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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

June, 2011



Best and Worst of Texas for People with Mental Illness

Nonprofit Quarterly

June 20, 2011


NPQ has covered the state of funding for mental health services in Texas in newswires and articles, particularly to surface the laudable research, public policy and pilot program work funded by the Hogg Foundation. This excellent work, however, is being done in the context of the worst funding environment of any of the 50 states.



3 receive Hogg Foundation grants to study mental health

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

June 20, 2011


AUSTIN - Three assistant professors at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio each received a grant of $17,500 from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to study different aspects of mental health. ... "Dr. Lapiz-Bluhm, Dr. Lodge and Dr. O'Connor are tackling debilitating diseases - PTSD, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease - through novel approaches. Their research has the potential to be a game changer from a diagnostic and treatment perspective,' said Octavio N. Martinez Jr., M.D., executive director of the Hogg Foundation.





The Baddest Bills

Texas Observer

June 21, 2011


House Bill 684: Rep. Larson had an unorthodox idea for dealing with the state's overcrowded jails--put all those criminals in tents. ... While Larson's legislation was attempting to solve a serious overcrowding problem in Texas jails, his proposal simply addressed the symptoms of a deeper sickness. Every year 11,000 people are locked up for minor charges like marijuana possession or graffiti, while many others struggling with serious mental illnesses or substance-abuse problems languish in county jails without getting the help they need. Instead of erecting cheap tents to house even more criminals, Texas should focus more on supervision, counseling and diversion programs that are proven to keep people out of county jails. Unfortunately, these are the types of programs that lawmakers ended up cutting in this year's budget bloodletting.





Parkland plans to escort hospital regulators and avoid problem areas

Dallas Morning News

June 20, 2011


Parkland Memorial Hospital plans to survive a sweeping, high-stakes health and safety inspection by escorting government investigators everywhere and keeping them away from "known problems," documents obtained by The Dallas Morning News show. ... Federal regulators recently announced the inspection after finding that Parkland had mistreated a patient who was physically restrained and died in the psychiatric emergency room. Hospital officials were legally required to report the case - at least the third Parkland psychiatric patient to die since 2010 - but did not.



Crisis intervention training now mandatory for Bexar deputies

San Antonio Express-News

June 20, 2011


Bexar County Sheriff's Office deputies have begun taking a now-mandatory crisis intervention training course, officials said. Deputy Chief Roger Dovalina, who oversees the Bexar County Jail, said a $19,000 grant will allow BCSO to train more than 400 officers to interact better with people with mental illnesses.



Hospital providing care technologically; University Hospital's electronic connections are ahead of curve

San Antonio Express-News

June 20, 2011


Indeed, since about 2006, technology has worked its way into just about every corner of the University Health System, the county-owned health-care system that operates the 500-bed University Hospital and conducts more than 550,000 outpatient visits annually. With banks of servers holding 13 million patient records and counting, UHS is seen as a national leader in the use of technology to deliver health care.



10 years after drowning children, Andrea Yates may be ready for release

KHOU Houston

June 20, 2011


HOUSTON- ... Parnham said Sunday that his client will come up for a process called recommitment in November, when the state will have to present its case to keep her in custody. " [They'll try to prove] that she is a danger to others, that she is mentally ill and without patient treatment she will continue to deteriorate," Parnham said. "That is basically not what her treating physicians are telling us."



Lubbock bank robbery suspect competence to be questioned

KCBD Lubbock

June 21, 2011


LUBBOCK -- Is the man accused of robbing a Lubbock branch of Wells Fargo Bank competent to stand trial?  ... Court records say Quezada has a history of mental health issues.



Primera dog slaying investigated as possibly 'cult-like'

KGBT, Harlingen

June 20, 2011


A Primera teen is at the center of an animal cruelty case described by law enforcement as "brutal" in nature. ... The grandparents of Ortiz told authorities they were concerned for his mental health but did not elaborate if he had any prior mental health condition. "That will be part of our investigation," Chief Rodriguez said.





