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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Very exciting news re: TECEC
Texans Care for Children

April, 2012

Texans Care for Children
Eileen Garcia

Texans Care has always recognized the tremendous impact early care has on child wellbeing. The availability of child care supports working Texas families, and the quality of those settings greatly impacts the development of our youngest Texans. Those early settings are key determinants of safety, fitness, school readiness and social emotional development – all factors that will impact outcomes for years to come.

While at the start Texans Care for Children developed its own policy agenda for early care, for the past several years, we have looked to the incredible leadership of the Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition. Its impressive array of diverse voices, working together in coalition, has accomplished great successes. I have consulted time and again with Kara Johnson, TECEC’s director, and appreciated her insightful guidance on these issues and her strategic vision.

When Kara approached us late last year to discuss the continued evolution of this work, she proposed a more sustainable structure that would strengthen TECEC’s movement for young children. While the movement has continued to build and grow, TECEC's careful assessment and strategic planning indicated that administrative functions had become an obstacle to the work. Through a very thoughtful decision-making process, the TECEC governing board has voted to dissolve as an independent nonprofit organization, but the heart of the work-the coalition itself-will continue on, and we are grateful to have been asked to play a role in sustaining the coalition.
We have been in conversation with many stakeholders on how to best carry out this transition, and we will continue to seek your input as we move forward. There are still questions to answer, so over this summer we will finalize a plan for ensuring TECEC’s work only gains momentum as we move into the legislative session. Kara has demonstrated incredible commitment and passion for early care over her nearly ten years of work on this issue, and she and I will work closely together to make the transition a successful and seamless one, so the coalition behind TECEC—like the other coalitions around children’s issues that we convene at Texans Care—receives the support and the leadership needed to deliver policy successes for children.
Throughout the summer, you will hear from Kara and me both, and we welcome your questions as we continue to assess and roll out a new structure that is mindful of preserving all that has been critical to the success of the coalition. In the meantime, we hope you share in our excitement about this new commitment and will continue to join with us as we work to provide a healthy and happy early start for all Texans, ensuring a future for our state that we can all be proud of.
With gratitude for all you do for Texas children,
Eileen Garcia
Chief Executive Officer
Texans Care for Children
P.S. To learn more about this transition and read a letter from Kara to the Texas Early Care and Education Coalitionclick here.
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