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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Shumla School

February, 2012

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 Volume 4, Number 1       

February 16, 2012  

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SHUMLA IT Internship
SHUMLA Wish List
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SHUMLA Marks Spring 2012
with New Programming

The spring of 2012 is shaping up to be one of the busiest seasons of programming in SHUMLA's history.  "We have over 25 days of education programming on the books," stated Deputy Director Andrew Freeman.  "Anyone who has visited or participated in one of SHUMLA's education programs knows that this is a very significant commitment.  Between developing, implementing and assessing programs, education staff is really excited by the scope of what we're accomplishing." 

Del Rio fourth graders practice atlatl skills at SHUMLA's campus.

New program development has been a major focus for staff.  While SHUMLA will continue to operate education programs at the outdoor campus, there will be a greater degree of variation in programming type.  New initiatives include a series of taxonomy exercises for students from Comstock and programs with behavioral and interpersonal focal points for students from at-risk school districts along the border.

SHUMLA Education Director Val Varner coordinates students during SHUMLA's first Discovery Challenge in 2011. Thanks to foundation support, eight border-area schools will be able to participate in this programming during 2012.

Assistant Deputy Director Jeanette Pauer is optimistic about the growth of new programming. "SHUMLA staff is re-imagining what archeological education programs can be," Pauer stated.  "While we're implementing programs this spring, we'll also be on the road visiting schools and working with our foundation partners to find new ways to bring the SHUMLA experience to students throughout Texas and the U.S."


Schools interested in booking programs can contact Pauer at                     

SHUMLA IT Intern Position Announced

SHUMLA's 2011 Texas Archeology Society symposium (reported in the October eNews) did more than simply provide an overview of SHUMLA's on-going projects to professional and avocational archeologists throughout the state.  It also sent the message that SHUMLA's operations are increasing in technical complexity and sophistication in a way envisioned only by SHUMLA's staff and board. 

Systems and Database Administrator Ben Dwyer demonstrates some of the challenges of working with SHUMLA's server. Staff has been feeding it data around the clock, but its hunger is growing.
To support this growth, SHUMLA has created an Information Technology Intern position.  The IT Intern will gain an exciting opportunity to learn alongside SHUMLA's staff while supporting the organization's information technology initiatives.
Applicants should review the position description, and email a CV and cover letter to   

SHUMLA Wish List Created
Starting in January, each eNews will be concluded by SHUMLA's wish list.  The wish list will be updated frequently to reflect small items that will help with streamlining SHUMLA's research and education work. 
Before each eNews, staff will discuss pressing needs and determine updates to the wish list.
For the first installment of the wish list, staff decided to focus on books that would be useful additions to SHUMLA's research library.  Each installment of the eNews will feature expanded and/or updated versions of the wish list. 

2012 Wishlist:


SHUMLA / PO Box 627 / 117 Sanderson / Comstock, TX 78837 USA    432-292-4848 

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