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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

February, 2011



More balance needed in Texas' budget approach, bond rating agency says

Austin American-Statesman

February 21, 2011


Texas' cuts-only approach to its budget shortfall won't solve the state's long-term fiscal problems, according to Standard & Poor's, a major bond rating agency.



Conservative group urges Medicaid shift to market-based plans

Dallas Morning News

February 21, 2011


AUSTIN - Texas should shift many of its 3.3 million Medicaid recipients into private health insurance to avert a fiscal meltdown, a conservative group is urging.



Garnet Coleman: The TT Interview

Texas Tribune

February 22, 2011


Texas Republican lawmakers and right-leaning think tanks are considering ways to secure flexibility - read: exceptions - from the federal Medicaid program. Their best bet may be right under their nose: a House Democrat headed to Washington this week for meetings with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.



Texas medical professionals divided on merger proposal

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

February 21, 2011


Gov. Rick Perry's proposal to combine nine health professions boards into a single agency has some critics asking whether that would jeopardize patient safety. The governor's appointees on medical boards defend the idea and say any merger of the boards regulating doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, psychologists, chiropractors, pharmacists and other medical professionals would make safety a primary consideration.



How would state budget cuts hit local nonprofits?

Austin American-Statesman

February 21, 2011


Austin nonprofits are bracing themselves for potential budget cuts that could eliminate services to thousands of people.





Self, study see need for stronger mental health system

McKinney Courier Gazette

February 21, 2011


Collin County was ranked as one of the top places to live for health factors and outcomes at the beginning of 2010. One area, however, has failed to keep up with that growth: mental health care.  ...According to the study, most encounters were for major depression, followed by problems with bipolar disorders with drug related and developmental disorders.



Fort Hood Adopts N.J. Veterans Suicide Hotline


February 21, 2011


The country's largest army base is getting some much needed help to stem the tide of suicides and dangerous behavior among its soldiers. The New Jersey state medical school is donating the services of its successful veterans helpline program to Fort Hood in Texas.



Paradise Center Visitors Protest MHMR

Fort Worth Weekly

February 21, 2011


...Protesters were waving signs in front of the Tarrant County Mental Health and Mental Retardation headquarters. The protesters like to socialize, play games, and hang out during the week at Paradise Center, a nonprofit organization and peer support community center for adults with mental illness.  ...But last week, MHMR fired the center's only fulltime staffer, Teresa Davis.



Texas youth prison abuse case ends in acquittal

Houston Chronicle

February 22, 2011


LUBBOCK, Texas - The second criminal trial stemming from a sex abuse scandal at a West Texas juvenile prison that upended the state agency overseeing young offenders ended in an acquittal for the facility's former principal.





$2.2 Billion State Cuts to Mental Health Take Their Toll, Providers Testify at Congressional Briefing

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

February 18, 2011


Survey data released at a Congressional briefing on mental health budget cuts this week revealed that states have been forced to cut mental health agency budgets by a combined total of nearly $2.2 billion over the last three fiscal years, the largest reduction to mental health spending since the 1960s. Some states have been forced to make cuts equaling 20% of their total mental health spending. In the worst hit states, reductions approaching 40% are being contemplated.



Teen suicide: More schools bring issue out of shadows

Los Angeles Times

February 21, 2011


...Not long ago, some educators say, teen suicide was enveloped in silence, a subject too perilous to discuss. But candor has begun to gain strength in area high schools, where a new state law is promoting prevention training for teachers and staff. Some are going further, screening their students for signs of trouble or bringing in consultants for specialized instruction.,0,6716587.story



Quick Facts: Plight of US veterans

Press TV

February 21, 2011


...According to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor in March 2010, at least 1 in 5 U.S. troops are unable to find a job.  ...Many soldiers return home with physical and mental health problems that make it difficult to find work.



NC criminal system would get makeover in report

San Antonio Express News

February 21, 2011


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina could save hundreds of millions of dollars while improving public safety and reducing the need for thousands more prison beds if state lawmakers approve several proposals, an outside group studying criminal justice data suggested Monday.  ... Resources also should be shifted to high-risk offenders and probationers who need mental health or drug abuse treatment, Clement said. About one in four of the probationers who need such services aren't getting them, the report said.





Medicaid fight shapes up as states deal with budget crunching

The Hill

February 21, 2011


The Obama administration is gearing up for an influx of state requests to modify the federal-state Medicaid partnership when the nation's governors descend on the capital for their winter meeting next weekend.



