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Friday, January 19, 2018

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i-fund News: Donor acquisition using analytics

May, 2011

Amergent I-Fund

Using Analytics to Acquire Great Donors

by Will Swan
While many organizations worry over the required level of investment for acquiring new donors, new donor acquisition is necessary to make sure that your fundraising program can have stable – and uninterrupted – growth. The consequences of forgoing acquisition can be immediate and long- reaching. Can the process be less painful? Yes. Analytics can help you acquire new donors more effectively.

Download Amergent Analytics White PaperCarefully executed modeling has grown into a viable alternative to using response lists. The model looks for prospects that look like your best donors – the donors that stay with you for years and support you no matter what.

The real benefit to you is this: some of the prospective donors found by the model are not on the rental and exchange lists, and they will respond with higher first gifts. And, new donors who give higher first gifts will continue to give higher gifts.

In the recently released Amergent white paper “Using Analytics to Grow Your Fundraising Program,” you can learn more about how this process may help you acquire better donors who look similar to your current best donors. 

Download Amergent’s white paper: Using Analytics to Grow Your Fundraising Program.

You’ll also gain insights into the use of analytics to identify and grow:
  • Long-standing donors
  • Consecutive donors
  • Seasonal donors
  • First-year donors

Amergent’s unique approach to analytics – Vital Signs Analysis™

Amergent’s dedication to strategic fundraising services for our clients led us develop a suite of analysis tools that assured that we would be able to observe data and develop fundraising strategies for each of our clients’ unique programs.

Amergent uses our Vital Signs Analysis from the very start of a relationship with an organization. This allows our first recommendations to be based soundly in the analysis of a new client’s donor data, allowing for a solid footing for financial forecasting and strategic planning early in the relationship, and ongoing.

Vital Signs is unique because it is designed specifically to stabilize and grow our clients’ programs. It is fully actionable in every way – designed by fundraisers for fundraisers. It is designed to provide you multiple strategic solutions (options) to achieve your goals.

For information on how Amergent Analytics can help your program, please contact Will Swan at (978) 278-1939, or by email at


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