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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Be a Miracle Worker by Supporting Miracles!
The Writer's Garret

April, 2011

Word of the Day: "Water"

Understand the value of even one word,

and "everything under the sun will follow."

--The Miracle Worker

To paraphrase octavio paz, we will always thirst for poetry and stories, as they
Keep us alive as surely as does water

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"...She has to learn everything has a name. That words can be her eyes, the everything
outside her and inside, too. What is she without words? With them she can think,
have ideas, be reached. There's not a thought or fact that can't be hers. You publish
a newspaper, Mr, Keller. Do I need to tell you what words are? And she has them
already. . . . 18 nouns and three verbs. They're in her fingers now. I just need
to push them into her mind! One, and everything under the sun will follow."

-- Annie Sullivan,

The Miracle Worker

Mark Twain says "the difference between the right word and the wrong word is the
difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

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Miracles not only happen,
they can be made to happen

Last month, I received a request to better understand hunger by going a day without
eating. This started me thinking about what it would be like to go a day without
reading, without writing, without understanding the miracle of language. It would
be like going without water.
Who among us can do that? The miracle of language is one of the defining traits
anthropologists use to measure being human. Mastery of language enables culture.
Deepens our connection. Provides inspiration. Keeps our ideas alive for future
generations. Even wires our brains to solve problems. One could argue that mastery
of words
is the closest thing we have to telepathy. Or time-travel.
Helen Keller, in her own words, describes that fateful day so gloriously set to
stage, where finally understanding the word "w-a-t-e-r" as that "wonderful cool
something flowing over [her] hand," "that living word awakened [her] soul, gave
it life, hope, joy, set it free!" Before language her "wordless sensation" couldn't
even rightfully be called a thought.
My late husband Jack Myers and I founded The Writer's Garret because we loved language,
and knew that if we could somehow communicate to our fellow human beings its incredible
essence of power, miracles indeed could be made to happen.*
When we send these appeals, we usually describe the 1.75 million people--readers,
writers, educators, children, and their families--whose lives we have touched since
1994. We talk about the hard economy. We remind everyone that before  The Writer's
Garret, the Texas Commission on the Arts told me, "Literature stops in Austin."
We've brought to North Texas not only a stable literary community, but unique and
far-reaching programs (such as our LifeLines project with runaway and homeless teens
many of which help keep kids in school and adults learning. We brag about our national
and regional honors and our classes and free programs [].
We humbly plead, "We need you!"
Well, all of this is still true--but we also want this to be about you. Think with
those miraculously worded thoughts about what your life would be like without reading,
without writing, without language that cares enough to be truthful, feeling, and
exact? What would your life be like if young people failed to learn to read and
older people never had a chance to leave behind their experiences? What would your
life be like if you never had the chance to read past Dick and Jane, Nancy Drew,
or comic books. Where would you be right now?
So, this email is for you . . . and so is The Writer's Garret. When we help homeless
youth at Promise House [],
"at risk" high schoolers in DISD, or Latino children at Trinity River Mission [],
it's still about you, and the kind of world you are leaving for tomorrow. We all
need to keep the water flowing uphill, downhill, and sideways.
It's a miracle, this language thing, and every time you utter a word, jot down an
idea, recite a poem, you are connecting with something divine. Something awe-inspiring.
Please be a miracle worker. Help us to help others be the best human beings we can
be. Give as generously as you can, and together, we'll keep the word flowing clear
as water in North Texas.


Thea Temple, Executive Director,
The Writer's Garret

*You can also send a check to our mailing address:
P.O. Box 140530 / Dallas, TX 75214-0530

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