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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

January, 2012



Psychologists question mandatory reporter law

Austin American-Statesman

January 22, 2012


Mental health providers have questioned for years whether child abuse reporting laws apply to adult patients who talk about their childhood problems in therapy. Now the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists wants the attorney general's office to weigh in on the issue. ...Texas' mandatory reporter law requires certain professionals to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the proper authorities within 48 hours of a disclosure. The law applies to doctors, teachers, clergy members and other professionals. Mental health providers have been obligated to report since 1995. 



In Travis County, Aging Foster Children Find Aid

Texas Tribune

January 20, 2012


More than 16,000 children are in foster care in Texas. And when those children become adults, they're often left to fend for themselves. But as Nathan Bernier of KUT News reports, the amount of help available to foster children in Travis County is on the rise. 



Homeless Count Determines Level Of Funding

KUHFM - Houston

January 23, 2012


...It wasn't that long ago that a generic profile of a homeless person in Houston could be determined. Gary Grier with the Coalition for the Homeless says it's not that easy now. "There's so many contributing factors. We certainly know that the number one factor is loss of job, but also domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse. There are the high prevalence of disability among the homeless." Last January, the census found more than 8,500 men, women and children were homeless, compared with over 6,800 in 2010. 



JPS doctor to serve as adviser for Medicare and Medicaid innovation center

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

January 23, 2012


...Medicare and Medicaid payment rules are complex and frustrating, he said. ... As a result, patients feel rushed through appointments, physicians are less inclined to practice family medicine, primary care becomes harder to find and more costly emergency services are needed for patients down the line, he said. ...Young envisions a system where doctors are paid to be thorough and patients are encouraged to spend more time with their doctors. Patients would be healthier and less likely to make unnecessary trips to the emergency room. 



Feds raid former state lawmaker's business

The Monitor

January 19, 2012


MISSION - Federal and state investigators raided a healthcare agency Thursday belonging to former state Rep. Sergio Muñoz Sr., who serves as president of the Texas Healthcare Advocacy Association. 



Art program empowers women with history of abuse

Pro 8 News

January 20, 2012


They've been physically and verbally abused and in many cases have lost their self esteem. But for women who sought help at Casa Misericordia strength is slowly returning. And as our Annette Garcia reports the courage is coming back with the help of a paintbrush. 



Patient allegedly assaults mental health employee

Your Conroe News

January 23, 2012


A 29-year-old mental health patient allegedly assaulted a 66-year-old employee at the Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility. ...The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office is reviewing the case to decide whether it will accept assault charges because the patient was on medication at the time, Smart said. Facility Administrator Stephen Anfinson said the facility helps inmates from county correctional facilities who are incompetent to stand trial. 



Mental problems, alcohol cited in Beaumont standoff

Beaumont Enterprise

January 22, 2012


A Beaumont woman was persuaded to peacefully surrender after a SWAT standoff that blocked a stretch of Laurel Avenue for about three hours Sunday night. ...The man told officers that mental illness and alcohol were involved and that the woman didn't need to be arrested, she needed treatment.



Dog cruelty lands S.A. man behind bars

San Antonio Express-News

January 20, 2012


A San Antonio man accused of repeatedly bashing his wife's pet schnauzer against a wall during a marital spat, then spiking the dog like a football, was sentenced Friday to two years in a state jail facility. ...Rodriguez has been diagnosed with severe attention deficit hyperactive disorder since childhood and spent time in a private mental health facility, said a psychologist called by the defense. His condition has caused him to act impulsively and be less mature than others his age, she said. 





Sobering Report Describes Trends in Deaths of Abused and Neglected Children

New York Times

January 20, 2012


The child who came to be known as Case No. 95-2011-00009 was the fourth born into a home where abuse and neglect were practically a family tradition. The mother, who was both a victim and perpetrator of the abuse, had used cocaine. She suffered from mental illness. And she repeatedly refused treatment, even knowing that keeping her family intact depended on it. 



When It Comes To Depression, Serotonin Isn't The Whole Story


January 23, 2012


... "Chemical imbalance is sort of last-century thinking. It's much more complicated than that," says Dr. Joseph Coyle, a professor of neuroscience at Harvard Medical School. "It's really an outmoded way of thinking." Coyle, who is also the editor of the journal General Archives of Psychiatry, says that though serotonin plays a role in depression, low serotonin is likely not the cause of depression. Scientific thinking has clearly shifted, he says. 



Experts Consider Changing the Definition of Autism

New York Times

January 20, 2012


Autism, as a psychiatric disorder, is defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (D.S.M.), published by the American Psychiatric Association (A.P.A.), which covers all mental health disorders for both children and adults. ... A proposed change in that definition would eliminate Asperger's syndrome and "pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified" from the diagnosis, and in the process remove up to a million people, statistically, from the numbers of those diagnosed with autism. 



