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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Shumla School

July, 2011

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 Volume 3, Number 5   

July 28, 2011 

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SHUMLA Volunteer Spotlight:
Sarah Sick


 A strong volunteer base is a critical component to the success of a non-profit organization, and SHUMLA is no exception to this rule.  Starting in this copy of the eNews, SHUMLA staff will profile a volunteer who has made substantial contributions to SHUMLA's operations.


This month, SHUMLA staff acknowledges research volunteer Sarah Sick.  


SHUMLA volunteer Sarah Sick at field school. 

Originally from Northern California's San Francisco area, Sarah brings a great academic background to her volunteer work with SHUMLA: a degree in urban applied anthropology from the University of Southern California.  Sarah came to Del Rio with her husband Aaron who serves in the Air Force.


While anthropology is a motivating academic interest for Sarah, her involvement with SHUMLA is tied to her personal philosophy "that it is our obligation to support the things we believe in, whether academic, sociopolitical, spiritual or creative--most especially in our local communities."   


SHUMLA staff sincerely thanks Sarah for her contributions to research and education programming.       


SHUMLA in Spain:
Dr. Boyd Presents at Arqueológica 2.0

Long-time SHUMLA friend and Research Advisory Board member Dr. Francisco Marcos-Marín provided the following article detailing Dr. Boyd's recent research and presentation trip to Spain.

Between June 20th and July 14th, SHUMLA Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd, and two members of the Research Advisory Board, Dr. Phil Dering and Dr. Francisco Marcos-Marín, participated in a month of archeological activities in Spain.

Dr. Boyd tours a site at Jaén with Dr. Francisco Marcos-Marín and  

Dr. Arturo Ruíz.

Their first destination was Arqueológica 2.0, an event organized by Sociedad Española de Arqueología Virtual, which took place in Seville from June 21st to June 25th.  Dr. Boyd presented a paper written in collaboration with SHUMLA's research team and Geo-Marine.  Laser and 3D mapping techniques were discussed and compared to similar applications in Spanish sites.  Most of the audience was unfamiliar with Pecos River rock art; they were fascinated by the quality of the pictographs and thrilled by the opportunities that SHUMLA's work offers for virtual archeology.  With more than 250 international participants, the conference was a success and opened new insights that certainly will influence SHUMLA's development.

The research team then visited Cueva de la Pileta in the Spanish province of Málaga where they studied the site's Paleolithic and Neolithic rock art.  On June 29th, the research team visited the University of Jaén and surrounding sites as guests of Professor Arturo Ruíz.  Sites of interest included an Ibero Oppidum, the impressive University Archeological Institute and its labs (particularly the paleo-botanic area) and the large archeological section of the museum.

Dr. Boyd and Dr. Marcos-Marín at El Penuco.

The research trip culminated in July with the study of the megaliths known as the Menhires de Valdeolea, a series of large rocks with amazing engraved symbols dating from the Copper Era (5000 BP), in the Province of Cantabria.  The rupestre church of Santa María de Valverde and its Visigothic sepulchers marked another crucial point in the research. 

On July 11th, the research team traveled to Vitoria in the Spanish Basque country where they were received by the manager and staff of Tecnalia, a firm specializing in virtual archeology and reconstruction.  The meeting centered on the possibility of developing projects of mutual interest, followed by a discussion and presentations of SHUMLA and Tecnalia activities.

Tecnalia staff, Dr. Boyd and Dr. Marcos-Marín discuss virtual archeology.

This successful visit contributed to making Lower Pecos rock art and SHUMLA visible to many archeologists who were unaware of its relevance.  It has also given SHUMLA new insights for the presentation, development and dissemination of its activities in education, preservation and research, and opened opportunities for the virtual treatment and presentation of the archeological and ethnological riches of the Lower Pecos region.  

SHUMLA Teacher Training


SHUMLA is now a Texas Education Agency (TEA) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider.  SHUMLA's education staff can provide Content Development CPE credit in the areas of math, sciences, social studies, history, fine arts and special education.  Texas teachers can also receive Professional Development CPE credits from SHUMLA staff in the areas of instructional strategies and discipline management.  


Local teachers practice friction fire during a training.

SHUMLA Curriculum Director Missy Harrington it enthusiastic about the opportunities that CPE provider status can open for the region's teachers, stating "We can help the local schools."  SHUMLA's discovery learning pedagogy creates opportunities for teachers to reexamine their teaching techniques and strategies.  Diverse teaching strategies can be critical tools in helping students to both engage and retain new material.  


Teachers and schools interested in participating in SHUMLA's CPE programs can contact staff at     


SHUMLA / PO Box 627 / 117 Sanderson / Comstock, TX 78837 USA    432-292-4848 

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