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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Philosophy Dialogue Series considers ‘Freedom, Technological Change’
Texas State University

March, 2012

The Texas State University-San Marcos Department of Philosophy presents a series of themed dialogue events taking place from March 26-30. Unless noted otherwise, all dialogue events are held in the Dialogue Room 132 at the Psychology Building. All dialogues are free and open to the public.



The discussion topic for Week 6 of the Philosophy Dialogue Series is Freedom, Responsibility and Technological change.



March 26



The Challenge of Technological Determinism



11 a.m., Craig Hanks, philosophy





March 27



Neuroscience and Personal Responsibility 



12:30 p.m., Ty Lasater, Tommy Newman and Marie Pierre, philosophy students





March 28



Science, Technology and Ethics 



11 a.m., Vincent Luizzi, philosophy 





March 28



Panel Discussion: Freedom, Responsibility and Technological Change



12:30 p.m., Vivek Sharma, LEEP AP (moderator), construction science and management and the department of engineering technology





March 28



Microcosm vs. Macrocosm: Mayan and Hindu Calendar: Predictions for 2012



2 p.m., Linda Mackey, religion and philosophy





March 29



AI, Genetic Engineering and the Blurring of Personhood



12:30 p.m., Luke Davis and Lauren Redding, philosophy students 





March 30



Sustainability Dialogues



10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Ronald Hagelman, geography





March 30



Talk of the Times



1 p.m., led by Phi Sigma Tau





Sponsors of the Philosophy Dialogue Series include: the American Democracy Project, the College of Liberal Arts, Common Experience, the Gina Weatherhead Dialogue Fund, the New York Times, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Phi Sigma Tau, University Seminar, the University Honors Program, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs.



For more information about this topic, please contact Beverly Pairett in the Department of Philosophy at (512) 245-2285 or email A complete schedule of discussion topics and presentations can be found at


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