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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Happy 2012 from IEAS!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

January, 2012

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Happy New Year from IEAS!

We hope that the first few days of 2012 have set your year off to a great start! Here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, we are eager to see what 2012 will bring. In the past year, we have been so fortunate as to welcome nine new animals home to the Sanctuary. Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, Titan, Danvir, Sajani, Thor, and Scoundrel all secured themselves a little place in our hearts in 2011 and we are sure that they will stay there forever!


Without your amazing support, we couldn’t have such wonderful years as 2011. It is your kindness and generosity that allow us to rescue these animals in need and give them the life that they deserve. We just know that the animals of IEAS have the most incredible group of supporters and we hope to continue to be a part of your lives in 2012! With your help, we will be ready for anything that comes our way in the new year!

The First Treat of the Year!

We want to start this year off right with one of the favorite enrichment items of the big cats and bears living at IEAS – Christmas trees! We have spent the last few weeks collecting trees from all over the area. Now, after some great donations, we have a huge pile of evergreen fun for some very eager animals – and we are just as excited as them! Last year, these trees were a huge hit. They were batted around, torn up, thrown in the air, and pounced on by the cats, while they were mostly cuddled with by the bears. Apparently they make great bedding for the bears’ dens!

We can’t wait to start handing out all of these trees and we want YOU to be a part of it! We will be posting as many pictures and videos as we can on our Facebook page, so be sure that you “like” it so you can see them! You’ll also get to see lots of your favorite furry friends and what they’re up to!


January Birthdays!

Wendy, Willie, Papa Bear, and George
European Brown Bears
Born January 6, 2006
Arrived July 11, 2007


These four rambunctious European brown bears are often times the stars of the Sanctuary tour! When they weather is right, these siblings love to romp and wrestle in there pool causing quite a splash - literally! They have grown up into some big kids, very playful and very active, except of course in the winter time! They often sleep their birthday away, but we like to celebrate anyway! 

American Black Bear
Born January 6, 2008
Arrived February 25, 2009

Lucy is an extraordinarily sweet bear. She greets her most trusted friends with an affectionate moan. She loves to spend time with her human companions, but prefers to spend the majority of her time with her best friend, an American black bear named Lucky. The two are inseparable and we are sure that we will see Lucky keeping Lucy company on her birthday, snuggled up together in a cave!

Born January 18, 2004
Arrived August 2008

Billy is the Sanctuary's only caracal and he makes the rest of his species proud! He is a very proud cat and extremely handsome! He spends his days with his companion, a serval named Barbara. The two cats were raised together and get along wonderfully! We are sure to find them cuddling on Billy's birthday, though he will probably come visit if he sees one of his favorite friends! 

Dakar and Meyote
American Black Bears
Born January 21, 2007
Arrived August 27, 2007

Dakar and Meyote were the first residents of Bear Orphanage. They started their lives as brother and sister and still love to spend all day together! The two are always within sniffing distance of each other and are guaranteed to be snuggling on their birthday! They most often spend their winters with as much hay as they possibly can tucked all around them! 

Luna and Raja
African Servals
Born January 21, 2002
Arrived June 28, 2007

Luna and Raja are two gorgeous servals. They are full of spunk and personality! The two are at their most affectionate in the evenings. They will always march right over to visit a trusted friend and sit down for a while. During the day, they love nothing more than a piece of chicken! They run right over as soon as they see it, eager for the treat!

African Lion
Born January 22, 1993
Arrived September 1994

Shauna is one of the oldest residents of the Sanctuary, BUT she is also one of the most playful! She loves nothing more than a crazy romp around her habitat with all of her toys. She twirls on her tire swing, plays soccer with her boomer balls, and even plays little games of hide and seek with the IEAS staff! It only takes Shauna about half a second to win you over! 

American Black Bear
Born January 25, 2010
Arrived August 2011

Greta is one of the youngest residents of Bear Orphanage. She enjoys a laid back lifestyle with Scooter and Scamp. The three young bears learn from each other daily, but spend most of their time running around, climbing, and playing with each other. A little cold weather won't slow them down! Greta will be sure to enjoy a peanut party and nap with her two best friends on her birthday!

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