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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

February, 2011



Texas Is "On the Brink," Legislative Study Group Says

Texas Tribune

February 15, 2011


Texas' superlatives are nothing to brag about, according to the fifth edition of "Texas on the Brink," an annual review that ranks the state on dozens of factors ranging from health insurance to voter turnout. ... - Per capita spending on mental health (50th).


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Facing Budget Cuts, Texas Agency Chiefs Stay Calm

Texas Tribune

February 14, 2011


They're surely facing the worst state budget cycle any of them have experienced. Yet in hours upon hours of testimony before lawmakers - flanked by the school children and people with disabilities who will be hit hardest by the proposed cuts to close the state's $15 billion to $27 billion shortfall - the commissioners of Texas' social services and education agencies have appeared largely unruffled.



Cutting Medicaid harder than issuing soundbites, senators learn

Dallas Morning News

February 14, 2011


AUSTIN - Texas budget writers are finding that cutting Medicaid is harder than it sounds. Reducing services that states don't have to provide for poor adults is already a part of both chambers' initial budgets. But Senate health budget writers were warned Monday to tread carefully for fear of costing the state more in the long run.



Rep. Castro Files HB 1192 to Expand Health Coverage for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances

Office of Texas Representative Joaquin Castro

February 14, 2011


AUSTIN - Last week, Representative Joaquin Castro and Senator Leticia Van de Putte joint filed a bill which would expand health care coverage in group health plans to include children and adolescents affected by serious emotional disturbances. A serious emotional disturbance is a severe emotional or behavioral disorder that substantially interferes with a child's ability to function successfully at home, school or in the community.



Report: Texas Needs to Show Some Love for its Children

Texas Public News Service

February 14, 2011


AUSTIN, Texas - "Show some love for the children this Valentine's Day." That's the message being delivered to the legislature in a new paper from Texas Forward. The research details how budget cut proposals fall heaviest on kids, whether it be in the classroom, the doctor's office or foster care.


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State Funding for Mental Health Could Be Cut

NewsWest 9

February 14, 2011


BIG SPRING - Hundreds of West Texas adults and children with mental health issues could be the latest group hurt by state budget cuts.  ...But with the most recent numbers proposed by legislators, hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to treat people with mental health issues would be lost and it's sure to have an effect here in the Permian Basin.



El Paso Could Face Nearly $37 Million In Cuts


February 14, 2011


EL PASO, Texas -- KFOX 14 gets a first look at just how costly the state budget woes could be for the Borderland, and it's in the millions of dollars.  ..."We're looking at possibly loss of funding for 600 persons with severe or persistent mental illness," said MHMR CEO Gary Larcenaire.



MHMR funding cut would put strain on jail, judicial system, officials say

Midland Reporter-Telegram

February 14, 2011


If Mental Health and Mental Retardation services are cut as proposed at the state level, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said the result will be a higher crime rate and fewer open beds at the Detention Center.  ... Painter said with reductions that have been proposed, the 40,000 to 45,000 individuals already in the Department of Corrections system with mental health issues would decrease as would the number of those being treated in other programs.





Budget ax threatens federal grants to North Texas cities

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

February 14, 2011


Millions of federal dollars spent nationwide on youth mentoring, after-school programs, meals for senior citizens, and housing and street projects in low- to middle-income neighborhoods could be slashed under President Barack Obama's proposed 2012 budget -- or eliminated entirely.



UT Arlington, Hospitals Partner to Educate More Nurses

February 7, 2011


The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing is partnering with Good Shepherd Health System in East Texas and Arlington-based Texas Health Resources in two grants designed to increase the number of RNs and faculty in the state.



Collin County cuts health benefit for retirees

Dallas Morning News

February 14, 2011


The Collin County Commissioners Court voted 3-2 Monday to stop offering low-cost health insurance to retired county workers. Retirees who are at least 65 can now receive the same medical coverage as current employees for as little as $50 a month. Under the change, those retirees will pay $710 a month, officials said.



