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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Shumla, Comstock

August, 2011

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 Volume 3, Number 6    

August 17, 2011 

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SHUMLA Staff on the Road
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 August Drumbeat 


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SHUMLA Volunteer Spotlight:
Willie Canseco

August's SHUMLA volunteer is Willie Canseco, son of long-time SHUMLA friend Kim Canseco.  As with many of SHUMLA's best volunteers, Willie has contributed to both research and education initiatives.  In May, Willie worked with students from the Aka'Ula School of Molokai, Hawaii as a lifeways and primitive technology instructor.  This summer, however, Willie has focused his volunteer efforts in the research office, assisting staff with recording, data transcription and field work.   

Volunteer Willie Canseco traces rock art images for the Lower Pecos Rock Art Recording and Preservation Project.

In addition to his busy volunteer schedule, Willie plays guitar for the band Pilson.  This fall, Willie will begin his junior year at St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin Texas, and his long-term plans include earning an engineering degree (Texas A&M is at the top of his current college list).


SHUMLA's staff is lucky to work with such dedicated volunteers, and wishes Willie good luck in his scholastic endeavors this fall.            

SHUMLA Education Staff on the Road

 In August and September, SHUMLA's Deputy Executive Director Andy Freeman and Assistant Deputy Executive Director Jeanette Pauer will be on the road to visit foundations and schools throughout Texas.  Their goals will be  working to ensure the visibility of SHUMLA's research and discovery learning programs and seeking commitments from area schools for multi-day programming. 

Assistant Deputy Executive Director Jeanette Pauer makes pinch pots for students at the SHUMLA campus.  Look for Jeanette in Houston starting August 30th.  School and foundation opportunities can be emailed to Jeanette at

For Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd, increasing SHUMLA's public visibility is a priority.  "Public awareness of and interest in archeological research and education are at all-time highs, and SHUMLA's programs have drawn national attention this year.  SHUMLA's staff will be reaching out to communities across the state to make sure that our programs are promoted effectively to both schools and foundations."

Deputy Executive Director Andy Freeman at the friction fire station at SHUMLA's campus.  Look for Andy in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.  School and foundation opportunities can be emailed to Andy at   

eNews readers are encouraged to contact staff with any ideas regarding schools, organizations and foundations that staff can visit.  On August 22nd and 23rd, Andy will be in Austin.  On August 30th through September 2nd, Jeanette will be in Houston. In mid-September, Andy will be visiting Dallas and San Antonio.

New SHUMLA T-Shirts!   


New SHUMLA t-shirts are now available for purchase.  The new shirts are available in brown, green and navy, and can be purchased in all standard sizes.

Volunteer Willie Canseco and staff members Andy Freeman and Amanda Castaneda model SHUMLA's awesome new t-shirts.

T-shirts can be purchased through Brenda Norman for $18 each (tax included).  Email orders to  Please specify size and color.

The back of SHUMLA's 2011 t-shirt features images from Panther Cave by Dr. Carolyn Boyd. 


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