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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Phoenix House News & Views: The Next Generation of Recovery
Phoenix House

July, 2011

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Phoenix House News & Views | The Next Generation of Recovery

Message from the President

Dear friends,

Substance abuse treatment has come a long way since Phoenix House was founded in 1967—and so has recovery. From Facebook to Twitter, online recovery communities offer accessible support in your home, office, or Blackberry. Social media truly has the power to inspire positive change, and Phoenix House is proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

We have made progress in other ways, too.  As the younger generation struggles with addiction, we are better prepared to provide them with individually tailored, comprehensive care. Thanks to the support they receive at our Phoenix House Academies, such as Westchester and Los Angeles, our teens are accomplishing great things—from composing music to winning debates.

We’re very proud of these young people—and their stories would not have been possible without friends like you. Welcome to the next generation of recovery.

Warm regards,

Howard Meitiner
President and CEO

 Social Media:Recovery 2.0

At Phoenix House, we recognize the power of social media as a “changemaker.” We are proud to be part of a strong, diverse, and expanding online recovery community that includes treatment organizations, policymakers, journalists, and people from all walks of life who are currently in treatment or sustained recovery.

It’s always exciting to share and discuss the latest addiction-related headlines and Phoenix House happenings with our more than 3,000 fans on Facebook—many of whom are Phoenix House clients, alumni, and their family members. On Twitter, it’s amazing to see how far one tweet can go—a client story from @PhoenixHouse, a quote from @PHouseHope, or a policy perspective from our President and CEO’s handle @HMeitiner can reach thousands of people and can truly make a difference.

On July 14, we co-hosted a lively Twitter chat with The Fix about the benefits and pitfalls of anonymity in recovery.  This hour-long debate generated about 400 tweets overall—a true testament to social media’s inspiring ability to bring together a community and call them to action. We hope you’ll join forces with us on our social media channels as we remove the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery by sparking dialogue, increasing awareness, and simply sharing stories.

 Academic Bowl Champions in Los Angeles


A few short months ago, the idea of arguing pros and cons at a major Los Angeles cultural institution would have seemed unimaginable to the members of the debate team from our Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles. Before they came to Phoenix House, many of these teens’ lives were damaged by poverty, crime, and violence—and all of them struggled with substance abuse. But on Friday, June 24, 2011, these eight teens stood before a full-capacity audience at the Gene Autry Center and won the Los Angeles County Office of Education Academic Bowl.

As they stood on stage in their neat khakis and polo shirts, our young clients looked like what they were that day: champion debaters. The Phoenix House Academy is proud and thrilled for them.  Today, in the words of Phoenix Houses of California board member Geoffrey Nathanson, “These kids have a shot.”

here to read their full story.

Spotlight: Steven

Before I came to Phoenix House, my mind was clouded with drugs, and it never really hit me that my mom was sick. I couldn’t accept that she had terminal cancer—I just ran off and got high.

Over the course of treatment at the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles, I really feel like I reinvented myself. Sobering up made me decide to do things differently and make positive changes. I noticed drastic transformations in myself and eventually in my relationships—especially my relationship with my mother. I know I can never repay my mother for everything she has done for me, but at least I can show her how I’ve changed for the better. At least now she knows that I will always be there for her.

Click here to read more of Steven’s story.

Kara DioGuardi's Visit Inspires Teens

This month, the teens at our Phoenix House Academy of Westchester welcomed a very special visitor: Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Kara DioGuardi. In addition to her many musical achievements, DioGuardi is also the creator of our pioneering Phoenix Rising Music Program, which gives clients the opportunity to compose, perform, and record their own original music in our state-of-the-art recording studios. 

“Kara’s visit was a real treat for the kids,” says Music Studio Director Marc Smith. DioGuardi and the teens even shared their music with each other: “some of the kids sang or rapped their original work,” explains Smith, “and Kara performed a song called ‘Sober.’ The meaning of the song really hit home for these kids.” 

Click here to read more about DioGuardi’s visit.

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