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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

December, 2010



Fundación Hogg beca a graduados de UTEP

El Diario de El Paso

December 14, 2010


Las estudiantes que se graduaron de la Universidad de Texas en El Paso, Claudette Barragán, Velia Herren, Daisey Lobatos y Rachel Orduño, fueron premiadas con becas de la Fundación Hogg para la Salud Mental, para que sirvan de apoyo a los servicios de salud mental bilingüe de Texas. Todas ellas son estudiantes del Departamento de Trabajo Social de UTEP.





Sheriffs Worry Over Proposed Mental Health Cuts

Texas Tribune

December 16, 2010


... Like Burnett, sheriffs across Texas are increasingly frustrated and worried about the ever-decreasing amount of bed space available at state mental hospitals. Too often, when mentally ill offenders come to their jails, sheriffs who are required to provide appropriate care for their inmates say they are forced to either drive hundreds of miles, wait for days in hospital emergency rooms guarding patients or try to make do in their local jails until a mental health bed becomes available. The looming budget shortfall that legislators will be grappling with in 2011 has sheriffs concerned that the problem will mutate into a crisis.



Does Texas' Future Add Up? The state struggles with an education crisis, income inequality and a growing generation gap

Texas Observer

December 9, 2010


... If Texas doesn't invest now in its social services, especially education, household incomes will plummet by 2040, says Steve Murdock, a Rice University professor.  ... Texas will need a healthy work force and affordable health care for its large elderly population. State leaders need to do something drastic now to fix serious health inequities that already exist. Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation, with one in four residents having no health insurance. At least 21 percent of today's children under 18 don't have health coverage.



Dallas' Stewpot charity expands program to help the vulnerable protect income from unscrupulous

Dallas Morning News

December 16, 2010


Staff members at The Stewpot say it happens all the time: Vulnerable homeless people lose their small disability checks to scammers and thieves. ... Some recipients are too disabled by mental illness to manage funds on their own. The federal government requires some recipients to receive their checks through a payee. But Stewpot officials said that has led to exploitation by unscrupulous landlords who require that disabled people sign the checks over to them.



Mobility, health care, workforce training are challenges to Houston

Houston Chronicle

December 16, 2010


... State budget cuts are putting more pressure on the Texas Medical Center, said Larry Kaiser, president of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. An anticipated increase in medical patients stemming from the new Affordable Care Act could increase the pressure, he said. There isn't enough funding to add physicians because of the expense of training them, and Kaiser predicts that nurse practitioners and physician assistants will end up filling some of the demand for basic preventive care. The lack of federal matching funds for mental health services is also a concern, he said, citing the high volume of psychiatric drugs used by inmates at the Harris County Jail.



State Budget Cuts Could Affect Abilene Area Mental Health Agencies; Cuts Would NOT Affect Big Spring State Hospital

CBS 7 News

December 15, 2010


Lawmakers in the Abilene area are worried about state budget cuts that affect those that serve Texans with mental illnesses or disabilities.



Center aims to improve kids' mental health

San Antonio Express-News

December 16, 2010


... Clarity Child Guidance Center is the only nonprofit mental health treatment center in South Texas dedicated to kids ages 3 to 17. It offers several levels of care, from outpatient services to emergency hospitalizations. Last year, the center served almost 3,800 children, regardless of their ability to pay.



22-year Army veteran is first graduate of Tarrant County's diversion program

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

December 16, 2010


FORT WORTH -- More than a year ago, Richard Ruffert was sitting in the Tarrant County Jail, his life in shambles. He was homeless, addicted to pain medication, stealing and lying. ... Ruffert, an Army veteran who saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, became the first graduate of Tarrant County's veterans diversion program, which moves selected nonviolent offenders who have service-related injuries or illnesses into treatment programs Wednesday. Ruffert said he is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.



Dallas-area school districts on guard after Florida school board shooting

Dallas Morning News

December 16, 2010


... Richardson, Dallas and other school districts are now evaluating their security measures at meetings. Some are considering adding officers but admit it is difficult to stop someone determined to do harm. On Tuesday, shooter Clay Duke killed himself after threatening board members at a Panama City, Fla., meeting.



UT community mourns loss of long-time lecturer

News 8 Austin

December 15, 2010


A noted journalist, lecturer and author died in Guatemala. According to reports from the Austin American Statesman, 58-year-old Gary Chapman died Tuesday after an apparent heart attack.  ...Most notably, Chapman was involved in bringing computers and the Internet to low-income neighborhoods in Austin, bringing the Internet to rural areas of Texas and helping the State of Texas reform mental health care.



Miley Cyrus Bong Hit Sends Salvia Sales Soaring

MyFox Houston

December 15, 2010


HOUSTON - It's a testament to the power of celebrity. The popularity of an herbal hallucinogenic has skyrocketed since Miley Cyrus was caught smoking it in a video that went viral.  ...We don't know exactly what it's going to do, long-term. Scientists do believe that it is linked to schizophrenia, depression as well as suicide.



