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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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IEAS: An Exciting Month at IEAS!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

April, 2011

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International Exotic Animal  Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 68, April 05, 2011

An Exciting Month at IEAS!

Well, the past month has been exciting here at IEAS! We have started a new intern session and have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to rescue two tigers and two cougars, providing them with a new home here at the Sanctuary.

New Interns!

New InternsThe spring intern session has started and we welcomed four new Animal Care Interns to IEAS! Sydney from Georgia, Jennie from California, Jamie from Massachusetts, and Danielle from Texas have already started their training as interns, learning the ins and outs of exotic animal care.

IEAS began its Intern Program in 2002 and was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Zookeeper Education by the American Association of Zookeepers, Inc. five years later. More than 200 interns have passed through IEAS since the start of the program to move on to contribute to zoos, sanctuaries, and other reputable animal facilities across the country. Each of those interns brought with them from IEAS a belief in doing everything possible to ensure a quality life for captive animals.

Four New Residents!

New CatsOn March 8, two tigers (a male and a female) and two cougars (a male and a female) were brought to IEAS from a ranch in Coryell County, TX where they had been forced to live in extremely poor conditions. They, along with over 300 other animals, were confiscated from the owners and put in the custody of the Houston SPCA before arrangements were made to bring them here.

We are so happy to have the opportunity to provide a new life for these magnificent animals and they have been settling in wonderfully! Their distinct personalities are certainly starting to show! The female cougar is very much like her new neighbor, another female cougar named N'dito. Both are very instinctual and tend to stalk those who happen past their habitats. The female cougar seems to enjoy a view from up high, resting on her highest perches. The male is very friendly and curious, always walking up to anyone who ventures past his habitat. He has done lots of rubbing on the fence when he has visitors. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable all the time!

New CatsThe female tiger is very friendly with everyone she trusts. When she sees a trusted visitor, she wanders over, chuffing the whole way. When the male sees that she trusts the visitor, he welcomes them as well! They are adjusting to our routines and starting to figure out what all of the sights and sounds around them are! These two tigers have already been playing in their pool and with their toys. They seem to really enjoy lying on their perches in the sun when all of the day's work is done and things have quieted down.

YOU can be a part of the lives of these four amazing cats by donating to IEAS. One small donation can go a long way. $20 feeds four of our big cats for one day!

We can't thank everyone enough for supporting the Sanctuary and helping us provide a safe, comfortable, and happy life for magnificent animals such as these. Being non-profit, we truly are able to do the things we do because of people like YOU.

Big Cat Scat!

Big Cat ScatNow that spring is here, it's time for you to start thinking about protecting your gardens from pests! We have the perfect solution to this problem! Researchers have shown that the use of tiger scat in a garden will help keep those pests away. Here at the Sanctuary, we collect buckets of tiger scat weekly and process it into a powder that you can spread around your garden. The smell of this scat is enough to keep all those garden pests from ruining all of your plants! Visit our website for more information about Big Cat Scat can help you!

April Birthdays

Khera, Kashmere & Laxmi

Female Bengal Tigers
Born: April 1, 1994
Arrived: April 4, 1994

Khera, Kashmere and Laxmi are three sisters raised here at the Sanctuary. Even though they are siblings, they all have distinct personalities. Kashmere loves attention and is very affectionate with those she trusts. Laxmi is very friendly and love to lounge up on her highest perch. Her favorite thing to do is spend time next to Nayakahn, a male Bengal living in the habitat next to her! Khera is a playful girl, who likes to roll in the grass when


Kashmere and Laxmi Khera

Tricia Tricia

Female Bobcat
Born: April 13, 2008
Arrived: May 12, 2008

Tricia arrived at IEAS at only four weeks old. She had been orphaned after her mother was shot. She arrived with Chrissy, another female bobcat, and they now live together in a habitat where they love to lounge up high. They each have a favorite spot where they lay as high as possible. Tricia loves a particular few branches where she has a great view of everything happening around her!


Rasul Allie Kat & Rasul

Bengal Tigers
Born: April 21, 2005
Arrived: June 20, 2005

Allie Kat and Rasul are to rambunctious Bengal tigers who were rescued and brought to IEAS after someone was attempting to smuggle them into Mexico. Since they arrived at IEAS at nine weeks of age, they have grown up to be very social and very playful. They both love visitors and come running over when someone they know and trust approaches. They are very talkative and we are happy to take care of them here at the Sanctuary!


Nala Nala

Female Lion
Born: April 30, 1996
Arrived: September 1, 1996

Nala arrived at IEAS in terrible condition. She was so malnourished and unhealthy that she had hairline fractures in almost every major bone in her body. She could barely lift her head. Nala met Kuru, a male lion, in Quarantine and they fell in love. Now, years later, Nala and Kuru are living in a spacious habitat, healthy, happy, and always napping together in the sun.



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