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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary needs your support this month!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

July, 2011

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 72, July 5, 2011

Summer is Officially Here!

SummerWith the official start of our hottest season just past us, IEAS staff and animals are ready for what the summer brings! We have been starting some of those routines already, weed eating and mowing every week and checking waters several times a day. Summer means we are in for some long, hot days and we are sure to go through lots of water! The animals have been settling into their pools, playing in their water troughs, and finding the most comfortable shady spots they can! Summer is a great time for tours so come on out with your sun block on, water bottle in tow, and excitement to see the amazing cats and bears who call IEAS home!


PepsiWe have a second chance as part of the Pepsi Refresh Project – this time, to win $25,000! Just like before, we are going to need all of the help we can get. This a very competitive competition and we want to take home the prize! To win the money, we need to be in the top 15 in our $25,000 award group. Let's get on top to start so we can stay there throughout the month! Remember, we need you to vote EVERY DAY until July 31st! Click here for more info about Pepsi, or go right to our page to vote!

Mister System THANKS!

MistersEarlier this month, we asked for YOUR help to purchase a new mister system to supply a cool mist to the second half of the Sanctuary. It took less than two weeks for all of you to pull through, donate your money, and help the animals of IEAS! We have raised the necessary $2,500, received our new mister, and provided the animals cool mist to stay comfortable in the summer heat! We couldn't have done it without your kindness and generosity, and we can't thank you enough!

July Birthdays!

Lucky Lucky

Male American Black Bear
Born: July 4, 2008
Arrived: November 2008

Lucky is a very sweet little bear. He and his companion, Lucy, are together all the time and Lucky loves to follow her as she wanders through the brush. Lucky loves to have the company of a trusted human companion but is happiest up in a tree with Lucy!

Noel Noel

Male Siberian Tiger
Born: July 24, 1995
Arrived: December 24, 1995

Noel arrived at the Sanctuary on Christmas Eve, very unhealthy and underweight. He had a long way to go before he would be a healthy Siberian tiger, but he has grown into a confident, beautiful tiger. Noel's favorite spot to lay is in his sleeping house, where we always find him cuddled with his tire!

Taz Taz

Male Bobcat
Born: July 25, 1993
Arrived: September 1997

Taz is a bobcat who loves attention from his human friends. He is not quick to trust, but once he has accepted a friend, he is excited to have a visit from a companion. During these summer months, Taz is a big fan of his cave. We always see his little head sticking out to say "hi!"


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