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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

December, 2010



Three A&M-Commerce social work students receive Hogg Foundation Scholarship

North Texas E-News

December 15, 2010


Commerce, Texas - Three Texas A&M University-Commerce social work graduate students received scholarships from the Hogg Foundation this month to pursue mental health studies.





2 Texas House members jump to GOP; House will now have an unbeatable supermajority

Houston Chronicle

December 14, 2010


AUSTIN - Because two Democrats switched parties Tuesday, giving the GOP a supermajority in the Texas House, Republicans soon will be able to pass anything they'd like - as long as they stick together. The move by Reps. Aaron Peña of Edinburg and Allan Ritter of Nederland boosted the fortunes of a party that reaped big House gains last month, granting the GOP sway as lawmakers prepare to deal with everything from a massive budget shortfall to redistricting and immigration.



Budget Woes May Close More Texas Youth Facilities

Texas Tribune

December 15, 2010


Lawmakers, bureaucrats and criminal justice advocates all agree that the state's trouble-ridden Texas Youth Commission ought to close down at least two of its correctional facilities. But no one, it seems, wants to take on the politically charged task of deciding which juvenile lockups will be the next to get shuttered.



The Queque: Warning shot

San Antonio Current

December 15, 2010


As the Texas Legislature prepares to convene in January, tasked with skimping our way out of a projected $21-billion budget deficit over the next two years, proposed cuts in state mental hospitals and community-based mental health services are getting serious attention. ... San Antonian Janet Paleo has one word for any lawmakers considering making such sweeping cuts: lawsuit.



Decreased funding may transfer burden to taxpayers

Community Impact Newspaper

December 15, 2010


CENTRAL AUSTIN - On any given day, more than 1,200 people are waiting to receive treatment for a mental health disorder through Austin Travis County Integral Care, the local authority for behavioral health and developmental disabilities. If the Texas Legislature, which reconvenes in January, moves forward with proposed plans to cut $134 million in mental health services in the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years, this number would most likely increase.



Report says risks still remain at living center

Austin American-Statesman

December 14, 2010


Though an Austin institution for people with mental disabilities has made improvements, supervision remains inadequate, and nursing care places residents "at significant risk for harm," according to a report released Tuesday by independent monitors reviewing the facility as part of a Texas settlement with the federal government.



Sam Houston High School leaps hurdle after all

San Antonio Express-News

December 15, 2010


Despite earlier indications that it had once again failed to meet federal standards, Sam Houston High School made "adequate yearly progress" - a federal accountability measure - after winning an appeal of preliminary results. ... The Reddix Center is an alternative school for students with severe mental or physical disabilities, many of whom are unlikely to graduate on the same timetable as traditional students.



Texas is prepared for health crisis, new report says

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

December 14, 2010


... Texas was among 25 states to meet seven of 10 indicators on Ready or Not? Protecting the Public from Diseases, Disasters and Bioterrorism, a report sponsored by Trust for America's Health, a disease prevention advocacy group, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Eleven states scored worse than Texas, and 32 did better.



Few seek Central Health board post; deadline extended

Austin American-Statesman

December 14, 2010


Travis County officials have extended the deadline for people to apply for a seat on the Central Health board after no one applied just before the cut-off.



Former inmate's suit charges mistreatment, discrimination

San Antonio Express News

December 15, 2010


BOERNE - A federal lawsuit filed against Kendall County by a former jail inmate accuses officials of violating the plaintiff's civil rights by segregating him from other prisoners and allegedly withholding medical care.



Police union to sue city on health benefits issue

El Paso Times

December 15, 2010


The union that represents El Paso police will sue the city this week over a new law that is taking health benefits away from hundreds of employees and retirees on Jan. 1, the union's president said Tuesday.



Nancy Shank To Be Buried Today, Her Son Remains In Jail

Houston Press

December 15, 2010


Nancy Shank, the River Oaks- area mom who was stabbed to death by her mentally disturbed son, is being buried today; the funeral service is at St. John the Divine on River Oaks Boulevard. While it's going on, her 20-year-old son will remain in a Harris County jail cell, under suicide watch in the jail's mental health ward.



Lubbock police say 17-year murder of mother of four solved; family given closure

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

December 15, 2010


... The woman who once supported her entire family by cleaning houses and doing other janitorial work began having "nervous breakdowns" and experiencing significant mental problems. Hank said she had suffered years as a victim of domestic violence, which the family believes was the root of her eventual mental problems.





Cultural barriers: Delivering good health care in an increasingly diverse world is often a matter of understanding who the patients are

News-Journal (Del.)

December 14, 2010


... As hospitals care for an increasingly diverse patient population, there is a greater focus on providing services that are respectful of a patient's cultural and language needs in an effort to reduce disparities in access and quality of health care. This practice of being sensitive to a patient's individual situation - which may include race, religion, gender, age or native language - is known as cultural competence.





White House insists health law rollout unaffected

The Washington Post

December 14, 2010


WASHINGTON -- The White House insisted Tuesday that the implementation of President Barack Obama's landmark health care law will not be affected by a negative federal court ruling, and the Justice Department said it would appeal.



