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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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A Sample Hazing Policy

January, 2011


Article I


Hazing is contrary to the principles of the (Organization). Hazing itself or conduct which represents hazing is against the law. Conduct which represents hazing shall under no circumstances be within the duties or obligations of an employee or volunteer of the (Organization). The purpose of this Hazing Policy is to provide guidance on what conduct will be considered Hazing and what procedures shall be followed if such conduct occurs.


Article II

Application and Enforcement

This Hazing Policy applies to all employees, and volunteers, or others involved with (Organization) . The (Organization) views violation of this policy as an extremely grave matter. The day-to-day responsibility of the enforcement of the hazing policy rests with individuals in the (Organization).


Article III


Section 3.1. Hazing. Hazing is any action, behavior or situation created by any individual or by any member – of any age – as part of the operations of the (Organization) voluntarily or involuntarily involving any individual(s) or potential individual(s) to produce or result in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule as a prerequisite to or as a requirement for employment or volunteer opportunity which is otherwise prohibited by federal, state, provincial, or local institution policies, rules, regulations, statutes or ordinances, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate.


Section 3.2. Prohibited Actions.

Prohibited actions, behaviors and situations constituting hazing include, without limitation, the following in any form or of any kind:

a. physical abuse in any form;

b. calisthenics or other exercises;

c. creation of fatigue, including sleep deprivation;

d. physical or psychological shocks;

e. kidnapping;

f. scavenger hunts;

g. personal servitude;

h. verbal abuse;

i. required uniforms or costumes;

j. degrading, humiliating or harassing games and activities;

k. “Hell Week” or any other pre-induction or intensive or condensed programming prior to, following, or in connection with any type of event;

l. the use of induction requirements such as collecting signatures orinterviews as a means of harassment;

m. activities as a prerequisite to or as a requirement for membership or induction in the organization which exposes any inductee(s) to any type of physical danger regardless of degree;

n. activities which would disrupt public order or tend to bring the organization into disrepute in the local community; and,

o. other activities not consistent with the principles of the (Organization), or otherwise not in accordance with federal, state, provincial or local laws or ordinances.


Article IV


Section 4.1. General Violations. Any individual or collective conduct or acts of omission or commission by any employee or volunteer meeting the definition of hazing as provided in this policy shall be a violation of this policy.

Section 4.2. Employee/Volunteer Responsibility. Any employee or volunteer actively or passively involved in or having knowledge of any hazing activity or failing to follow every requirement of this policy shall be in violation of this policy and shall cause the individual or volunteer to be in violation of this policy. All employees shall be subject to the same penalties.

Section 4.3. Cooperation. Any employee or volunteer who interferes or fails to cooperate in any manner with any investigation of possible violations of this policy or advocates or encourages the non-compliance or interference with any such investigation shall be deemed in violation of this policy.

Section 4.4. Failure to Report. Any employee or volunteer witnessing or having knowledge of hazing or potential hazing policy violations who does not report said violations to the Executive Director shall be in violation of this policy and shall be subject to the same penalties as those members actively involved in the hazing.

Section 4.5. Employee/Volunteer Responsibility. Any employee or volunteer found not upholding any individual penalty or other sanction imposed on any member or members for violation of this policy shall be in violation of this policy.


Article V


Section 5.1. Reported Violation. Any member of the (Organization) who receives information regarding a potential hazing policy violation must:

a. Immediately report the alleged activity and all available information to the (Organization) Executive Director;

b. Assist as needed to determine the validity of the allegation, including cooperating with any investigation;

c. Assist as needed to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local policies and ordinances;

Section 5.2. Investigation. If the hazing allegations warrant, the member disclosing the violation, the local school administration, and the (Organization)  Executive Director must ensure the complaint against the offending troupe and member(s) is investigated and handled in accordance with this policy and the laws, policies and rules of the local community.

Section 5.3. Action During an Investigation. During any investigation of alleged violations of this policy, all activities shall cease until the investigation is complete, the results are reported to the organization and (Organization) and the organization is authorized to resume such activities.


Article VI

Penalties Against Individual. Any individual/Volunteer participating in any hazing activity or who is otherwise in violation of this policy will immediately be deemed ineligible for employment or participation with the (Organization).


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