$100M a year spent on Oregon inmate health care

San Antonio Express-News

June 20, 2011


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Health care costs for Oregon prison inmates have reached about $100 million a year and keep increasing as the state deals with inmates who are getting older and sicker, including one woman with kidney disease who cost the state about $1.1 million last year. ... Mental health care costs are also a major factor. About seven in 10 of the state's 14,000 inmates need some type of mental health care in a system never designed to provide it, officials say.



W.Va. housing program cutting chronic homelessness

Beaumont Enterprise

June 20, 2011


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) - ... The concept of Housing First is that once a homeless individual can satisfy the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing, they can begin to put the other pieces of their lives back together. It is a no-strings-attached gift, with no expectation of sobriety or a job. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Supportive services offered to Housing First clients help individuals maintain their independence, even if they need occasional help paying bills or intervention because of mental illness or substance abuse problems.





Health Law in a Swirl of Forecasts

The New York Times

June 20, 2011


The debate over the effects of the federal health care law on employer-provided insurance has been intensifying in recent weeks, with controversial polls and consultants contradicting one another about whether employees will benefit or lose coverage by 2014. After nearly two weeks of widespread queries and criticisms, McKinsey & Company, the management consulting firm, posted on Monday the questionnaire and methodology of an online survey it had released that was denounced by the White House and others for contending that nearly a third of employers would definitely or probably drop coverage for employees when provisions of the health care law took effect in 2014.



New ad campaign touts preventive care benefits of health reform law

Los Angeles Times

June 20, 2011


The Obama administration is kicking off a nationwide ad campaign urging seniors to take advantage of free preventive services such as cancer screenings made possible in Medicare by the new healthcare law. The campaign - featuring television and radio ads in English and Spanish - comes on the heels of a new report showing that less than one in six Medicare beneficiaries have taken advantage of the new benefit since President Obama signed the law last year.,0,7433297.story





NICE Consults On New Draft Quality Standards And Guidance On Service User Experience In

Medical News Today

June 21, 2011


NICE has today launched a consultation on its draft quality standards and draft guidance on service user experience in adult mental health and patient experience in adult NHS services. ... To deliver the best possible experience for patients who use NHS services, high quality care should be clinically effective and safe. These quality standards and clinical guidance, once finalised, will aim to ensure that patients have an excellent experience of care from the NHS.



Fight mental health stigma, Maloney tells MPs

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

June 22, 2011


THE magistrate Brian Maloney has pleaded against his dismissal from judicial office, asking MPs in the NSW upper house to support him in a fight against the stigma of mental illness. Mr Maloney, who was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder in February last year, said he had done his best to address the ''treatable illness'' and would continue to do so.


Mental health workers protest against assaults

The New Zealand Herald

June 21, 2011


About 60 health workers took to Auckland streets today to protest against assaults on staff by patients at Auckland District Health Board's acute mental health unit. Public Service Association (PSA) members gathered at the main gates of Auckland City Hospital, and marched to the DHB's Te Whetu Tawera mental health facility, where they presented management with a vote of no confidence.





Texas defers its responsibilities more than Perry would have America believe

Austin American-Statesman

June 21, 2011


... But the more significant issue is that legislators balanced the budget by leaving almost $5 billion in expected Medicaid costs unfunded. Medicaid, which provides health care for the state's poorest residents (mostly children and elderly people), is a required program that uses state and federal dollars. The Texas version provides some of the least generous benefits in the country. The Legislature is supposed to fund Medicaid over the next two years based on how much state health officials say it will cost, but this year lawmakers decided to pay only part of the bill.



Valley is overdue veterans hospital: South Texas vets should not have to drive to San Antonio

San Antonio Express-News

June 21, 2011


... An estimated 115,000 veterans reside in the 60-county region south of San Antonio. That number is increasing daily as veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq return to civilian life. Yet veterans in this region who need hospital care must drive as many as 300 miles to the Audie Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio. That is an unacceptable burden.



Anti-bully coalition: Strength in organization

El Paso Times

June 21, 2011


Even a bully ... Check that. Especially a bully will likely be taken aback now that there's a major coalition of forces with the aim to stamp out these acts of teasing, heckling and tormenting. It's on the watch, has the resolve and has the big names and the numbers.



