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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

February, 2012



Love, Peace and Suicide: The Loss of Soul Train's Visionary Creator, Don Cornelius

Hogg Blog

February 3, 2012


... On February 1, 2012, what marks the beginning of Black History Month, I learned of the sad news that Don Cornelius ended his life. Being a mental health professional, it breaks my heart every time I hear of suicide. Some people are probably thinking, "How could Don Cornelius choose to end the very life that had opened doors for the music careers of so many African Americans and historically changed the music scene in America?" The anguish, disconnection and mental turmoil that lead someone to take his or her life is devastating. In an attempt to make the pain of an untreated mental illness end, thousands of Americans see suicide as the only way out. 



NRCHMH Announces 2012 Shining Lights Honorees

National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health

February 2, 2012


The National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health congratulates the 2012 winners of the Shining Lights: Outstanding Leaders for a Brighter Future for Hispanics Awards Gala. ...Excellence in Hispanic Mental Health Advocacy and Leadership: Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., MD, MPH, MBA, Executive Director, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. 





Texas readies a new weapon against 'doctor shopping' for prescription drugs

Austin American-Statesman

February 2, 2012


As prescription drug abuse increases, Texas is readying a new weapon to catch patients who "doctor shop" for multiple prescriptions and physicians who prescribe too many painkillers. The Texas Department of Public Safety has been collecting prescription histories of Texans for years, but by this summer the data are expected to be online so doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officials can more quickly identify the patients abusing pain medications and the medical establishments profiting from the drug trade. 



Health Science Center to offer nursing practice doctorate

San Antonio Express-News

February 1, 2012


Nurses in South Texas will have the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio beginning in fall 2012. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved the new degree on Jan. 26. 



Bullied Out of School - Caldwell Teens Cry Out for Help


February 2, 2012


Bullying can be devastating to children, studies show it can have short and long lasting effects, including depression and suicide. Many school districts in our area say they have adopted a zero tolerance towards bullying. ... This is the code the Caldwell Independent School District says it lives by. But this teen claims even after perpetually filling out what the district calls a "bully report," the problem persisted. 



Judge delays Ft. Hood suspect's trial

KVUE - Austin

February 3, 2012


FORT HOOD, Texas -- A military judge on Thursday decided to delay the murder trial for the Army psychiatrist charged in the Fort Hood shooting rampage. ... Hasan's defense team also argued an expert needed more time to investigate Hasan's life. The expert's job is to fight against the death penalty. He is checking into Hasan's personal, professional, academic, medical, and mental history. 



Judge orders mental evaluation for combative air passenger

Houston Chronicle

February 2, 2012


At the request of his own lawyer, a Miami man accused of disrupting a flight and forcing it to make an unscheduled stop in San Antonio has been ordered to be examined by a psychiatrist. 





Marine fights conviction for suicide attempt, says it contradicts push to reduce suicides

Washington Post

February 2, 2012


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A discharged Marine private who slit his wrists in a suicide attempt is fighting his military conviction for deliberately injuring himself, arguing the punishment is inconsistent with the armed forces' efforts to battle a rise in suicides during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 



Psychologist believes Loughner's still incompetent

Houston Chronicle

February 2, 2012


PHOENIX (AP) - A psychologist believes that the suspect in the Tucson shooting rampage that left then-U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords wounded has an improved mental state but remains incompetent to stand trial, a federal judge said in a court filing Thursday. 





Health law delivers $2.1 billion in savings on drugs for seniors

Los Angeles Times

February 2, 2012


Reporting from Washington - In the first full year of the new healthcare law, 3.6 million people in the government Medicare program saved $2.1 billion on prescription drugs in 2011, the Obama administration announced Thursday.,0,4302021.story 



Vt. House approves redesign for mental health

Boston Globe

February 3, 2012


MONTPELIER (AP) - The Vermont House approved a sweeping overhaul of the state's mental health system yesterday, a move set in motion when Tropical Storm Irene flooded the government complex in Waterbury that included the Vermont State Hospital. 





In Haiti's complicated recovery, local efforts shine

Chicago Tribune

February 3, 2012


Two years after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people in Haiti, scenes of desperation remain. ... Mental illness, brought by lingering trauma from the destruction, remains a challenge, officials say.,0,3541334.story 





Facebook: Is this any place for the not-so-self-assured to make friends?

Los Angeles Times

February 3, 2012


... A new study, set to be published in the journal Psychological Science, explored the dynamics of friendship on Facebook to see what benefits or pitfalls the site might offer to a population that could use the propping up of a few new friends: those who think poorly of themselves, fear judgment by others and are prone to social isolation and depression.,0,2663990.story 



Could a Blood Test Help Spot Depression?


February 3, 2012


Depression can be a tough condition to diagnose accurately, but new research suggests that someday a blood test might help. 



Depression symptoms common in schizophrenia patients

MedWire News

February 3, 2012


Clinically relevant symptoms of depression are common in schizophrenia patients who have not been diagnosed with the mood disorder, results from a Spanish study suggest. 



Gene Regulator in Brain's Executive Hub Tracked Across Lifespan - NIH study

National Institute of Mental Health

February 3, 2012


For the first time, scientists have tracked the activity, across the lifespan, of an environmentally responsive regulatory mechanism that turns genes on and off in the brain's executive hub. Among key findings of the study by National Institutes of Health scientists: genes implicated in schizophrenia and autism turn out to be members of a select club of genes in which regulatory activity peaks during an environmentally-sensitive critical period in development. 



Chinese version of MDQ effective for BD screening

MedWire News

February 3, 2012


The Chinese version of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ-C) is an effective screening tool for bipolar disorder (BD) among patients who have experienced a major depressive episode, say researchers. 





Register Today for the 2012 Central Texas African American Family Support Conference

Austin Travis County Integral Care


Join us for this outstanding community event featuring two nationally recognized keynotes Lucille O'Neal and Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson. Attendees will have access to a long list of presenters and topics on mental health, developmental disabilities, chemical dependency and physical health issues. We'll also be hosting the annual awards presentation for community members who have shown outstanding leadership, encouragement and advocacy. Registration is free for consumers and family members. Peer support specialists can apply for certified peer support specialist CEUs. Thursday, Feb. 16 and Friday, Feb. 17, 2012 at the Hilton Austin Hotel. 



Get Involved: Speak Up for Kids 2012

Child Mind Institute


Speak Up for Kids is a nationwide campaign to spread the word about the signs and symptoms of psychiatric and learning disroders in children and teens. During National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week (May 6-12, 2012), schools and community centers around the country will host events and invite mental health professionals to give talks to parents and educators. Speak Up for Kids provides a wonderful opportunity to spotlight your organization's work, and help to improve mental health care for children in your community. If you are affiliated with a school or community center, join us by organizing a talk at your venue. We've created a toolkit to help you participate in Speak Up for Kids. 



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