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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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New GIS Workshops Added - March - June 2011
New Urban Researchm Inc.

February, 2011

We have added new GIS classes and wanted to get the word out.

We are teaching two versions of our GIS Essentials™ Workshop. These two versions include a tele-class (which can be taken from anywhere) and a live one day workshop (offered in various locations).

GIS Essentials™ Workshop - Live One Day Class
Upcoming cities: Honolulu (3/24/11), Tulsa (4/8/11), OKC (4/7/11), Atlanta (5/13/11), Chicago (6/10/11), Las Vegas(5/20/11), Denver (4/15/11), Sacramento (6/24/11)

This basic one-day workshop is designed to teach essential GIS (Geographic Information System) skills as indicated by a survey of 500 GIS professionals, as well as input from several thousand aspiring GIS practitioners. Staff from government agencies, non-profits and universities will find the workshop particularly relevant. Gina Clemmer, author of the book The GIS 20: Essential Skills published by ESRI Press, will teach these workshops.

Audience: Anyone interested in learning the essentials of ArcGIS 10.
Registration: $595 (Includes registration to class, continental breakfast, lunch and a copy of the book The GIS 20: Essential Skills)
More Info/Registration:

GIS Essentials™ Workshop - March Tele-Classes

This is a series of tele-classes taught on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout March 2011. Each student uses a toll-free number to phone into class. Student must have ArcGIS 10 setup on their desktop (or a sixty day trial version of the software can be arranged).

Audience : Anyone interested in learning the essentials of ArcGIS. Some familiarity with ArcGIS recommended, but not necessary.
Registration Fee: $1,000 (We cover twenty exercises over sixteen hours of instruction, meeting for eight class, two hours each)
Software: ArcGIS 10 (9.3.1 also available)
Dates/Times: Mondays and Wednesdays in March - 10 am - 12 pm PST (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST). First class is on March 2nd. *Note: Recordings are available of all classes.

Materials for both classes

+ A copy of The GIS 20: Essential Skills by Gina Clemmer, will be provided in class and used as the primary text. The price of the book is included with the price of the registration. The GIS 20 is a focused workbook that demonstrates how to perform the most frequently utilized twenty essential GIS skills. The skills were indicated by 500 GIS practitioners through a survey, as well as through questions, projects and suggestions from 15,000 GIS students over the past decade. This book can be treated as a weekly self-assignment or an as-needed reference making it useful for the professional practitioner, the teacher and student. Each chapter offers clear steps, written in plain language, that illustrate exactly how to complete the presented essential skill exercise. In addition, the book helps beginners and non-native English speakers cut through technical jargon by using everyday language to explain the steps. If you are a GIS beginner, The GIS 20: Essential Skills will help you quickly master the most essential GIS skills in practice today.

+ ArcGIS (ArcView 10) software 60-day trial CD set (ordered in class).

What People Are Saying

University of Houston: "This was a fast-paced, excellent presentation. Well worth the time."

University of Texas, School of Public Health: "Excellent. The workshop was straightforward and very & digestible."

City of San Antonio: "This workshop provided good content, and instructor&`;s teaching style facilitated easy learning."

City of Round Rock, Texas: "Workshop was fast paced and taught efficiently on an easy to understand level."

New Urban Research, Inc. is a national social research organization specializing in quantitative and spatial community analysis.
NUR is an ESRI Business Partner. 3323 NE 33rd Ave Portland, Oregon 97212
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