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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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You're Not Alone - Smart Messaging Is Always Collaborative
Nancy Schwartz

June, 2011

As I get ready to launch our first Tagline Focus Project (TFP) program on July 6 (learn more here), many of you have gotten in touch to discuss it with me. And you’ve reminded me how common it is to feel isolated and overwhelmed by the challenge to create messages that connect for our organizations.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

It takes a team to create
great messaging.
That’s one of the reasons I’m so looking forward to working with a small group of nonprofit communicators this summer, leading them through the process of learning how to develop messages collaboratively—with me, the other program participants, and their colleagues and external audiences.
That’s the only path to effective messaging, and one far more satisfying than trying to go it alone.
Here are a few points I’d like to make about the program:

8 Reasons Why Messaging Mastery Leads to
Marketing Victory
1. Because Your Nonprofit’s Name Alone Isn’t Enough
You’ve been there.
You’ve got to explain what your organization does and the difference it makes in just a few seconds, but that’s just not enough time to deliver the whole story. Many organizations expect their names to broadcast what it is they do. Trouble is, they frequently don’t. That’s where a strong tagline comes in.
2. Because It’s Essential to Continue to Invest in Your
Organization’s Brand
Regardless of how well your organization is doing even in these tough times, it’s an essential truism that every nonprofit needs to continue to invest. You can never take for granted your positioning in relation to other organizations competing for the same dollars, volunteer time, program participation and attention. You need to continue to stand out.
You’ve got to stay relevant, keep adding value and continue satisfying your supporters. The right messaging helps you achieve just that, and that’s what you have when you finish the Tagline Focus Project.
3. Because Compelling Messages Ensure Your Organization Connects Strongly with Supporters and Prospects.
It’s hands-down the briefest, easiest and most powerful way to make a memorable (and repeatable) initial connection or re-connection. With your tagline, it happens in eight words or less.
4. Because Your Strong Tagline Puts You Ahead of Your Competitors—In the Top 18%!
In a recent survey, 72% of organizations said their taglines are ineffective or they don’t have one. With a strong tagline in hand, you’re already way ahead.
5. Because There’s a Clear ROI You Can Measure
A potent tagline works on two levels. First, you’re connecting strongly with prospective or current supporters in a memorable (and repeatable) instant. That alone is worth the investment. Secondly, of course, is the value of the resultant growth in donations, program participants, volunteers and others.
There’s soft ROI (return on investment) and hard ROI. Your soft ROI is the “aha” your new tagline generates in conversation or when it’s read by a first-time visitor to your website.
Your hard ROI comes from testing the new tagline (in a web page, direct mail package and/or e-alert) vs. the existing one or lack of one. So it’s not difficult to look back at the end of the year and review the cost of your participation in the TFP and the increase in the level of connection and action, and then calculate what should be a positive ROI. In addition, when you start benchmarking your messages, and tracking what works over time, you’ll be able to pinpoint the messages that work best to increase marketing results across campaigns and programs.
6. Because Shaping a Potent Tagline Builds a Foundation for Shaping a Potent Message Platform
Messages in all their forms are pretty much the essence of communications. If your messages connect, your organization is much more likely to motivate your network to act.
Learning how to craft a tagline equips you with the skills to write high-power taglines for your organization’s programs, services and campaigns, so those marketing agendas are equally successful; and gives you a great base to work from in writing the other key components of your organization’s (and programs/services/campaigns) message platform—the positioning statement and talking points.
7. Because It’s a Must-Have Skill for Every Highly-Valued Nonprofit Communicator
There’s simply no doubt that nonprofit communicators (and I mean you, whether you focus on communications 100%, 50% or 10% of your time) who know how to shape messages that connect are more skilled than those who don’t. More skills lead to greater professional success and increased value for your organization.
As you can see, the program is really like a hybrid mini-consultation/training program. You can see all the details here.
If you’re on the fence about whether the program is right for you at this time, you should also consider the special guarantee I’m offering. Here it is:

The Tagline Focus Project Risk-Free Guarantee 

I’ll personally walk you through developing your tagline and help you navigate any obstacles that get in the way. The intimacy of this program (not more than 10 participants) enables me to focus on what you need.
I’ve created hundreds of messages that work—for nonprofits, grantmakers and associations—so I know how the process works. You benefit from my experience.
This isn’t just another one-off, teleseminar series or one-day workshop where you learn about a new marketing strategy. (The problem with that approach is that most participants don’t ever implement. There are just too many day-to-day must-dos to get to it.)
TFP participation is all about delivering a tagline that’s ready to go.  You’ll walk away with a tested tagline for your organization and the knowledge to develop others for specific programs or audience groups.
And nonprofit organizations that use well-researched, relevant messages enjoy greater success in making and keeping relationships with donors, volunteers and other supporters, than those that don’t. That’s why I can make this guarantee:
Participate fully in the Tagline Focus Project and take up to six months to implement the tagline you finish up with. If after six months you don’t feel that your organization’s tagline (and overall messaging) is measurably better than it is now, we’ll completely refund your money—100%. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

Register for the Tagline Focus Project Now—
Save $300 with Introductory Rate

Now’s the time to strengthen your relationships with your base, and expand your network, with a smart messaging strategy. And I’m offering you this opportunity at the special introductory rate of $997.
Given the ongoing effects of the global financial crisis, there’s no doubt that the period we are living in now is a particularly challenging one for nonprofit organizations like yours.
It’s imperative you take advantage of this opportunity now, so your organization emerges healthier than ever, and stays that way for the long run!
This action-oriented program is designed specifically to help you and your colleagues get the job done and do it well. All you need to do is participate actively in the Tagline Focus Project and complete the assignments to develop a tagline that will engage your base and motivate them to act.
You’ll learn to:
  • Understand your audiences’ wants and values better, so you know how to connect with them.
  • Use audience feedback to pinpoint the right focus for your tagline.
  • Gain the insights and support of your colleagues.
  • Shape the ingredients of your analysis, craft the right tagline and roll it out to your audience.
Plus, get access to all of the templates, checklists, worksheets, models and resources included in the Great Nonprofit Tagline Toolkit that you’ll get with Tagline Focus Project participation.

Give It a Try
We're starting on July 6, so if you're interested in using this summer to vastly improve your organization's messaging, I encourage you to go ahead and register today for the Tagline Focus Project.
I hope we’ll get the chance to work together on this.
All the best,
Nancy E. Schwartz
President, Nancy Schwartz & Company
Publisher, Getting Attention Blog & E-news

P.S. My aim for this program is to deliver substantial value both to your organization and its messaging, and to you as a professional. Completing the program will vastly enhance your skill set as a nonprofit communications professional.
Learn more here.


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