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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

April, 2011



Senate: We need $3 billion from rainy day fund for budget

Austin American-Statesman

April 20, 2011


Senate Finance Chairman Steve Ogden said $3 billion would need to be drawn from the state's rainy day fund to pay for additional spending in the upper chamber's 2012-13 budget. The Finance Committee has spent the past two days cementing the building blocks for its more generous alternative to House Bill 1, a bare-bones budget bill that makes deep cuts to education, health care and more. 



House Gives Early OK to Health Care Compact

Texas Tribune

April 20, 2011


On Wednesday, House lawmakers put their initial stamp of approval on a health care compact - a partnership with other states to ask the federal government for control over Medicaid and Medicare in Texas. 



House: Foster Kids Must Get Records Faster

Texas Tribune

April 20, 2011


Responding to a Texas Tribune article about young adults who age out of foster care being denied their records, House lawmakers passed a bill today to require the prompt release of case files following a child's discharge from foster care. 





Report examines spending for Texas health care

San Antonio Express News

April 21, 2011


In fiscal 2009, Texas state government spent about $30.2 billion on health care, a 36.1 percent increase from fiscal 2005. A new report by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs examines where health care dollars go and why costs are soaring. 


The Health Care Spending in Texas report can be found on the comptroller's website at



New clinic for veterans expected to open in area

Odessa American

April 20, 2011


Eighty-two percent of veterans the Big Springs Veteran Affairs Hospital serves live in outlying areas. That's why the hospital is looking to open a new medical clinic in the Odessa or Midland area, Public Affairs Officer Iva Jo Hanslik said. Big Springs serves vets living in Ector, Midland, Ward, Winkler, Crane, Upton and Loving counties.  ...Still, the new clinic is expected to offer primary care, physical therapy, health and wellness and mental health services, she said. 



Life after war not easy for Iraq, Afghanistan veterans

SHSU Houstonian Online

April 21, 2011


SHSU has a growing veteran's population, with about 600 students drawing VA college benefits and another 200 dependents who use benefits, according to Kathy Hudson, who is the coordinator at the Veterans Resource Center.  ...Tri-County Services, a mental health service agency covering Walker County, received a grant in 2010 to form local support groups for veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. 



Mom Accuses MHMR Employee Of Wrongdoing With Her Daughter

KVIA El Paso

April 20, 2011


EL PASO, Texas -- A woman says her daughter - who has down syndrome - was sexually assaulted by a teacher who works at El Paso Mental Health and Retardation. The investigation is over, but it appears to have raised as many questions as answers.  ...The allegation was listed as "unconfirmed" and the teacher was returned to the classroom with no record of the complaint being put in his personnel file. According to the state's retention policy, if the investigation results are unconfirmed, not even the complaint is recorded. 



Murder charge dismissed in '06 slaying

Austin American-Statesman

April 20, 2011


Austin defense lawyer Ben Florey said it was months after his client Jason Pool was charged with murder in 2006 that he first started pointing out problems with the case.  ... Meyer noted that the case was delayed because Pool has spent part of the time since his arrest in a state psychiatric hospital after being repeatedly found incompetent to stand trial. 



67-year-old Dallas man critical after setting himself on fire

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

April 18, 2011


A 67-year-old Dallas man is in critical condition after setting himself on fire in an apparent suicide attempt Sunday night. ... Witnesses at the scene told investigators that the man was talking to himself and claimed to be hearing things before he used a lighter to set himself on fire, the release stated. 





Iowa Senate approves mental health reform bill

Des Moines Register (Iowa)

April 20, 2011


The Iowa Senate approved a bill on a near-party line vote Wednesday that is aimed at establishing a framework to reform Iowa's mental health system. 



Social service caseloads expected to grow: New projections forecast growth in demand for services despite signs of economic recovery

Kansas Health Institute

April 20, 2011


TOPEKA - The state's social service caseloads are expected to grow in the coming budget year despite signs of economic recovery. Also, state government will be paying a larger share of the costs after federal aid is scaled back starting July 1. 



School-based therapy helps families, children in need

Minnesota Public Radio

April 20, 2011


St. Paul, Minn. - Many children in Minnesota wait months for mental health services due to a severe shortage of providers. But some schools have managed to get their students to the front of the line by partnering directly with mental health agencies, a program that has served 8,400 children in the last two years. 



With DNA advances, genetic counselors may become more common

Los Angeles Times

April 20, 2011


... But now, as the era of routine genetic sequences and "personalized medicine" for all draws closer, genetic counselors are increasingly called upon to explain complicated results that may offer insights into risk for chronic conditions such as heart disease, mental illness and cancer.,0,6871002.story 



Chicago police concerned about conceal-carry bill

San Antonio Express News

April 20, 2011


CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago police joined gun control groups Wednesday to voice concerns about flaws in Illinois' mental health screening system for would-be gun owners, problems that could be amplified with passage of a bill to allow permits for carrying concealed firearms. 



Attorneys for suspect in Tucson shooting rampage ask judge to deny request for medical records

The Washington Post

April 20, 2011


PHOENIX - Lawyers for the suspect in the Tucson shooting rampage have asked a judge to reject prosecutors' request for his medical records. Prosecutors requested Jared Loughner's records so they can be used by a psychologist who is conducting a mental competency exam of the suspect at a federal medical facility in Missouri. Loughner's attorneys say U.S. District Judge Larry Burns should issue an order saying the documents can be used for determining his mental competency and for no other purposes. 



