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Monday, January 22, 2018

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SHUMLA Works with Del Rio Public Schools SHUMLA at Fort Bend Archeological Society
Shumla School

December, 2012

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 Volume 3, Number 9      

December 19th, 2011 

Also in this issue:
SHUMLA Works with Del Rio Public Schools
SHUMLA at Fort Bend Archeological Society
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SHUMLA Staff Wishes Readers
Happy Holidays,
Prepares for a Busy 2012

SHUMLA's staff wishes all of our eNews readers the very best for the holidays and the coming year.  Twenty-eleven has been a busy year of growth for us. We are pleased by what SHUMLA has accomplished and contributed.

SHUMLA's staff listens to Walker Boyd's questionable renditions of holiday classics.  Jack Harrington, SHUMLA's facilities manager, could not attend as he was chasing goats.

SHUMLA's research team has presented their work internationally and throughout the U.S., and 2011 has been marked by strong collaborations and growth for SHUMLA's research programs.  Highlights include:

  • The Red Linear conference that brought collaborators and experts from across the U.S. to SHUMLA.
  • Carolyn's presentation on Lower Pecos region rock art in Seville, Spain.
  • The most intensive rock art documentation project ever undertaken at the famous Panther Cave archeological site.
  • Development of a robust, searchable rock art database that will be accessible to researchers around the world. 
  • Collaboration between the Witte Museum, the National Park Service, the Rock Art Foundation, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and SHUMLA in the growth and development of virtual heritage programs.
  • A week-long collaboration between leading French and  American rock art experts, funded by the National Science Foundation and the French Consul General, and hosted by SHUMLA. 
Researchers examine pictographs at Panther Cave.
SHUMLA's education team has also stayed busy with program development and assessment.  In 2011 staff paid increased attention to outcomes, student learning and program development. Highlights include:
  • The development and printing of SHUMLA's first course catalog.  
  • Over thirty days of programming for teachers and students in the borderlands area. 
  • The completion of an assessment study of SHUMLA's KEY 4 program.
  • The development of a discovery challenge program that addresses behavioral and leadership outcomes for student participants.
Students from as far away as Hawaii visited SHUMLA this year.
As SHUMLA prepares for 2012, staff thanks all of our generous donors and volunteers who have made this year such a success.  Your giving in 2011 helped to fund programs that changed lives for students along the border and research that contributed significantly to our understanding of the cultural resources that make the Lower Pecos region so remarkable.  Next year can be even better, and your continued support in 2012 is valued and appreciated.

Texas Foundations
Preserve KEY 4 Program
in 2011

 For eight years, the Knowledge Enriching Youth (KEY) program has been an important part of the lives of fourth and fifth graders in the Del Rio area.  For the first time in years, however, state budgetary cuts eliminated the possibility of district-funded programming for fourth graders on SHUMLA's campus.  Former fourth graders for whom SHUMLA had been an important experience rallied strongly to help to preserve the program. "SHUMLA might be a [once] in a lifetime opportunity for a kid," opined one former participant in a letter to foundations and private donors. 
For many students, visiting SHUMLA is their first journey outside of Del Rio. 
"Our foundations and donors listened," stated Deputy Executive Director Andrew Freeman.  On December fifteenth, SHUMLA received a call from a foundation pledging to fund the balance of the missing monies required to implement KEY 4 programming in Del Rio.  Between the generous support of SHUMLA's private donors and foundations, every fourth grader in Del Rio will have access to the wonderful KEY programming that they have come to expect each year.
A fourth grader displays the results of her paintmaking experiment.
SHUMLA's education staff is bracing for a spring like no other in the organization's history.  Between fourteen Del Rio KEY programs, nine discovery challenge programs, three discovery days, and two discovery learning programs for schools in Eagle Pass, education staff will be taking on a major challenge.  Staff will make sure to keep eNews readers informed as programs are implemented and assessed.    

SHUMLA Staff Presents to
Fort Bend Archeological Society

On Tuesday, November 15th, SHUMLA Assistant Deputy Executive Director Jeanette Pauer and SHUMLA Board Member Linda Gorski presented information about the Lower Pecos Rock Art Recording and Preservation Project to the Fort Bend Archeological Society.  The presentation focused on SHUMLA's documentation efforts and provided a visual tour of many of the region's sites.
Pauer uses this photograph of Halo Shelter to illustrate the complexity of recording pictographs. 
According to Pauer, public education such as the Fort Bend presentation is a vital component to any preservation project.  "It's important to educate communities about our rock art recording project in the hopes that they will understand the importance of these pictographs, and support our preservation goals."     


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