Yates family tragedy changed nation; Fund backs efforts to create awareness

Houston Chronicle

June 20, 2011


... Maternal mental illnesses such as these are treatable. Mothers can and do recover. However, they sometimes avoid or delay treatment because they feel ashamed, believe that people would think negatively of them or are afraid their children could be taken away. As mental-health advocates we have worked collectively to help mothers feel at ease talking about their challenges and feelings. If there is a concern, we help them know how and where to find help.



Work boundaries need to be met

San Antonio Express-News

June 20, 2011


... June is Mental Health Awareness Month and thus the ideal time to assess interactions among employees to decide if they are supporting or hindering your business goals. The first step is to examine your workplace's stated and implied boundaries for behavior to see whether they are being respected by all staff. Boundaries can be so loose they are hard to detect. But they ultimately facilitate communication and mutual respect. They also ensure behavior is appropriate and nonoffensive.





Research Reveals That 10% Of Middle-Aged Europeans Are On Antidepressants

Red Orbit

June 20, 2011


New research from the University of Warwick and the IZA Institute in Bonn shows that 10% of middle-aged Europeans took antidepressants in 2010. The researchers looked in detail at the lives of a randomly selected sample of nearly 30,000 Europeans. The study covered 27 countries.



Urinary Incontinence Doubles Risk Of Postpartum Depression

Medical News Today

June 20, 2011


Women with urinary incontinence after giving birth are almost twice as likely to develop postpartum depression as those without incontinence, according to a new study led by Wendy Sword, a professor in McMaster University's School of Nursing.



Preschooler's Sleep Loss May Cause ADHD Symptoms

WFAA, Dallas - Fort Worth

June 21, 2011 at 5:00 AM


As an adult, you already know how difficult it is to focus on even the simplest task when you haven't had enough sleep. The same holds true for young adults, children and even kindergartners. According to a new study, preschoolers who do not get enough sleep are more likely to be hyperactive and inattentive in kindergarten, exhibiting ADHD-like symptoms.



Substance abuse 'does not explain homicidal violence in schizophrenia'

Med Wire News

June 21, 2011


Comorbid substance abuse and a history of criminal behaviour do not explain increased rates of homicidal violence in patients with schizophrenia, say Australian researchers.



Impulse control disorders common in BD patients

Med Wire News

June 21, 2011


Around a quarter of patients with bipolar disorder (BD) also have an impulse control disorder (ICD), results from a Turkish study suggest. "Increased impulsivity levels suggest an increased rate of comorbid ICDs in patients with BD," explain Gonca Karakus and Lut Tamam from Cukurova University in Adana.





Golf analyst David Feherty launches show with Lee Trevino interview

Dallas Morning News

June 20, 2011


Dallas' resident network golf broadcaster interviews Dallas' greatest player -- Lee Trevino -- when the show debuts on Golf Channel at 9 p.m. Here's the cable network on Feherty: "A self-admitted alcoholic who suffers from mental illness, Feherty also will share a personal story of his own addictions in the first episode and how he continues to fight his demons every day."



Helen C. Bergman, co-founder of D.C. mental health and service agencies, dies at 63

The Washington Post

June 20, 2011


Helen C. Bergman, who co-founded Community Connections, the largest nonprofit mental health services agency in the Washington area, and worked as an advocate for people with mental illnesses for more than 35 years, died June 13 at Georgetown University Hospital of cardiac arrest. She was 63 and had participated in a triathlon the day before her death.





Colorado Health Foundation to Receive $1.45 Billion in Equity Sale

Philanthropy News Digest

June 17, 2011


The Colorado Health Foundation has announced an agreement to sell its 40 percent equity share in the region's largest hospital group, HCA-HealthONE, to the Tennessee-based Hospital Corporation of America. If the sale, which is pending regulatory review, goes through as planned, the foundation's assets will increase to more than $2 billion, making it the largest grantmaking charity in the state.;jsessionid=RWDMKBBHVKY13LAQBQ4CGXD5AAAACI2F?id=342400012


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