Alfred Freedman, a Leader in Psychiatry, Dies at 94

The New York Times

April 20, 2011


Dr. Alfred M. Freedman, a psychiatrist and social reformer who led the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 when, overturning a century-old policy, it declared that homosexuality was not a mental illness, died on Sunday in Manhattan. He was 94. The cause was complications of surgery to treat a fractured hip, his son Dan said. 



Concord man convicted of manslaughter for killing roommate

Contra Costa Times

April 20, 2011


MARTINEZ -- Jurors on Tuesday declared guilty of voluntary manslaughter a man who killed his roommate in a Concord house for people with mental disabilities -- the same conviction that a state appeals court overturned last year. Nathan Gideon, 31, fatally stabbed 37-year-old Stephen Hauser on March 22, 2006 in a house for people with schizophrenia.   ...The defense argued that Hauser attacked first, and the much-smaller Gideon killed while defending himself. 





Secretaries Duncan and Sebelius launch outreach effort to help make graduating students aware of the new health coverage options under the Affordable Care Act

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

April 20, 2011


Today, Education (ED) Secretary Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius launched a new initiative to help educate graduating college and university seniors about their new health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. Thanks to the new law, many young adults will be eligible to remain on their parent's health insurance plan until their 26th birthday. 





Students return to school in Japan's disaster zone

Houston Chronicle

April 21, 2011


KESENNUMA, Japan (AP) - ... Psychologists and school counselors from around the country are being trained and sent to the hardest-hit areas to help students deal with the mental strain. 





Study Reveals New Clues to How Depression May Develop

National Institute of Mental Health

April 20, 2011


Activating neurons in a brain structure linked to disappointment increased depression-like behaviors in rats, while suppressing the neurons' activity reduced the behaviors, according to an NIMH-funded study. The findings help to explain previous research linking this brain structure to depression in humans and highlight a cellular process that hadn't been previously explored in mood disorders research. The study was published in the February 24, 2011, issue of Nature. 



Winter may be linked to postpartum depression

Los Angeles Times

April 20, 2011


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who give birth in fall and winter may be more likely to get postpartum depression than those who deliver in the spring, suggests a new study from Sweden. Dr. Sara Sylven and her colleagues at Uppsala University say that changes in the amount of daylight during each season may affect chemical pathways in the brain related to depression.,0,574908.story 





The Bell: Mental Health America's flagship newsletter

Mental Health America

Spring 2011


Mental Health America offers Bell readers the news they need to work effectively on mental health issues, and keep up to speed on the latest policy and research developments. 



'Beauty Shop': Soap Operas, Idols and Mental Illness

National Public Radio

April 20, 2011


The long running soap opera, "All My Children," has been canceled. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones announced she's been treated entering treatment for bipolar disorder, and five women were voted off of American Idol in five weeks. Host Michel Martin turns to the ladies of the 'Beauty Shop' for stories that need a woman's touch. Joining Martin in the shop are Danielle Belton, author of The Black Snob blog, Galina Espinoza, editorial director for Latina magazine, and Mary Elizabeth Williams, staff writer for 



Catherine Zeta-Jones on her bipolar II diagnosis

The Washington Post

April 20, 2011


Catherine Zeta-Jones released a personal statement about her bipolar II diagnosis to People magazine, saying, "This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am one of them." "If my revelation of having bipolar II has encouraged one person to seek help, then it is worth it," Zeta-Jones said in the statement, which is included in People's cover story on the actress's diagnosis. "There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help." 



National Think Tank for African American Progress: "Call for Solutions"

Association of Black Psychologists and Center for African American Research and Policy

April 2011


The Association of Black Psychologist in collaboration with the Center for African American Research and Policy will convene a National Think Tank for African American Progress. Researchers, theorists, and activists are invited to submit solutions to three specific topics confronting African American communities: (1) community and family Impact of Re-entry; (2) African Alzheimer's and African American Caregivers; and (3) mental health needs of African American war veterans and their families.  Deadline extended: 5 p.m. central time, April 26, 2011. 



National Coalition Newsletter

National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

March - April 2011


Sample of what's in this issue:

·           Alternatives 2011 now accepting workshop proposals

·           SAMHSA Now Accepting Nominations for 2011 Voice Awards

·           Daniel Mackler's New Documentaries on Non-Medical Approaches to Recovery Now Available

·           Faces and Voices of Recovery Seeking Nominations to Board of Directors

·           Antipsychotic drugs may contribute to brain tissue loss in schizophrenia

·           Trauma-informed Care: A Call to Arms

·           Improving Employment Access for Americans with Disabilities

·           NADA Conference: Communities of Recovery and Psychological First Aid 



Leading Expert Releases Groundbreaking Book on Self Kindness, Mindfulness

The University of Texas at Austin

April 19, 2011


AUSTIN, Texas - The leading international expert on self-compassion, University of Texas at Austin educational psychologist Kristin Neff, has released a new book on how to reduce insecurity, anxiety and self-criticism and be kinder to yourself.


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