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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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The Nominating Committee File Folder
Robert C. Harris, CAE

February, 2010

The Nominating Committee is the often the most important committee. The selection of leaders will have an influence on the organization for years to come. Its role is to fill board vacancies by identifying qualified candidates.

For efficient administration, the Nominating Committee file folder should be carefully maintained. When a committee chair is appointed, you'll be ready to share the folder and how its contents can help with their responsibilities.

Here's what makes up an effective committee folder:

  • Excerpt from the bylaws --- describes the make-up of the board, role, terms and guidelines for the directors, and role of the Nominating Committee as described in the bylaws.
  • Table or graph of board seats --- by providing a table of the whole board, the committee can view which directors serve multiple terms, what constituencies or geographic areas they represent, and when terms expire (especially helpful with staggered terms.)
  • Roster of members --- the committee will need to know from where to consider their pool of candidates; staff can help by providing a roster of members in good standing, volunteers, members qualified to serve or other selection criteria.
  • Set of skills sought --- every board has a set of skills needed by the board, including good fundraisers, listeners, persons with name recognition, visionaries, good business skills, etc. Identify your "ideal board" and include it in the file.
  • Board commitment form --- a description of what is expected, including ethical considerations. The committee should have the nominees sign it before submitting the names.
  • Board profile sheet --- a data form seeking contact information, spouse name, preferences for travel, ADA needs, etc. (If directors are reimbursed consider including the policy and a sample reimbursement form.)
  • Installation speech --- customize one for the organization or at a minimum add several samples for the volunteer to use who learns at the last minute they must perform the duty.
  • Sample ballot --- include a sample so the committee knows what the ballot will look like and won't be surprised by its set-up.
By developing the Nominating Committee file folder, staff will save time, maintain consistency and more effectively assist the committee in their responsibility.


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