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Monday, January 22, 2018

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WildLife 2012 features "The Debutante Hunters" film
Texas Wildlife Association

April, 2012

Award-winning film The Debutante Hunters featured at WildLife 2012
Hunters and the Sundance Film Festival are not two things you normally hear about the same sentence.

The Debutante Huntersa short documentary film about a group of female hunters from South Carolina, won the prestigious film festival's Shorts Audience Award. It was the audience's favorite among 700 short films submitted to the Festival.The film tells the story of women and why they hunt.

You and can enjoy the 13-minute film and hear from Kristy Olson Cuthbert, the film's lead and one of its producers, on Saturday, June 30, at WildLife 2012 in San Antonio. The film and Kristy's remarks are featured as part of the TWA General Session / Awards Luncheon. (Kristy is positioned in the middle of the group publicity photo that is inserted below).

Register for WildLife 2012 today! 

Field and Stream published this about the film in January 2012:

"In this new Sundance short film, The Debutante Hunters, director Maria White of Summerville, South Carolina, interviews and films her own circle of friends, young women and their families who are steeped in the southernDebutante Hunters group phototraditions of hunting, shooting and the general wonders of a life spent outside. What these women hunters have to say is extremely important. What we see here is the kind of connection to wildlife, the land, family, and tradition that has made American hunters the world's foremost conservationists. These are the kinds of hunters who will make sure that it can go on.

"The Debutante Hunters is a movie made by a non-hunter who was open-minded enough to recognize a fascinating story when she saw it, and skilled enough as an artist to make an outstanding documentary. In the end, the fresh eye she brings to her subject reveals the heart of hunting in a way that the multitude of hunting shows and videos miss entirely." 

Join us on June 30 to enjoy this great film and to celebrate the hunting heritage that it and Kristy Olson Cuthbert passionately promote!



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