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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

March, 2011



Perry, legislators reach limited deal on dipping into rainy day fund

Austin American Statesman

March 15, 2011


Gov. Rick Perry relented Tuesday and publicly endorsed a plan to take money out of the state's $9.4 billion rainy day fund to fix one part of the Texas budget shortfall.  ...With Perry's blessing, the House Appropriations Committee voted to take $3.1 billion out of the fund to help cover a deficit in the current two-year budget cycle, which ends Aug. 31. But lawmakers must also write a budget for the next two years, and they're about $23 billion short of the money they need to continue services at their existing levels. 



Plan to Merge Agencies Worries Texas Safety Officials

Texas Tribune

March 18, 2011


A money-saving proposal to combine state agencies that oversee police and firefighter training and local jail operations has public safety officials statewide worried about their future.   ...Lawmakers say the measure would save the state millions. But police, jail officials and firefighters say the initiative would stretch one agency too thin. 



Rural Hospitals Hope to Change Hiring Law

Texas Tribune

March 17, 2011


A Texas law dating back to the 1800s that keeps hospitals from directly hiring doctors comes up before lawmakers again today, in a flurry of bills designed to remove the ban - either for an individual hospital district, or for all the state's rural hospitals. 





Those residency slots are vital to Texas students

Galveston County Daily News

March 16, 2011


Those of us in academic medicine are well aware of the pressures to increase medical school enrollment to address the nationwide physician shortage. At the University of Texas Medical Branch, we have increased our medical student class size by 10 percent during the last four years. 



Constables laying off deputies as budget cuts bite

Houston Chronicle

March 17, 2011


Harris County's eight constables, some of whom say public safety could be at risk, have begun laying off dozens of deputies and limiting many more to four-day work weeks as budget cuts begin to bite. An estimated 160 to 190 deputies and civilians have been or will likely be let go, the constables said, with scores more seeing 20 percent pay cuts because of eight hours less on duty each week. 



Moves by MHMR chief questioned

El Paso Times

March 18, 2011


After the board of directors was dissolved but before a new one could meet, the leader of the local mental health authority canceled an important contract and fired the agency's director of intake and crisis services. Those actions and others by Gary Larcenaire could cause "chaos" inside El Paso Mental Health Mental Rehabilitation and harm its ability to serve the community's mentally ill, local leaders and mental health professionals said. 





Bill would expand EHR program to more mental-health workers

March 18, 2011


Licensed psychologists, clinical social workers and mental-health facilities would qualify for some of the $19 billion in federal payments for clinicians and medical centers that adopt and use qualifying electronic health-record systems, under newly proposed legislation. 



Study planned on prescriptions in Ga. foster care

San Antonio Express News

March 18, 2011


ATLANTA (AP) - A pilot program will study of the use of psychotropic drugs in Georgia's foster care system. State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver said many children in foster care have been traumatized and are in need of mental health treatment but data from the Department of Community Health show they are being prescribed psychotropic drugs at an alarmingly high rate. 



Lawmakers OK billions in program cuts in California budget

Los Angeles Times

March 17, 2011


Reporting from Sacramento -- State lawmakers Wednesday approved billions of dollars in cuts to welfare, medical programs for the poor and in-home care for the elderly and frail, among other services, moving forward key pieces of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget reduction package. They also voted to sharply reduce services for the developmentally disabled and shifted hundreds of millions of dollars away from mental health and early childhood programs to use instead to reduce the deficit.,0,942757.story 



Cuts at state mental hospital put pressure on local Va. Officials

The Washington Post

March 17, 2011


The fiscally strapped state psychiatric hospital serving Northern Virginia is cutting beds for people in crisis, forcing local mental health officials to scramble to come up with alternatives. Already, community services boards in the region are turning more frequently to hospitals as far away as Petersburg to find empty beds, and that is straining the resources of county law enforcement agencies, which are often responsible for transporting patients. 



Mental Health Court opens in Manhattan

March 18, 2011


NEW YORK - Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., joined by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, announced the opening of the Mental Health Court at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan. This is the first Manhattan court dedicated to handling the non-violent cases of defendants with serious and continuing mental illness. 



Defense wants assurances on exam of Tucson suspect

Austin American Statesman

March 17, 2011


PHOENIX - Defense attorneys for the suspect in an Arizona shooting rampage want assurances that a court-ordered mental competency evaluation doesn't expand into a review of their client's sanity. They argue that the exam should be done by an outside expert, not a federal Bureau of Prisons employee. 





White House Seeks to Boost Public Support for Health Bill

The Wall Street Journal

March 18, 2011


The Obama administration next week will embark on a fresh pitch for the health-care overhaul, seeking to boost public support for the law on its one-year anniversary. But lawmakers and some policy experts say the next phase of the overhaul will be more difficult to sell. Between now and the 2012 presidential election, few consumer-oriented changes kick in. That gives the administration few tools to break a deadlock in public opinion over President Barack Obama's top domestic achievement, which he signed March 23, 2010. 



Federal Health Reform Clear Antagonist At House Hearing

Texas Tribune

March 18, 2011


Federal health care reform was the clear antagonist at today's meeting of the House Select Committee on State Sovereignty. Republican lawmakers laid out a dozen bills - and a handful of different strategies - to prevent implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Texas, and allow the state to operate Medicaid its own way. 



