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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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New Texas Big Game Awards rules - Sighted In newsletter
Texas Wildlife Association

August, 2011

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August 15, 2011 

Texas Big Game Awards announces new rules changes for season       

Hunters and landowners participating in the Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA) this upcoming hunting season will see some TBGA 20th Anniversary Logonew rules and changes for this year’s program, including the creation of low-fence and high-fence categories for white-tailed deer and mule deer. 
The TBGA is a free, certificate-based program with the purpose of creating awareness of the important role that ethical hunting and sound habitat management play in the lives of young people and to the ecosystem over which we must be responsible stewards.
Click here for the full TBGA news release.

Farber of Missouri City named TWA Youth Volunteer of the Year  

Hunter Farber of Missouri City was recognized at WildLife 2011 as the 2011 TWA Youth Volunteer of the Year. 

Hunter has assisted with more than 30 youth hunts, and he has performed over 700 hours of volunteer service.Youth Volunteer of the Year Hunter Farber 
Hunter became a Texas Youth Hunting Program (TYHP) at the age of 8 by assisting his father Todd as he ran TYHP Hunts. 

Over the past five years, he has eagerly volunteered to assist the program. He primarily assists Huntmasters and cooks by performing valued tasks that keep the youth hunt on track. He helps with loading and unloading, handling supplies, meal preparation, and washing/cleaning. 

Over the past few years, with assigned guardianship, Hunter he has assisted the Houston Huntmaster Team on other hunts besides those run by his father. In addition to assisting on hunts, he eagerly volunteered for Team Houston activities where youth help was needed. He also volunteered as a worker for two summer camps sponsored by TWA, TYHP and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

New season hunting and fishing licenses now on sale  

New licenses for the 2011-2012 season went on sale today in advance of the opening weekend of dove season Sept. 1 in the north and central zones.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department sells about 2.1 million Texas hunting and fishing licenses annually through the agency’s 28 field offices, more than 65 state parks and at over 1,500 retailers across Texas. For a $5 fee, licenses may also be bought online or by phone.

Click here for more information.

Tompkins: Truth behind a misguided myth regarding license revenue 

Texas hunters and anglers begin a pair of annual rituals Monday ­­-- purchasing new hunting/fishing licenses and grumbling about how the state "steals" part of that license revenue, according to Shannon Tompkins of the Houston Chronicle.
There's no way around the first part of the ritual; all current Texas hunting licenses and most fishing licenses expire Aug. 31, and new 2011-12 licenses, which become available for purchase Monday, are required on Sept. 1.
But that second ritual is a bit of misguided, or at least misdirected, animosity arising from the license-buying public's understandable misunderstanding of the Byzantine budget maneuvers the Texas Legislature uses to produce its constitutionally mandated balanced budget.
The common belief is that part of the approximately $90 million Texas hunters and anglers pay annually for the more than 2 million licenses is siphoned out of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department coffers and used to finance unrelated state programs. This is a persistent myth.

Click here for the full Tompkins article. 

Drought threatens the city of Robert Lee's existence in West Texas 

With Texas gripped in a seemingly intractable drought that state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon has declared the worst single-year dry spell in 116 years, Robert Lee, population 1,106, has emerged as an alarming worst-case example of what scant rainfall and triple-digit temperatures can do, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Since January, Robert Lee, named for the iconic Army officer who pursued Indians through the region before the Civil War, has received only 3 inches of rain, about a fourth of its midyear average. Daily temperatures routinely approach 110 degrees in the shade.

Click here for the full article.



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Texas Big Game Awards Regional Sportsman's Celebrations
August 27 - Regions 4 and 8, San Antonio

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August 23, Membership Reception, Georgetown
September 21, Private Lands Forum / Membership Reception, Beaumont
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August 18 - Conducting a Deer Survey
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August 31, Houston

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September 10, Houston

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September 28-30, Victoria 

TWA submits comments opposing USFWS proposal  

The Texas Wildlife Association has outlined its serious concerns to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the federal agency's proposed elimination of its special rule on scimitar-horned oryx, dama gazelle, and addax.

TWA said in its August 1 public comment letter that it is extremely concerned that the recent court ruling and rule-making, as proposed, will further jeopardize the U.S. populations of scimitar‐horned oryx, dama gazelle and addax, particularly in Texas, and jeopardize any future restoration of the species in their native countries.

Click here for the full TWA public comment letter.

J. David Bamberger of the Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve near Johnson City also sent a letter to USFWS outlining his concerns about the proposed elimination of the special rule. Click here for a jpeg image of the Bamberger letter.

TWA welcomes new members!
      Matthew May, Boerne
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Stephen Piccone, Orange
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Lance Poling, Lago Vista
Susan Postlethwait, New Braunfels
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John Puig, Laredo
Stacey Quarles, Plano
Doug Rainbolt, San Saba
Mark Roberts, Tatum
Vicki Roberts, Brookesmith
Michael Rockafellow, Burnet
Marvin Rod, Lake Jackson
Kaylynn Rose, Abilene
Susan Rose, Abilene
Paul Rouquette, Adkins
Katherine Ruffin, Houston
Jerry Rush, Llano
Jim Ruttle, Deming, NM
Byron Sadler Family, Junction
Jonathan Sampoerna, Singapore
Pablo Sanchez   Houston
Ginger Schneider, Uvalde



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