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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Wishing You a Lucky March!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

March, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Spring is here!


Here at the Sanctuary, we love spring. Spring brings great temperatures, lots of tours, and some playful and active bears and felines. The Grizzly bears have woken up from hibernation, the cats spend more time lounging in the sun, new interns have arrived and everyone is feeling great!


This spring, the Sanctuary’s Education Program is ready for lots of outreach! We have plenty of school tours booked (providing conservation education for school children), several off-site presentations are in the works (to gain support for the cats and bears of IEAS), and we are even in the process of setting up some video tours and presentations (via Skype) with schools across the country! We are particularly excited about that last part, as it will give us the opportunity to spread the word about these amazing animals and the conservation needs of their wild cousins, as well as introduce our unique Emotional Enrichment Program, to students from all over who would not have the chance to visit them otherwise! We can’t wait to see what spring has in store for the animals of IEAS. With the beautiful weather ahead, we hope to see YOU out at the Sanctuary visiting your favorite furry friends here in Texas.  

Thor and Scoundrel Updates!

It’s been some time since our last update on these two residents, and they have both come such a long way since then!

Thor, as you know, has been moved into his permanent habitat, becoming a neighbor to Duchess, Luna, Raja, Allie, and Rasul. Duchess, another cougar and Thor’s closest neighbor, seems to be rubbing off on him.  She is always a very instinctual cougar, prowling and stalking when someone walks by her. She loves the game of “hide from the keepers.” Thor, after carefully watching her for weeks, seems to be learning a great deal from her! It is almost as if, from across the road, Duchess is acting as a surrogate mother, teaching Thor some cougar-like behaviors!

, the black bear cub who arrived with Thor several months ago, has now joined other American black bear residents of IEAS in Bear Orphanage, a ten acre, naturalistic habitat. He spent some time adjusting to the new area and meeting his roommates through the fence in one of the holding areas of Bear Orphanage. Now, Scoundrel has been let out into his five acres, and he has spent lots of time taking in his surroundings. He loves being able to climb trees and spends his afternoons lounging up in the high branches!


March Birthdays!


Male American Black Bear

Born: March 4, 2011

Arrived: October 18, 2011

Scoundrel is one of the newest residents of IEAS and is certainly one of the cutest. His beady little eyes will win you over in an instant. He has really gained confidence since his initial arrival at IEAS and is growing into a strong, secure bear. He is loving his life in Bear Orphanage, spending lots of time lounging in the trees!



Male Jaguar

Born: March 6, 1993

Arrived: May 1, 1993


Domino is the only jaguar living at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, and he certainly does the species proud. He is a very instinctual animal. He is certainly a hunter, and his senses are extremely keen. Domino is very difficult to gain the trust of but once he decides you are a friend, his visits are some of the most rewarding you could have!



Female Bobcat

Born: March 17, 2008

Arrived: May 12, 2008


Chrissy is a playful little bobcat. True to a bobcat’s nature, she loves to lounge high up in the trees with her best friend, Tricia, keeping a close eye on her surroundings. In the evenings, however, she always comes down to explore her habitat, play with her toys, and visit with trusted caregivers. Little meows can be heard from Chrissy and Tricia as you approach their habitat for a visit!



Female Lion

Born: March 17, 1992

Arrived: June 1, 1992


Gedi is a special lioness. She is extremely regal and very affectionate with those she trusts. Though she is most often very poised, our favorite moments with Gedi are those during which she lets loose and has fun. She loves to play with her toys, particularly her tires and firehose ball, and there are few things more enjoyable to watch than Gedi running around her habitat playfully!



Male Lion

Born: March 19, 1995

Arrived: March 1, 1996

Ron is one of the IEAS residents who it takes time to gain the trust of. He is always very aware of our actions and behaviors, and he is always auditioning us to see if we are to be trusted. Once he accepts you into his “pride,” he is extremely affectionate and caring. There are none, however, that Ron cares more for than his tire. He always keeps it nearby and protects it from any potential harm!

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