Lancaster police inquiry finds policies followed in shooting involving Dallas chief's son

Dallas Morning News

December 15, 2010


... About seven hours before the shootings, Brown's girlfriend told Lancaster officers that Brown had hit her, was exhibiting "psychotic behavior" and she suspected he might be high on drugs. But the couple separately told police that the argument had only been verbal. Brown was not arrested, but the officers escorted his girlfriend, her 10-year-old son and the couple's 5-year-old son to the police station. Lancaster police concluded officers followed all protocols related to the handling of domestic disturbance calls.


Like Father, Like Son: It took prisoner Daniel Johnson more than three decades to find a son, and only a month to lose him

Texas Observer

December 6, 2010


... Jessie Johnson, 33, is not the first person you would expect Daniel to befriend. Daniel came from a well-off Midwestern family. Jessie grew up in rural poverty in Cleveland, Texas. Daniel is white, elderly and hollow-cheeked. Jessie is young and black with a weightlifter's physique. Jessie came to the Eastham Unit in 2005, sentenced to 60 years for aggravated sexual assault. Even before arriving, he was prone to severe depression, episodes of delusions and blackouts. He says he was having a mental health episode the night of the rape.





State: VA Hastings home retaliated against staff, not residents

Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN)

December 15, 2010


...A probe by the U.S. Veterans Affairs attorney general apparently substantiated allegations that administrators retaliated against veterans who complained about care. The state learned of those findings when Franken's office followed up last fall, prompting the state's latest investigation.  ...The Hastings home offers care to about 170 veterans, many with chronic illnesses, including addiction and mental health problems.



Daniels endorses findings of criminal code review

San Antonio Express News

December 15, 2010


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Sweeping changes proposed for Indiana's criminal sentencing system won the endorsement Wednesday of Gov. Mitch Daniels, who said that if lawmakers enact the changes they would hold down the state's ballooning prison population and save taxpayer money by reducing the need for more prisons.  ... The findings also call for increasing access to community-based substance abuse and mental health treatment - services that could keep former inmates from ending up back in prison, said Richard Jerome, the manager of the Pew Center's Public Safety Performance Project.



Ex-Marine gets about 20 years for strangling wife

San Antonio Express News

December 15, 2010


JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (AP) - A former Marine who admitted strangling his wife with a belt after believing she had been possessed by another person was sentenced Wednesday to more than 19 years in prison and will receive mental health treatment behind bars.  ...Defense attorney Allen Foster said the Marines diagnosed Richardson with post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression after he returned from Iraq but, like others, his client refused to take medication he had been prescribed.



Relative: Gunman's anger 'grumbled inside of him'

Panama City News Herald (Fla.)

December 16, 2010


PANAMA CITY - Clay Duke showed signs of the mental illness that may have led him to his death years before he walked into a Bay County School Board meeting Tuesday, opened fire and ultimately killed himself, family members said.





Health Suits Stir Concerns on Court Partisanship

New York Times

December 15, 2010


PENSACOLA, Fla. - With a loose web of conservative plaintiffs leading the charge, and judicial rulings breaking thus far along ideological lines, the drive to scuttle the Obama health care law is once again highlighting the role of partisanship in America's courts.



Double bind on health care reform


December 15, 2010


Republican lawmakers on the state level are largely against the new health reform law-but they aren't against all of the behemoth legislation.



State Insurance Officials To Vote On Rules For Descriptions Of Health Policies

Kaiser Health News

December 15, 2010


Choosing a health insurance policy should be easier if consumers use the simple chart and other information that state insurance commissioners are expected to approve Thursday.



Panel OKs health insurance exchange

Des Moines Register (Iowa)

December 16, 2010


Iowa should move ahead with a key piece of health care reform, despite challenges to the overall national program, a state panel recommended Wednesday. The state Health Care Coverage Commission voted 10-1 in favor of having Iowa continue forming a health insurance exchange.



Health Care Rulings Reignite Judicial Bias Debate

National Public Radio

December 16, 2010


Earlier this week, Virginia's Henry Hudson became the first judge to overturn part of the Obama administration's signature health care law. He has a colorful background: He's a former deputy sheriff and GOP congressional candidate. He was an anti-pornography crusader in the Reagan years. And then there's this: He has an ownership stake in Campaign Solutions Inc., a Republican consulting firm that has advised conservative political candidates. In the health care challenges and other politically charged disputes, the judges hearing the cases are now drawing almost as much attention as the law.



U.S. to Appeal Health Ruling

The Wall Street Journal

December 16, 2010


The Justice Department said it would appeal a decision invalidating a core provision of the federal health-care overhaul, the next skirmish in a constitutional struggle likely to reach the Supreme Court before the 2012 presidential election. On Monday, a federal district judge in Richmond, Va., ruled that Congress lacked authority to compel individuals to carry health coverage. If ultimately upheld, the decision would undercut a core feature of the national insurance market envisioned by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.