Kleberg Jail Not In Compliance

KZTV Action 10 News

February 14, 2011


KLEBERG COUNTY - The Texas Commission on Jail Standards has cited the Kleberg County Jail for not being in compliance with requirements to keep records on inmates with mental health problems, health problems, and suicidal issues.



Wrongful Death Suit in Raymondville Officer-Involved Shooting


February 14, 2011


A fire truck ax is at the center of controversy in a Raymondville wrongful death suit filed in federal court.  ...Carlos Cortez, a man described in court documents as "mentally ill," was shot to death by a Raymondville police officer after he reportedly grabbed the ax and swung it at the lawman.





In third year, Obama proposes a more modest course

Washington Post

February 15, 2011


... Even as the administration said it wants to reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years, it declined to propose major changes to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, which combined account for more than 40 percent of federal spending.



Text: President Obama's Proposed 2012 HHS Budget

Kaiser Health News

February 14, 2011


... Invests in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention Efforts.  Within the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Administration provides $535 million for prevention services targeting early risk factors that can improve behavioral health outcomes for children and young adults. To assist military members and their families with the effects of deployment, the Administration supports a new $10 million initiative to increase access to mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services. The Budget also includes $154 million for behavioral health supportive services for homeless individuals and families with mental and substance abuse disorders to transition into permanent supportive housing.



Wariness on Surgery of the Mind

The New York Times

February 14, 2011


In recent years, many psychiatrists have come to believe that the last, best chance for some people with severe and intractable mental problems is psychosurgery, an experimental procedure in which doctors operate directly on the brain. Hundreds of people have undergone brain surgery for psychiatric problems, most in experimental trials, with some encouraging results.



Army: War affected soldier killed by Utah police

San Antonio Express News

February 12, 2011


TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - An Army investigation has found that a soldier from Tucson, Ariz., who opened fire on police in Utah last year before being killed was deeply affected by his deployment to Afghanistan.  ... Despite the signs that he was having problems after returning from combat, including an on-base drunken-driving arrest, superiors did not consider him at risk of post-war problems. He was sent to a substance-abuse program but was not examined for underlying mental health issues, the report said.



Adults with ADHD struggle to fit in, function

The Columbus Dispatch

February 10, 2011 


Tiffany deSilva helps her clients deal with lost car keys, late bill payments, forgotten appointments - little things that can add up, eventually overwhelming them and frustrating their spouses. The social worker provides coaching and hands-on organization for people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, who often have difficulty with focus, memory and time management.





Policy Brief: Repealing The 1099 Provision

Health Affairs

February 14, 2011


Bethesda, MD -- A new Health Policy Brief from Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes efforts to repeal the so-called 1099 provision in the Affordable Care Act. That provision was designed to help finance the expansion of health insurance coverage by making certain that businesses reported and paid tax on certain income.





Another $1.96 billion ways to trim Texas' next budget

Dallas Morning News

February 11, 2011


... In other places, we signal that lawmakers have gone too far. For example, the House and Senate budgets include a 10 percent cut in Medicaid spending. That's too harmful to the poor families and senior citizens who depend on Medicaid for health coverage or nursing home care. Our 3 percent suggested cut is not desirable, but it beats the alternative.



This isn't the place to cut

Galveston Daily News

February 13, 2011


... This institution already has cut the fat. Further substantial cuts in funding would force it to eliminate programs. For example, it would have to cut the number of residency programs, which is folly. Endless surveys have shown physicians tend to stay in the states where they undergo their residencies. Why discourage young doctors trained in New York or Virginia from getting their final training in Texas - and perhaps starting their practices here?





Postpartum Depression Affects Dads Too

The Huffington Post

February 14, 2011


...Postpartum (or postnatal) depression is loosely defined as an episode of depressed mood that occurs in the weeks and months following the birth of a child, and, unlike the fleeting and more common "baby blues," persists for at least two weeks. For obvious reasons, postpartum depression has traditionally been seen as a condition that affects women. Mounting research shows that the experience is not restricted to moms, however.



Abnormal Control of Hand Movements May Hint at ADHD Severity in Children

Science Daily News

February 15, 2011


Two research studies published February 14 in Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, found markers for measuring the ability of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to control impulsive movements, which may reveal insights into the neurobiology of ADHD, inform prognosis and guide treatments.



