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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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TexasNonprofits updated its data bases with a comprehensive and current list of every 501c3 in the state of Texas plus 60,000+ new Detailed Grants
Jacqueline Beretta

June, 2011

Yes, we did. Our members are beaming!

Every nonprofit and foundation in the state of Texas, and 60, 000 new detailed grants were downloaded last weekend. The TXNP Foundation Directory is unsurpassed at this very moment. The Nonprofit Directory is unique and only ours. It’s interesting to see what other organizations provide your services in your area, or for that matter, around the state.

It’s also interesting to see the list of detailed grants for the top foundations in the state.

TXNP is so cool! And our commitment to you and your fundraising is unsurpassed. Take a look at what we have to offer….

1: Understanding of the TXNP Data Project

TXNP specializes in compiling and analyzing information on foundation giving activities. JA proposes to provide in-depth foundation profile and grants data on foundations to support funding activities and knowledge building for members of TexasNonprofits (TXNP). This information provides members with a road map to donor networks investing in issues and organizations of interest to them. Our detailed grants data provides the most accurate portrait available of giving and receiving in your region.

The proposed research project will focus on approximately 3,000 foundations headquartered in Texas with assets of more than $5 million and/or giving of $10,000.

Because of the difficult economy, nonprofits are looking for creative ways to work together.

Nonprofit association members can use this research to identify potential funders and recruit new resources, resulting in greater impact in addressing community issues.

2: Research Methodology

We provide total assets for the every foundation in the state. TXNP also selected the most recent grants connected to these foundations from its database of more than 1.5 million grants paid. TXNP has compiled relevant data for grant seekers in Texas, including full foundation profile information; officers and directors of the foundation; and coded grants records, making it easy for users to connect with donors.

The information was captured and reported to include the following:

Foundation Information

1. EIN

2. Foundation Name

3. Contact Name

3. Title

4. Address

5. City, ST ZIP

6. ACO/Phone (as available)

7. County

8. Ruling Year/Year Established

9. Assets

10. Contributions

11. Disclosure Month and Year

12. Geographic Distribution of Grant Recipients

Officer and Director Information (new list on the way in June)

1. Prefix

2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Suffix

5. Title

Detailed Grant Information

1. EIN

2. Foundation Name

3. NTEE Category

4. NTEE Code Name

5. Amount

6. Grant Recipient

7. Purpose

8. City

9. State

10. Country

11. Disclosure Month and Year


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