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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary needs your support this month! Vote once a day every day!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

May, 2011

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 70, May 10, 2011

Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi Challenge

It's going to be a busy month here at IEAS! As you (hopefully) know, we're in the running to win $50,000 as part of the Pepsi Refresh Project. Remember, everyone can vote once a day, every day and we need to finish the top ten to win! We hope you are voting every day and if you're not – try it and see just how easy it is! If everyone votes, we can definitely make it into the top ten and win $50,000 for both the animals of IEAS and the wild Black bears that our education programs will help support. For more information, click here to visit our Blog or go straight to the VOTING page, here!

Meet Titan!

TitanAnd MORE exciting news from IEAS is that we have another new resident! Titan was rescued from the Kelly-Miller Circus, a traveling circus based out of Oklahoma. Richard Gilbreth, Executive Director, received a call on March 28 from the USDA saying they needed to find a home for a male tiger. Quoted by the USDA, "The tiger wouldn't perform for the circus. They needed to find a home for the tiger or the circus was going to make a rug out of him for their show." After hearing this, Richard and IEAS knew we had to rescue this innocent tiger. At the time, we just didn't know how fast we needed to act. The Circus was set up in Bridgeport, just 15 miles from the Sanctuary. Since it is a traveling Circus, they were leaving that night, so Richard and Roy headed to Bridgeport to rescue this tiger. The tiger was being kept in a 6X6 cage where all he could do is stand up and barely turn around. He was eager to get out of these conditions, as you could imagine, and is now much happier in his new habitat with a pool, grass, perches, a house, and lots of enrichment!

Quench Our Thirst Weekend was a HUGE Success!

Cases of waterAlso, a BIG thank you to everyone who brought cases of water during our "Quench Our Thirst" weekend! We collected almost 70 cases of bottled water! This adds up to almost 1,800 bottles of water! So incredible! This is such a huge sign of support and we can't thank everyone enough!

May Birthdays!

Newt Newt

Male Bobcat
Born May 5, 1994
Arrived May 1, 1996

Newt will turn 17 this month! Newt is a quintessential bobcat as he loves to lounge on the highest perches in his habitat. You can always see his little feet hanging over the top of his wooden perches during the day. He is great friends with his neighbors, Baby and Cookie – two more bobcats!


Tassers Tassers

Male Bobcat
Born May 5, 1988
Arrived August 1, 1991

Tassers is a very special bobcat and will be turning 23 this month! Tassers is super affectionate and loves visitors. He will always make his way right over to the fence, purring at a friendly face. One of his favorite things to do is roll around in he tall grasses of his habitat!


Mia Mia

Female Amur Leopard
Born May 12, 1997
Arrived January 25, 1998

Mia will be 15 years old this month and is one special cat! She is one of rarest species of cat that there is! She came to IEAS very distrusting of humans but has come to really enjoy the company of those she trusts. She will run down from her highest perch, with her affectionate rumbling sound, and roll in the grass near her visitor.


Bob9 Bob9

Male Bobcat
Born May 12, 1994
Arrived June 1, 1995

Bob9 shares his birthday with Mia, but will be 18 years old this month! Bob9 is one tough little cat. He is one of the only cats know to have survived West Nile virus. He is very friendly, poised, and loves visitors. He loves to lay in the corner of his habitat in the sun with his little paws crossed!


Zippy Zippy

Female Bengal Tiger
Born May 20, 2001
Rescued October 9, 2008

Zippy, a neighbor of Bob9, will be 10 years old this month! She is a very friendly girl when she's in a good mood. She loves to lay in the sun on her back, warming her belly. She is a special cat who was near drowning in a locked cage during Hurricane Ike when she was rescued. We are happy to have given her a home here at IEAS!



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