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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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The Elusive Talent Strategy. An Excellent Teacher for Every Student in Every School
Carnegie Corporation of New York

March, 2011

“The quality of our nation's teacher corps will largely determine the success or failure of our public education systems and ffect the future of our democracy for years to come. If we really want to continue to improve student achievement we have o choice but to improve teaching.”

Vartan Gregorian
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Education relies on the talent, skill and commitment of teachers and school leaders. The moment students walk into school, no factor is more important to learning than the quality of their teachers. As the primary asset of the American educational system, and as the bedrock of our democracy and economy, our nation’s educators deserve to be part of an esteemed profession that attracts the most talented graduates, provides support to improve and grow, rewards excellence and doesn’t make allowances for continued poor performance.  Great teachers also need great principals, and to attract great principals means giving them the freedom to make decisions for their schools in a culture of support and accountability.  If we do these things, we will be well on our way to creating a system of great schools.  Our students deserve no less.

To significantly improve student achievement, Carnegie Corporation focuses on : (1) recruiting and preparing excellent teachers and principals, (2) using student learning data to develop teachers throughout their careers so that they and their students continue to improve, and (3) providing assessments to manage talent: to incentivize top performers, remove low performers, and ensure that the highest-need students and classrooms have the teachers best equipped to help them. 


The country must rethink and reinvent the way teachers are trained, recruited, developed, and rewarded, as well as making better use of talented teachers already on the job.

The goal of this and other Carnegie “Challenge” papers is to lift up ideas and issues in a way that Carnegie Corporation hopes will elevate them to the nation’s agenda. The subjects we deal with, along with questions we explore and the issues we frame, grow out of the work of Carnegie Corporation of New York but do not necessarily represent the current focus of our programs.

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