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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Spring Has Sprung at IEAS!
IEAS - International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

April, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

 Spring Brings Special Tours!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at IEAS with the arrival of spring bringing all sorts of excitement! In the past month, the area’s Spring Break meant we had lots oftours. These generous visitors totaled over 500 people in just one week! It was an amazing series of tours, with perfect weather and animals that were eager and happy to be out in the sun, saying hello to the friendly faces. We even gave our first VIRTUAL tour to students at the Palisades Episcopal School in Charlotte, NC. The class ofsecond graders, currently studying Life Cycles, was able to meet a number of the IEAS residents and learn about the endangered species that live at the Sanctuary! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to spread the word about the importance of these animals and their wild cousins to these eager and excited young students. Because of the distance, they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to see these incredible animals, but Skype made it possible!

Interns Helping IEAS!

The newest interns at IEAS are finished with their first three weeks of training and are diving right into the daily routines and projects here at IEAS. They recently took part in their first Intern Class, Grant and Proposal Writing. This class teaches interns the ins and outs of writing to companies, individuals, foundations, and organizations in the hopes of receiving monetary aid or products to help the Sanctuary. During these difficult economic times, most requests are not met with favorable results. However, in the past few intern sessions alone, intern letters to companies and foundations have successfully yielded several monetary donations, a new wheelbarrow, EZ-Patch (for repairing pools), fire extinguisher covers, and a scale! It’s so wonderful to have received thesegifts from the amazingly generous companies and foundations they came from and we can’t thank them enough! 

Big Cat Scat!

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start thinking about your garden! Here at IEAS, we want to help! We know you do all you can to avoid those pesky garden pests getting into your prized plants. Did you know the Sanctuary has just the thing to keep them safe? Researchers in Australia have shown that the scat of a tiger (being a predator) sprinkled in your garden deters pests! Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of tiger poo here at the Sanctuary and not-so-lucky for IEAS interns, it is sun-dried and ground up by hand into a powder that you can buy by the gallon! It may be smelly but it works! To put in your order, call 940-433-5091. Don’t forget that we CAN mail the Big Cat Scat to you!


Birthdays to Celebrate!


Female Bengal Tiger

Born April 1, 1994

Arrived April 1, 1994


Kashmere is a very special girl! She has such a sweet disposition and loves a visit with a friend. There is little that Kashmere enjoys more than lying in the sun with a trusted visitor nearby. You can truly see how content she is because of her relaxed attitude and friendly chuffs!  


Female Bengal Tiger

Born April 1, 1994

Arrived April 1, 1994


Khera is actually the sister of Kashmere (above)! She is very true to her April Fool’s Day birthday. She loves to play games and joke around, particularly in the morning. Khera always puts her favorite toy, her tire, in the gate of her house each morning. This prevents us from lowering her house gate for feeding. As such, we have to use her mid-gate to lock her out of her house. She gets an extra piece of chicken when she does this so it is her favorite joke to play!  


Female Bobcat

Born April 13, 2008

Arrived May 12, 2008


Tricia is one of the Sanctuary’s tiniest bobcats. She lives in a spacious habitat with Chrissy, another female bobcat. These two love to relax up high in their trees and on their perches during the day, but in the evenings, a trusted visitor will be greeted with meowing and rubbing on the fence! 

Allie Kat and Rasul

White Bengal Tigers

Born April 21, 2005

Arrived June 20, 2005


These two beautiful tigers were confiscated as they were being smuggled across the Mexican border to be sold to a drug dealer. So close to a potentially terrible life, the two have taken full advantage of their home at IEAS. They are very playful and love their caretakers. Most often, these two will be found playing with their favorite boomer balls in their pool or lounging in their waterfall! 


Female Lion

Born April 30, 1996

Arrived November 1, 1996


Nala is one of the three female lions living at the Sanctuary. She is very playful and very affectionate. After starting her life as a pet, she suffered from severe osteoporosis and was barely able to lift her head upon arrival at IEAS. She has made such a recovery since then and can be found running around her habitat, playing with her favorite red ball, or lounging on her high perches in the sun! 

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