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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Lots of Valentine's Day Love from IEAS!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

February, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Lots of Love at IEAS

Happy February from the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary! February is often considered the month of love, with Valentine's Day being the perfect time for everyone to express their affections! Here at the Sanctuary, we have 64 big cats and bears who are surrounded by too much love to squeeze into just one month!                                                                    
It is probably not hard for you to imagine the amount of love we feel for the animals in our care, and it is so worth celebrating and recognizing. Every day, we are reminded of just how fortunate we are.
It only takes one look at Shauna, ever so contently walking around swinging her favorite tire on her nose, or one affectionate moan from Titan as you walk by, to warm your heart. It is sights and sounds such as these that make every last bit of our work worth all of the time, effort, and energy.

We have the opportunity to be the "Valentines" of these absolutely incredible animals every day, so this year, on February 14th, will YOU be their Valentine? Show them your love this February in any way you can, from a simple visit, an adoption, or a donation. Every day, we see what YOUR love does for these animals, and you can bet they appreciate and benefit from it!   
Looking for a SPECIAL gift for that SPECIAL someone?! We've got it!
In purchasing a gift from IEAS, you can make your
sweetheart AND the Sanctuary animals happy!
100% of profits from these sales go DIRECTLY to the IEAS cats and bears!
Click HERE to check out some gift ideas!
Put your order in by February 10th and get your gift by February 14th!

UPDATE: Thor and Scoundrel

There have been some big changes for the two newest residents of IEAS in the past month! Each of these two young males has made his way from a temporary quarantine habitat, to a permanent home. Thor, an almost seven month old cougar cub, was the first to make the big move. For such a young cub, he was one of the bravest we have ever had to move! He was very calm in the transport cage and, unlike most, he walked out into his habitat for the first time and immediately began exploring. He took almost no time to settle in, climbing trees, playing with his new toys, and lounging on his perches in the sun. Now that some time has passed, he has really begun to come into his own. He has transformed into a confident cougar and seems to be getting bigger every single day! 

Scoundrel, being an American black bear, has been rather sleepy for the past few weeks. The cold weather has set him and all of the other bear residents of IEAS into their slowest seasonal pace and he has been doing a whole lot of sleeping. With all of the other bears doing the same, it was a great time for Scoundrel to start his life in Bear Orphanage. He will spend his first month or so in a separate holding area to adjust to the surroundings and meet his new roommates through a fence. Dakar, Meyote, Lucky, Lucy, Rowdy, Rascal, and Pixie seem eager to see the little guy and, though he was nervous at first, he is really enjoying the space and environment that the new, natural habitat provides for him! We can't wait to see how he continues to adjust to this move, and we'll be sure to keep you updated!

Let's Celebrate!
February Birthdays

Male American Black Bear
Born February 4, 2008
Rescued November 19, 2008

Lucky is a very sweet young bear, who, almost immediately upon his arrival, fell in love with Lucy, a female American black bear at IEAS. The two are inseparable, and Lucky is sure to stick close to her side at all times. Lucky doesn't trust anyone as much as he trusts Lucy, but he tends to find comfort in a few of his favorite human companions!

Female Bengal Tiger
Born February 14, 1993
Rescued January 1, 1998

Isabella is one of the most instinctual residents of IEAS. She is very active and very playful, always running circles around her companion, Big John. When she decides it's time to take a break from being rambunctious, her favorite activity is lounging with John on her perch in the warm sun. Isabella is a favorite to watch with new enrichment items, as she will never disappoint with her playful antics! 

Male American Black Bear
Born February 15, 1993
Rescued October 9, 2007

Bill was the first bear rescued by IEAS. He had been living in such awful conditions that we knew something had to be done. Since his arrival, Bill quickly won the hearts of Sanctuary staff. He tends to keep to himself, very understandably after his upbringing, but has truly come leaps and bounds since his arrival. He trusts his caretakers more and more all the time, and we continue to find new things that Bill loves. Recently, we have found that he loves turkey necks!

Rowdy, Rascal, & Pixie
American Black Bears
Born February 18, 2009
Rescued June 16, 2009

These three siblings have really grown up in the past year! After making the move to the adult side of Bear Orphanage, they each really came into their own. They are still very playful and have found new companions in their new home, particular in Lucky! He really gets along well with all three of these bears, and they seem very happy to have a fourth member of their group! 

Male Bengal Tiger
Born February 28, 1999
Rescued August 15, 2011

Danvir is one of the most recent arrivals at IEAS. He arrived with Sajani, a female Bengal tiger, and the two took no time at all to win us over. They are two of the most affectionate tigers at IEAS, always eager to greet a trusted friend with a chuff and rub on the fence. Danvir always looks his best when he is laying on his favorite high perch, looking out over his surroundings!

Male American Black Bear
Born February 28, 2009
Rescued January 15, 2010

Scamp is one of the three young bears that make up the popular trio in Bear Orphanage. He, Scooter, and Greta are usually some of the stars of the tours, always putting on a good, playful show. Scamp is the big brother of the group. He takes good care of his adopted brother and sister! 

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