ADHD Linked to Higher Risk of Substance Abuse

Psych Central news

February 14, 2011


In the first large-scale comprehensive analysis exploring the link between children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  (ADHD) and future drug abuse, researchers reveal that those diagnosed with ADHD are two to three times more likely to experience serious substance abuse problems throughout their teen and adult years than those without the disorder.



Nonmilitary More Likely to Return to War Zone After Psych Condition

Health Day News

February 15, 2011


Among those who served in U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and who were evacuated due to a psychiatric condition, nonmilitary members were more likely than military personnel to return to duty, new research shows.



Likelihood of childhood/adolescent bipolar diagnosis unaffected by age

Med Wire News

February 15, 2011


The decision to diagnose mania in children and adolescents is influenced by symptoms such as a decreased need for sleep, along with elated mood and grandiosity, say UK and German scientists who found that age does not affect the diagnosis.



Cognitive function not linked to suicidality in schizophrenia

Med Wire News

February 15, 2011


Results from a Norwegian study suggest that neurocognitive functioning is not associated with suicidal behavior in patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.





Fact Sheet on Children's Mental Health Prevention & Early Intervention: Schools on the Front Lines Utilizing Positive Behavior Support

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

January 2011


Classroom teachers are usually the first to notice when a child is exhibiting potentially serious behavioral health issues, and accordingly, schools have the potential to be on the front lines of identifying and treating children's behavioral problems. However, only a few schools have established systematic approaches to take this knowledge and connect the child and family to resources which could alleviate the problems before they become severe and threaten the child's success in school.



Conference will focus on special needs children

San Antonio Express News

February 14, 2011


Parents, teachers and administrators interested in learning more about raising and teaching children with special needs can register for a conference later this month. Attendees can learn about a variety of topics, such as autism, behavior, nutrition, mental health and post-secondary education, related to serving special-needs children.



National Coalition News

National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

February 2011


In this issue:

  • Emotional CPR (eCPR) Videos Now Online!
  • Welcome Oryx Cohen to NEC as Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Director
  • Psych Out 2011 Seeks Proposals: Proposal Deadline Extended to 2/15/11
  • Anatomy of an Epidemic One-Page Summary of Findings Available
  • National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services - Nearly Half of Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Offer Mentoring and Other Peer Support Services
  • FEMA Seeks Applicants for National Advisory Council
  • NCMHR Teleconference: "Visionary C/S/X Leadership: Leaders who are Committed to Building Consensus, Community and Collaborations"
  • SAMHSA ADS Center Training Teleconference: Housing, Homelessness, and Social Inclusion: Essential Elements of Healthy Communities
  • Creating Connections through Dialogue



NAMI FaithNet Newsletter

February 2011


Top Stories

  • Our Extra Dimension and Healing
  • The Promise of Untilled Fields: Faith and Space in a Rural Hospital
  • Check out new resources on the NAMI FaithNet website



Taking A New Approach To 'How We Age'

National Public Radio

February 14, 2011


... In his book, How We Age: A Doctor's Journey Into the Heart of Growing Old, Agronin argues that among seniors, mental disorders rarely receive the attention or treatment that they might in younger people.



V.S. Ramachandran's Tales Of The 'Tell-Tale Brain'

National Public Radio

February 14, 2011


Dr. V.S. Ramachandran is a neurologist and professor at the University of California, San Diego, who studies the neural mechanisms underlying human behaviors. He has written several books about unlocking the mysteries of the human brain. In his latest, The Tell-Tale Brain, Ramachandran describes several neurological case studies that illustrate how people see, speak, conceive beauty and perceive themselves and their bodies in 3-D space.





President's Budget Calls for Cuts in Support for Nonprofits

Philanthropy News Digest

February 15, 2011


The Obama administration's budget for fiscal year 2012 includes, among other things, a proposal to cap the value of itemized deductions, including those for charitable contributions, for households earning more than $250,000 a year, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports.;jsessionid=A3MJM4YPKJVO1LAQBQ4CGXD5AAAACI2F?id=327100004


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