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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Lawndale Newsletter: Exhibitions Opening Friday!
Lawndale Art Center

November, 2011

April Invite

4912 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 | 713.528.5858


Lawndale Art Center Newsletter
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
In This Issue
Exhibitions Opening Friday
from the tipi project | Christie Blizard
timesteps | Debra Barrera & Norberto Gomez, Jr.
This is for You | Darcy Rosenberger
Ballast/Break | Alexis Granwell & Carrie Scanga
Office Light | Curt Gambetta
Upcoming Events
August 2011 Exhibitions   
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Lawndale will be closed Thursday, November 24 for Thanksgiving.

The galleries will be open Friday, November 25 from 12-5PM.
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August 2011 Exhibitions   

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Lawndale Art Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on individual donations and memberships, along with government and foundation grants to support annual exhibitions and programming.

August 2011 Exhibitions

Kroger has renewed the Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program, which allows your grocery store purchases to benefit organizations like Lawndale Art Center. To help support Lawndale, please link your Kroger Card to Lawndale by using this  form.  If you have participated in the past, you will need to re-scan your KrogerPlus card for 2010-2011. The deadline to sign up for 2011-2012 is December 31, 2011.


Houston Museum District

Exhibitions Opening this Friday!    


On View November 18, 2011 - January 7, 2012

Opening Reception Friday, November 18, 2011  

6:30 - 8:30 PM, artist talks at 6 PM


August 2011 Exhibitions  


from the tipi project | Christie Blizard 


timesteps | Debra Barrera & Norberto Gomez, Jr.  


This is for You | Darcy Rosenberger  


Ballast/Break | Alexis Granwell & Carrie Scanga  


Office Light | Curt Gambetta  


These exhibitions are generously funded in part by Felvis Foundation/David R. Graham.  


from the tipi project | Christie Blizard 

John M. O'Quinn Gallery

August 2011 Exhibitions
Christie Blizard documents her life through her work focusing around the flexibility of identity, public interaction, and responding to the special landscape of a given space or surface. Working in a variety of media, the idea of "neti-neti" or "not this not that," a Sanskrit expression for the sacred is her great motivator.

For the exhibition at Lawndale, Blizard has made works from the Tipi Project, which is an on-going investigation into the ideas of living in one's work, fulfilling childhood ambitions, and personal culture as a collage process. In this project, the tipis function as dwellings, points of contact, and spatial markings as they are lived in, positioned, and documented. This exhibition will feature works from the Reykjavik Tipis,Trip to Waller, and the River and Meditation experiments. 

Artist's website


timesteps | Debra Barrera & Norberto Gomez, Jr. 

Mezzanine Gallery

August 2011 Exhibitions


Debra Barrera and Norberto Gomez, Jr. participate with the viewer in opposite formats to create a convergence of ideas that are rooted in the investigation of manipulating the passage of time through their respective mediums and influences. Norberto Gomez Jr. critiques and reveres his friendships and acquaintances through time-based mediums by utilizing chat rooms, film, and drawings. Interactive exhibits and projected film will replicate for the viewer a sense of acquaintanceship with Norberto himself in real time. Debra Barrera turns toward time based mediums like the Hollywood film, music, and performance to influence her sculptures and drawings. Although seemingly timeless in their appearance, Debra investigates how static objects can be imbued with the essence of the passage of time. 


Norberto Gomez' website 
Debra Barrera's website



This is for You | Darcy Rosenberger 

Grace R. Cavnar Gallery

August 2011 Exhibitions

Darcy Rosenberger utilizes the medium of the gift throughout her work to explore and express the innumerable forms of love. The exhibition This is for You displays things that were made for very specific people, to capture the beauty of these fleeting individuals, experiences, and relationships as well as the blindingly beautiful qualities of the present. A wide range of media is employed to make very personal, almost secret, communications to particular people with the hopes of connecting to the greater public through their own storehouses of personal experiences and relationships. Physical, visual, tangible communication that is so highly personalized as this gift-based work is something that is easily lost in our increasingly impersonal and virtual-based society. This tradition of artifactual human connection needs to be pushed to stay alive.


Artist's website


Ballast/Break | Alexis Granwell & Carrie Scanga 

Project Space

August 2011 Exhibitions

Ballast/Break is an exhibition of prints, sculpture, and installation work by Alexis Granwell and Carrie Scanga.  The work is based on the forms, structures, conduits, and patinas of cityscapes and the human-built environment. Granwell delves into the city's grit and substance by incorporating handmade paper, found objects, and raw materials to create sculptures that evoke primitive architecture or landscapes under construction.  Her oversized etchings depict similar forms that contain both a physicality and a diagrammatic quality, while Scanga's massive, apparently floating structure of paper bricks subverts this materiality. 



Alexis Granwell's website 
Carrie Scanga's website  




Office Light | Curt Gambetta

Mary E. Bawden Sculpture Garden

August 2011 Exhibitions
Curt Gambetta's work in light is sited around spaces and objects that oscillate between urban dereliction and zones of speculation and potential development. Gambetta constructs lighting conditions that register either as a ghost of what lies neglected and erased, or a mirage of what might come. The installation, Office Light, is comprised of a 2x4' office ceiling grid containing 12 fluorescent troffer lights that illuminate the empty space behind Lawndale Art Center. All architectural presence is stripped away and remains only as a trace, reducing office light to its purest form of transmission. The ceiling hangs just below eye-level, disallowing pedestrian access and suggesting that it be viewed from afar, from the vantage point of the street. All aspects of construction are standardized technologies that are used in this installation in order to be easily re-constructed at other sites, within and outside Houston. In this way, the project is designed as a prototype for future illuminations.

Upcoming Events 


August 2011 Exhibitions

Concert: Stuart Hinds 
Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lawndale Art Center is pleased to present a performance by overtone singer Stuart Hinds, Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 6PM. In recent years, overtone singing has become more widely known and appreciated. Overtone singing can be heard in pop music, movie soundtracks, and even prime time television commercials. This rise in popularity is largely due to successful tours and recordings by musicians representing the two major styles: Tibetan Buddhist chant and Tuvan/Mongolian throat singing. Read more...




August 2011 Exhibitions the GENDER book Project's Bookstorming Edition 
Thursday, December 8, 2011 
6-8 PM


Lawndale Art Center hosts the GENDER book Project's Bookstorming Edition, a community editing party from 6-8PM on December 8, 2011. This event aims to celebrate the GENDER book as a fun, colorful, community-based resource that illustrates the beautiful diversity of gender. Come meet creators Boston Davis Bostian, Jay Mays, and Robin Mack and interact with their page illustrations with current content thus far, text-less layouts for a community editing process. ADD to the content of the GENDER book! The creators will also post the "Gender Identity Board Game!" along with a video documenting the GENDER book's process of "How Illustration Works" by resident artist Mel Reiff Hill. "Our hope," the creators state, "is to change the face of gender education in a way that is approachable, easy to understand, and even beautiful." Read more...




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