Americans Remain Divided, Confused About Health Law As Anniversary Nears

Kaiser Health News

March 18, 2011


A year after Democrats in Congress pushed through the law overhauling U.S. health care, Americans remain as split as ever about it, according to a poll released today. A survey this month by the Kaiser Family Foundation found 42 percent of Americans support the health law while 46 percent are opposed 



Ryan Says Congress Will Dodge Entitlement Cuts

The Fiscal Times

March 17, 2011


Congress is unlikely to tackle major changes in Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security before the 2012 election because of few signs that Republicans and Democrats are willing to assume the political risk, according to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis. 





Chernobyl mental trauma lesson for Japan


March 18, 2011


Moscow - Japan risks harming the mental health of those affected by its quake-damaged nuclear plant if it repeats the error of the Soviet Union after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in concealing information, psychologists warned. 



Mental impact of Japan disaster will be felt 'for some time to come'


March 18, 2011


A psychology expert at Queen Mary, University of London has said that the Japan disaster had a devastating immediate effect on tens of thousands of people but the true psychological impact will be felt "for some time to come". 



Mental issue stops kidney transplant


March 18, 2011


BEIJING - A hospital in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province, has abandoned a plan to transplant a kidney from a live donor after having considered the legal risks that may arise from taking the organ from the patient's younger brother, who is believed to suffer from mental troubles. 



Show 'defies conventional description'

British Broadcasting Corporation

March 18, 2011


Developments in the science of mental health are to be presented in a fully interactive musical extravaganza involving the audience, patients suffering from bi-polar disorder, medical staff and research scientists. Science correspondent Tom Feilden reports. 





Ripple effect of hospital cuts could cost Texas jobs

Houston Chronicle

March 16, 2011


Texas is tops in attracting business to the state, winning Site Selection's latest Governor's Cup award for the number of new or expanded corporate facilities. This recognition affirms Texas' stellar track record in creating new jobs. But our success could be our downfall if we don't make smart investments in essential services. Unless we adequately fund our hospitals, schools and transportation infrastructure, the effects will be detrimental to our long-term prosperity; every Texan will feel the results - especially in their health care. 





Adults With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Score High in Creativity

Science Daily News

March 18, 2011


Young adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder showed more creativity compared with those who did not have ADHD, a new study shows. Researchers at the University of Michigan and Eckerd College also found that ADHD individuals preferred different thinking styles. They like generating ideas, but are not good about completing the tasks. 



Scientists Create Stem Cells from Schizophrenia Patients

Science Daily News

March 17, 2011


Using skin cells from adult siblings with schizophrenia and a genetic mutation linked to major mental illnesses, Johns Hopkins researchers have created induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) using a new and improved "clean" technique. 



Tai Chi Aids Seniors in Fighting Depression

Psych Central News

March 18, 2011


With more than 2 million people age 65 and older suffering from depression in the U.S., including half of those living in nursing homes, effectively treating the elderly is a growing problem - especially as the numbers of seniors rise. Researchers at UCLA found that an ancient martial art can help significantly. 



Cannabis use linked to brain matter deficits in young schizophrenics

Med Wire News

March 18, 2011


"Numerous epidemiological surveys have shown a link between cannabis use and the risk of schizophrenia... [and] there appears to be a dose-dependent relationship, with a higher risk of schizophrenia predicted by the earlier age of cannabis use," explain Anthony James (Warneford Hospital, Oxford, UK) and team. However, they add that it is not known whether cannabis use affects neurodevelopment in adolescents with schizophrenia. 



Acne May Blemish Teens' Emotional Lives, Too

HealthDay News

March 17, 2011


A new review confirms something that teens have always known: pimples, low self-esteem and depression often go hand-in-hand. While it doesn't prove that blemishes actually cause emotional problems, the analysis of 16 studies suggests that teenage acne outbreaks do more than just boost Clearasil sales. 





NAMI's Special Report: Mental Health Cuts

National Alliance on Mental Illness

March 17, 2011


We live in dangerous times. That's the message NAMI has delivered this month in a special report, State Mental Health Cuts: a National Crisis, which has received widespread media attention. The report provides the first comprehensive look at how deep states have been cutting mental health budgets, based on tedious examination of public documents. For tens of thousands of people, the safety net for people living with mental illness is being shredded. 



Texas' Solution to the Prison Problem; State Rep. Jerry Madden

Texas Insider

March 17, 2011


Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. - Governing Magazine named him one of their 2010 Public Officials of the Year for his reforms & bipartisan strategy.  ...Rep. Madden gladly welcomed an interview to discuss these efforts in the hope of providing other legislators an insider view of how Texas achieved its goals. His background and experience led him to introduce sweeping criminal justice reform in Texas that now stands as a model to emulate in other states. 





Report Recommends New Approach to Nonprofit Program Evaluation

Philanthropy News Digest

March 14, 2011


A new report from Public/Private Ventures calls for a more nuanced approach to evaluating the effectiveness of nonprofit initiatives, rejecting rigid models based on a narrow determination of success or failure. The report, Priorities for a New Decade: Making (More) Social Programs Work (Better) (12 pages, PDF), recommends an approach that fully engages nonprofit practitioners as partners in evaluation efforts, reflects a deep understanding of local circumstances and constraints, and produces guidelines for evaluation and scaling that support program quality and performance.  


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