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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

May, 2011



Texas House, Senate agree on smaller parts of budget - but not education

Dallas Morning news

May 16, 2011


AUSTIN - House and Senate budget negotiators said they made significant progress Monday, tentatively agreeing on big chunks of the two-year state spending plan, including Medicaid and prisons. 



House Passes Bill on Indigent Care for Immigrants

Texas Tribune

May 16, 2011


A contentious measure that would allow Texas counties to consider the income of a legal immigrant's sponsor when determining if the immigrant is eligible for indigent health care passed the House today. 





Four Women Become First To Graduate From UT Tyler Ph.D. Program

Tyler Morning-Telegraph

May 16, 2011


... The doctoral nursing program is 100 percent online and required collaboration on the part of many campus departments, said Dr. Barbara Haas, a professor and director of the Ph.D. 



UTB-TSC College of Education graduate programs receive national accreditation

Brownsville Herald

May 16, 2011


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College's College of Education will celebrate its national accreditation of two graduate programs at 10 a.m., today, in the courtyard of the Education and Business Complex.  ...UTB-TSC is one of 11 programs in Texas from almost 80 programs in counseling and guidance and the second in the University of Texas System to receive this national accreditation. 





Preparing for a groundswell of elderly people with mental illness

Los Angeles Times

May 16, 2011


HONOLULU -- With the first of the baby boomers turning 65 this year, the nation should brace itself for a growing number of older people with dementia and other types of mental illnesses, psychiatrists reported Monday at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Assn. It's not that mental illness is becoming more common in older people. The problem is that 20% of the U.S. population will be 65 and older by 2030 -- an increase from about 12% now.,0,7266506.story 



Governor's budget revision includes changes in mental hospitals

Los Angeles Times

May 17, 2011


A new state department would be formed to manage California's violence-plagued mental hospitals under a proposal in the governor's Monday budget revision. The push to create a Department of State Hospitals - and eventually do away with the Department of Mental Health, which now oversees the facilities - comes as lawmakers and employee unions press for changes to address increasing patient assaults on fellow patients and staff.,0,1841981.story 



Tough choices up for Nevada mental health budget

San Antonio Express News

May 17, 2011


CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Lawmakers are making tough decisions about Nevada's welfare and mental health programs as they wrap up budgets. 



Official: Va, DOJ could reach agreement by summer

San Antonio Express News

May 16, 2011


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia's top health official said Monday he thinks the state can reach an agreement with the Department of Justice over civil rights violations at homes for the mentally and physically disabled by the summer and begin making changes by the fall. 



United Way revising proposal for mental health plan after receiving JBLM updates

The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)

May 16, 2011


The United Way of Pierce County is revising language in its proposal for a new countywide property tax after receiving updated information on mental health programs offered at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. ... Lewis-McChord officials say they were "surprised" by the resolution's original language, which suggested that the base could provide mental health services to only 25 percent of service members who need them. 



Lawyers decline to question Loughner's doctors

San Antonio Express News

May 16, 2011


PHOENIX (AP) - A psychologist and psychiatrist won't testify at a court hearing next week over whether the Tucson shooting rampage suspect is mentally competent to assist in his defense. 



Ohio man who says he can't recall 1984 double slaying to be executed after brief delay

The Washington Post

May 17, 2011


LUCASVILLE, Ohio - The scheduled execution of an Ohio man has been delayed by more than half an hour after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to intervene. The state scheduled 63-year-old Daniel Bedford's execution for 10 a.m. Tuesday. ... His lawyers argued he has dementia and a mild mental disability that keep him from fully understanding the meaning and purpose of his death sentence. 





Medicare Revamp Exposes Divisions Within the GOP

The Wall Street Journal

May 17, 2011


Newt Gingrich's dismissal of the House Republican plan to overhaul Medicare provoked a rebuttal from the proposal's author, Rep. Paul Ryan, highlighting a split in the party over how hard to push a priority for the House GOP majority. On Monday, Mr. Ryan (R., Wis.), hit back at Mr. Gingrich's comments. "With allies like that, who needs the left?" Mr. Ryan said on the Laura Ingraham Show, a radio program. Mr. Ryan's plan would turn Medicare into an insurance premium support system for those currently under 55. When beneficiaries become Medicare-eligible, the government would pay private insurers a set amount toward their health policies, rather than paying directly for their health care. 





Time to get real: There's too much ignorance about health care costs in retirement

Houston chronicle

May 17, 2011


... Medicare is now expected to run out of money in 2024, five years sooner than anticipated; Social Security is projected to run dry in 2036, one year ahead of projections. Once the trust funds for the two programs are exhausted, the trustees' reports have concluded, payroll taxes collected will bring only enough to make partial payments to the enormous group of baby boomers that will be queueing up for benefits. 



Massive profits for that 'ruined' health care industry

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

May 17, 2011


... According to Forbes, America's highest paid chief executive officer hails from the industry that President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats are roundly accused of trying to destroy - health insurance. 



A stricter version of conservatism takes root

Austin American-Statesman

May 16, 2011


A hard-line approach against tricks that were more politically palatable in the past could force the Legislature to make spending cuts that are even more drastic. Previous lawmakers were willing to use the rainy day fund and deferred payments to make spending cuts less severe. But that was before the tea party, before Perry rode an anti-spending wave to a GOP primary win and before most of us had heard of Barack Obama. This is not 2003. 





Economic Distress, Suicide Rates in Japan Could Be Harbinger for U.S.

Internal Medicine News

May 17, 2011


HONOLULU - Economic crisis in the United States could lead to an increase in suicides if U.S. trends follow the pattern in Japan during that country's economic downturn a decade ago, according to Dr. William R. Yates and his colleagues.  ... Unemployment and divorce were the first and second leading psychosocial factors, one of Dr. Yates's Japanese colleagues found. Better suicide reporting did not seem to account for the increase in deaths. 



No Link Found Between Hippocampal Volume and Depression

Internal Medicine News

May 13, 2011


DENVER - Depressive symptoms were not associated with decreased hippocampal volume or reduced white matter intensity in a large, population-based study conducted in the elderly. 



New-Onset Psychosis Linked to Synthetic Marijuana Use

Internal Medicine News

May 16, 2011


HONOLULU - Synthetic marijuana, known as "spice," appears to have induced psychosis in 10 young service members in the U.S. Naval Academy, according to a case series from the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.  ... Psychotic symptoms resolved within 8 days in seven patients. One of those patients had a past diagnosis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; the others had no psychiatric histories. 





Depression is not always easy to detect

The Washington Post

May 16, 2011


A 46-year-old teacher saw a psychiatrist on referral from his primary-care doctor because he felt so depressed he couldn't function at work. The psychiatrist asked about his past relationships, his symptoms, his medical history and more. And then he ordered some blood tests. Medical history? Blood tests? Absolutely. Feeling depressed can mean many things, and not all of them represent true depression. A doctor needs to pay attention to all the patient's symptoms and consider all possible causes for them. 



Warm Welcome at Cannes for Gibson's 'The Beaver'

The New York Times

May 17, 2011


CANNES, France (Reuters) - Jodie Foster's wry look at depression and therapy in "The Beaver" got a warm reception at the Cannes film festival Tuesday, hinting at a possible second life in Europe after it flopped with U.S. audiences. ... But an audience of critics at Cannes, where introspective or psychological movies often go down better than elsewhere, laughed loudly several times during a screening and applauded at the end, with one spectator even whooping in delight.


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