Court Decision In Virginia Not The Final Word On New Health Law

National Public Radio

December 14, 2010


Just about everyone agrees that U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson's decision to strike down the central tenet of the new health law won't be the end of the saga. But Hudson did something no one expected. When he declared unconstitutional the requirement that most people get health insurance, he allowed the rest of the law to remain intact. And if the Supreme Court agrees with that structure, says Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress and a former Obama Administration health aide, it "could have the effect of wreaking havoc in the insurance system."



Ruling Has Some Mulling the Necessity of Mandating Insurance

The New York Times

December 14, 2010


WASHINGTON - Though they have battled for more than a year, President Obama and the health insurance industry agree that the requirement for most Americans to obtain insurance, struck down by a federal judge, is absolutely essential to the success of the new health care law. Without it, they say, the whole package collapses, dashing hopes for universal coverage and cost control. Ripping the mandate from the law would have "devastating consequences," the White House said Tuesday.



Opposition to Health Law Is Steeped in Tradition

The New York Times

December 14, 2010


...Today, the supposed threat to free enterprise is a law that's broader, if less radical, than Medicare: the bill Congress passed this year to create a system of privately run health insurance for everyone. On Monday, a federal judge ruled part of the law to be unconstitutional, and the Supreme Court will probably need to settle the matter in the end. We've lived through a version of this story before, and not just with Medicare. Nearly every time this country has expanded its social safety net or tried to guarantee civil rights, passionate opposition has followed.



Virginia Panel: Implement Health Law And Improve Care

Kaiser Health News

December 14, 2010


Declaring that "health reform is worth doing" regardless of what happens with the federal law, an advisory panel appointed by Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell recommended on Tuesday steps to meet the law's requirements and improve health care.



FL case still matters, McCollum says

News Service of Florida

December 15, 2010


Florida's lawsuit against the new federal health care law isn't any less important in light of a ruling Monday by a federal judge in Virginia invalidating a key component, backers of the Florida challenge said.

... Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said the state will proceed to make arguments Thursday in Pensacola, asking U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson to invalidate the expansion of Medicaid to nearly 2 million anticipated additional recipients whose care would be partially paid by the state under the new law.





U.S. Sen. John Cornyn: Protecting the most vulnerable this season

Jacksonville Daily Progress

December 15, 2010


... According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families, some of the signs of abuse or neglect that individuals should look for include: a child who displays sudden changes in behavior or school performance; is always watchful, as though bracing for something bad to happen; has little adult supervision; arrives to school or other activities early, stays late and does not want to go home; or is overly compliant or withdrawn.



Too soon to add new court post

San Antonio Express-News

December 14, 2010


Bexar County would be hard pressed to justify creating a new county court magistrate post at this time. But an item on last week's Commissioners Court agenda vaguely called for discussion and appropriate action regarding the county's specialty courts that include the mental health, veterans and drug courts.





Deficits in Number Processing in Children With ADHD and Alcohol Exposure: Similar but Different

Science Daily News

December 15, 2010


In children, the brain is in a constant state of flux as it analyzes and evaluates stimuli from the environment. Fetal alcohol exposure and ADHD represent two disorders that can affect children's ability to learn and process information from a very young age.



Cannabis use linked to sub-clinical psychotic symptoms in students

Psych Central News

December 15, 2010


Cannabis use is associated with the occurrence of sub-clinical psychotic symptoms in a dose-dependent manner among university students presenting to primary care for any reason, study results show.



Personality profile can predict course of illness in bipolar disorder

Psych Central News

December 15, 2010


Patients with bipolar disorder show a distinct personality profile marked by high neuroticism and openness among other traits, which cannot be accounted for by state-based mood episodes alone, study results show.





On heels of court ruling, free seminar Thursday on federal health law

Austin American-Statesman

December 14, 2010


On the heels of a court ruling this week that declared a central piece of the federal health care law unconstitutional, a free conference, "The New Health Care Reform: What It Means For You" is being held 6:30 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the Jewish Community Center, 7300 Hart Lane, in the Community Hall.



Prison-Oversight Strategies Examined In New Pace Law Review

Pace Law Review

December 15, 2010


The Pace Law Review has published a comprehensive look at the oversight of prisons, including articles from leading academics, national and international corrections experts, and prisoners' rights and human rights lawyers. ...One result of a lack of proper oversight is that prison problems like overcrowding, neglect, insufficient medical care for inmates, and other serious problems often are addressed only when they become so dire that the courts must intervene.



MHA Helps Caregivers Enjoy the Holiday Season

Mental Health America of Greater Houston

December 14, 2010


The role of a caregiver takes a great deal of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. And, while caring for a loved one can be a rich and rewarding experience, caregivers, in an effort to provide the best possible care for a family member or friend, often sacrifice their own health and personal needs. ... Tips for the caregiver's mental health and wellness during the holiday season...,c,189,11,0



Combating Seasonal Depression

KBTC Bryan - College Station

December 14, 2010


Depression costs the American economy between $45 and $50 billion a year due to lost productivity and medical costs. Around the holidays, depression rises. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is when people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year, experience depressive symptoms in the winter.


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