Courts may not get last word in health care fight

The Washington Post

December 16, 2010


WASHINGTON -- The courts may not get the last word after all on President Barack Obama's historic health care overhaul. A Virginia federal judge ruled this week that the law's key requirement for individuals to carry health insurance is unconstitutional. But even if the Supreme Court ultimately agrees, Obama has a readily available Plan B. The administration could borrow a strategy that Medicare has used successfully for decades.





Destructive health care decision

Chicago Tribune

December 16, 2010


The Obama health care law is constitutional, and the proof is Monday's federal ruling striking it down. This apparent paradox emerges from the bizarre new legal theories that U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson had to invent in order to invalidate the law - theories that, if taken seriously, would randomly destroy large parts of federal law.,0,4263202.story



An unhealthy mandate

Chicago Tribune

December 16, 2010


During her confirmation hearings last summer, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was asked if the Constitution empowers the federal government to pass a law requiring Americans to eat fruits and vegetables. ...This week, however, a federal judge said it. The case wasn't about fruits and vegetables; it was about the federal health insurance law passed this year. But his conclusion was exactly the one Kagan evaded: There are some things the federal government may not make us do. It may not make us purchase medical insurance - as the new law does - and by implication, it may not make us eat broccoli.,0,7694074.column



Keep focus on mental illness

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

December 15, 2010


People with mental illnesses make us uncomfortable. We don't like to think about them, so we ignore them, except occasionally, when we discover what our inattention has cost them. Since advancing beyond chaining "lunatics" and charging others to come gawk at them, we have wanted those with mental illness to be humanely treated. But without our continued attention, every reform eventually results in problems that force themselves on our consciences.





Transgenic Mouse Offers a Window on Gene/Environment Interplay: Prenatal Infection Alters Behavior in Genetically Vulnerable

National Institute of Mental Health

December 15, 2010


Experiments in transgenic mice have provided a novel glimpse of how a prenatal infection could interact with a specific gene variant to cause behavioral and neurologic changes in adults that mirror those seen in major psychiatric disease.



Specific gene tied to abuse of alcohol

San Antonio Express-News

December 16, 2010


Using a pattern of brain waves unique to those at risk of alcoholism, researchers here and others have identified a gene linked to serotonin, a chemical messenger that plays a role in depression. While scientists long have known alcoholism runs in families, the relationship between individual genes and alcoholism is complex.



MDMA (Ecstasy): Empathogen or Love Potion?

Science Daily News

December 16, 2010


MDMA -- commonly known as ecstasy -- increases feelings of empathy and social connection. These 'empathogenic' effects suggest that MDMA might be useful to enhance the psychotherapy of people who struggle to feel connected to others, as may occur in association with autism, schizophrenia, or antisocial personality disorder.



Premenstrual dysphoric disorder common in bipolar women

Med Wire News

December 16, 2010


More than a quarter of women with bipolar disorder report premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and those who do tend to experience multiple other comorbidities, study results show.



Severe Pain Can Trigger Suicide in Hospital ERs

Health Day News

December 16, 2010


A group that accredits many U.S. hospitals has urged hospital and emergency-room caregivers to watch for attempted suicides occurring in their facilities -- even in patients with no history of psychiatric problems



Can depression influence breast cancer survival?


December 15, 2010


A diagnosis of breast cancer will inevitably sink a woman's mood, but those who are able to beat that initial depression appear to survive longer, a new study suggests. Researchers found that women whose mood lightened in the first year after being told they had advanced breast cancer outlived those whose symptoms worsened by more than two years.





Austin State Hospital

Community Impact Newspaper

December 15, 2010


Central Austin - The Austin State Hospital was created in 1856 when then Texas Gov. Elisha Pease signed a bill from the Sixth Texas Legislature to establish the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, which was the first of its kind west of the Mississippi River. Construction on the hospital started in 1857.  ...In 1925, the name was changed to Austin State Hospital after the Legislature removed the words "lunatic" and "insane" from state institution names.



Celebrate a Night out with NAMI Mercer, N.J.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

December 15, 2010


The dinner and benefit concert will feature the healing power of American music





Foundation awards $13.76 million

Austin American-Statesman

December 15, 2010


The St. David's Foundation Wednesday announced $13.76 million in grants, with $2.48 million going to education organizations and $11.7 million going to local nonprofits that mainly provide health care services to low-income people, aid to the elderly and other types of social services.



Nonprofit IT Picture Mixed, Survey Finds

Philanthropy News Digest

December 16, 2010


A new survey from the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project suggests that while nonprofit organizations report progress in keeping up with technological change, many think they could do more to leverage existing in-house technologies.;jsessionid=EP2NIWEUEW3PVLAQBQ4CGXD5AAAACI2F?id=318100013


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