Quinn asks for trust on closing facilities; savings small compared to Ill. deficit

Chicago Tribune

January 22, 2012


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Gov. Pat Quinn is launching a major push to move mentally ill and disabled people out of institutions and into communities. That means big changes for hundreds of people in state care, economic blows to the towns where facilities will be closed and turmoil for the government employees losing their jobs.,0,4784657.story 



Minn. attorney general sues collection agency, saying it failed to keep patient data private

Chicago Tribune

January 19, 2012


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Attorney General Lori Swanson sued a debt collection agency that works with two Minnesota hospitals on Thursday, saying it failed to keep health care records for tens of thousands of patients confidential and did not tell patients just how much it was involved in their health care. ... "A mental health disorder ... can subject patients to stigma. A physical disorder can disqualify people for jobs. HIV status can subject people to discrimination," Swanson said.,0,183332.story 



Relatives want answers on why woman with mental health issue died in jail hunger strike

Chicago Tribune

January 21, 2012


... An attorney for the 52-year-old woman, a citizen of India, said she was suffering from mental health problems, and friends and relatives said she'd been acting erratically in recent months. But jail officials said she showed no signs of mental illness when she began the hunger strike. Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran defended the jail's record of dealing with troubled inmates, saying: "Prisons have become the dumping ground for the mentally ill ... We probably handle these situations better than most.",0,4571943.story 





Health overhaul lags in states

Associated Press

January 22, 2012


WASHINGTON (AP) - Here's a reality check for President Barack Obama's health overhaul: Three out of four uninsured Americans live in states that have yet to figure out how to deliver on its promise of affordable medical care. 



Should Everyone Be Required to Have Health Insurance?

Wall Street Journal

January 23, 2012


It is one of the most contentious issues in U.S. politics today: the federal health-care law's requirement that everybody have health insurance or pay a penalty. 



Can Accountable-Care Organizations Improve Health Care While Reducing Costs?

Wall Street Journal

January 23, 2012


It's often said that the main method of paying health-care providers-with a fee for each service-results in increased and wasteful spending. Such a system, its critics say, rewards providers just for doing more procedures, rather than for providing efficient and high-quality care. 



Advocates Demand Clarity About Options For Patients In Financial Need

Kaiser Health News

January 20th, 2012


Many Americans continue to struggle with the high cost of medical care, unaware that non-profit hospitals are required to provide information about potential financial assistance or relief. But, a provision in the 2010 health law seeks to clarify what help hospitals should offer. 



Policy Paper: New Federal Policy Initiatives To Boost Health Literacy Can Help The Nation Move Beyond The Cycle Of Costly 'Crisis Care'

Health Affairs

January 18, 2012


Bethesda, MD -- Most Americans struggle to understand health information and navigate the health care system, which can lead to preventable hospitalizations, greater use of emergency care, and reduced overall health status. To avoid costly "crisis care," both health professionals and organizations must consider Americans' health literacy skills-that is, their capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions. 





Why all Virginians should care about the overuse of solitary confinement

Washington Post

January 20, 2012


This summer, we did something few legislators get the opportunity to do: We toured Virginia's maximum security prison. This is where Virginia keeps its most dangerous prisoners or, as they are sometimes referred to as, "the worst of the worst." We would like to take you through our experience and offer recommendations to help reform the state's prison system. 



Who Else Is Paying Your Doctor?

New York Times

January 20, 2012


It took longer than expected, but the Obama administration is finally poised to enact badly needed regulations requiring that the manufacturers of drugs, medical devices and medical supplies disclose all payments they make to doctors or teaching hospitals. The information, which would be posted on a government Web site, will allow patients to decide whether they need to worry about any possible conflicts of interest. 





Anxiety, other disorders more common in autism

Chicago Tribune

January 23, 2012


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Autism tends to go hand in hand with a variety of other mental and behavioral conditions in kids, suggests a new study that highlights the fuzzy nature of autism diagnoses themselves.,0,2107556.story 



Link Between PCE In Drinking Water And An Increased Risk Of Mental Illness

Medical News Today

January 23, 2012


The solvent tetrachloroethylene (PCE) widely used in industry and to dry clean clothes is a neurotoxin known to cause mood changes, anxiety, and depression in people who work with it. To date the long-term effect of this chemical on children exposed to PCE has been less clear, although there is some evidence that children of people who work in the dry cleaning industry have an increased risk of schizophrenia. 



Musical therapy is making breakthroughs

Los Angeles Times

January 22, 2012


... Machover's team took Hyperscore to Tewksbury Hospital outside of Boston, which serves patients with severe physical and mental disabilities, including the homeless. The residents, many of whom were physically unable to communicate or were otherwise uncommunicative, discovered their inner composer. Through Hyperscore they found they could express themselves in a way that bypassed language. A few patients with hopeless prognoses and no meaningful life had significant enough changes in their pathology that they could actually think about at least partial recovery. Some found a decrease in auditory and visual hallucinations.,0,6575574.story 



DKK1 levels elevated in psychosis patients with comorbid drug abuse

Med Wire News

January 23, 2012


Results from an Italian study show that drug abuse is associated with increased serum levels of the protein Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) in patients with psychosis. 



Vascular function 'not impaired' in young BD patients

Med Wire News

January 23, 2012


US researchers have found no evidence for impaired vascular function among relatively young patients with bipolar disorder (BD). The findings, published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, suggest that the previously reported increased risk for cardiovascular disease among BD patients occurs later in the course of illness, or may be a result of behavioural factors, such as smoking. 





NAMI FaithNet Newsletter

National Alliance on Mental Illness

January 2012


In this issue:

  • A Jewish Understanding of Renewed Relationships
  • NAMI STAR Center Faith-based Initiatives 





Piper Charitable Trust Awards $10 Million to Arizona State University

Philanthropy News Digest

January 23, 2012


Arizona State University has announced a five-year, $10 million grant from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust to establish a strategic investment fund that supports efforts to improve all aspects of healthcare delivery.;jsessionid=ZHA4KO44UBC5HLAQBQ4CGW15AAAACI2F?id=367800031


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