
Since June of 2010, 81 of America’s wealthiest families have signed the Giving Pledge, publicly 
committing to support philanthropy. The Giving Pledge is an ongoing effort led by the pledgers 


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