States Pushing Managed Long-Term Care For Elderly And Disabled Medicaid Patients

Kaiser Health News

February 22, 2011


... Traditionally, states pay Medicaid providers, such as doctors and nursing homes, directly for individual services. But many officials say that system makes it hard for them to predict and control Medicaid spending. Under managed care, states pay health insurers a fixed monthly fee for each Medicaid patient. The lump sum is used for all the patient's costs, including physician and nursing home care.





UN sees rising risks from climate, toxic chemicals

Houston Chronicle

February 21, 2011


GENEVA (AP) - Climate change is becoming a major obstacle to a 2004 global treaty aimed at cutting exposure to 21 highly dangerous chemicals, says a new U.N.-commissioned report. ... The chemicals pose a known risk to humans and the environment because they often damage reproductive health, can lead to mental health problems, and cause cancer or impede normal growth.





GOP budget cuts at heart of medical research

Austin American-Statesman

February 21, 2011


President Barack Obama's call for "investments" in education, infrastructure and science and health research is dismissed by most congressional Republicans as a fig leaf for more big-government spending. ... There is no more telling illustration than the National Institutes of Health, the center of U.S. medical research and the largest such institution in world. House Republicans want to cut NIH funding for the current year by more than $1 billion, to $29.5 billion. Obama proposes a small increase in NIH funding.





Is What The Depressed Patient Prefers In Term Of Treatment Relevant To Outcome?

Medical News Today

February 22, 2011


This study demonstrates that patients' relative preference for medication versus psychotherapy should be considered when offering a treatment to depressed patients because receiving the preferred treatment conveys an additional and clinically relevant benefit in outcome.



Can Personality Disturbances Be Changed With A Brief Course Of Psychotherapy?

Medical News Today

February 22, 2011


A new study published in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics by a group of Dutch investigators headed by Paul Emmelkamp indicates that also personality disturbances can be treated.



Deep TMS may reduce auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia

Med Wire News

February 22, 2011


Results from a small, preliminary Israeli study suggest that deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may help reduce chronic auditory hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia.



Bipolar patients at high risk for the metabolic syndrome

Med Wire News

February 22, 2011


Bipolar disorder patients have a high prevalence of the metabolic syndrome, say Italian researchers who suggest that such patients should undergo regular risk factor assessments.



Disability coaches help beat ADHD

Dallas Morning News

February 21, 2011


... A 2010 study by the School of Medicine at the University of California, Davis concluded that students with ADHD are twice as likely to drop out of school than the general population. In 2008, the Edge Foundation funded a two-year, $2 million study that tracked the progress of 110 university and community-college students with ADHD. Students who had coaches showed improved executive functioning, and were better able to manage stress and clarify goals than they were without a coach.





NAMI to jump start family-to-family program in March

Victoria Advocate

February 21, 2011


...The help the Cunninghams received was from the alliance's national program family-to-family, a free 12-week program that teaches and educates family caregivers of those with mental illness. The next class in Victoria begins March 1.



Symphony of Pain in Two Accounts of Schizophrenia

The New York Times

February 21, 2011


Every book is born alone, but sometimes a pair will surface in accidental synchrony, a single theme creating an impromptu pas de deux. Such is the case with two new memoirs of schizophrenia. There is hardly a shortage of such books, but Mira Bartok and Patrick Cockburn have created mirror-image story arcs, one by the daughter of a schizophrenic mother, the other by the father of a schizophrenic son. Each is a model of narrative restraint, but in combination they combust, conveying the intensely painful experience of this disease in the literary equivalent of quadraphonic sound.



'Policy Review' essay covers PTSD; veteran benefits

The Washington Post

February 21, 2011


How could a Veterans Administration rule making it easier for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder to file disability claims be a bad thing? In a "Policy Review" essay called "PTSD's Diagnostic Trap," psychiatrist and Yale University School of Medicine lecturer Sally Satel argues that full disability status can undermine the possibility of recovery.



Singer-songwriter Phil Ochs documentary, details, preview

Monsters and

February 22, 2011


"Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune" takes a look at protest singer-songwriter Phil Ochs, whose prolific writing during the 1960s took a turn downward, as Ochs' mental health faltered in the 1970s, succumbing to bipolar disorder and alcoholism.





Building Capacity for Health Advocacy at the State and Local Level

Grantmakers In Health

February 2011


This paper was prepared in conjunction with a strategy session convened by GIH and sponsored by the Missouri Foundation for Health and The California Endowment last fall. It examines philanthropy's role in advocacy, the various sectors that constitute the field of health advocacy, capacities required to effectively engage in advocacy efforts, ways health funders have facilitated advocacy capacity development, and key issues for future action.



GIH Bulletin

Grantmakers In Health

February 21, 2011


Monthly newsletter on philanthropy in health care.


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